Sunday, June 30, 2013

Traitor Ren Green complains about KBOO crap audio processing, Ignored

This is what happens when discipline fails, Comrades!  And loyalty!  How dare Ren Green criticize KBOO's AWARD WINNING staff results on Facebook?   At least she's being ignored like the traitor she is!

I'm a KBOO contributor and I have two concerns:

1. the auto-archive process seems to overprocess the audio files. I'm trying to apply for a professional position (and will again in the future) and I'm having a hell of a time finding samples that aren't trainwrecked in some way. Mono in one ear or the signal's too hot.

2. the automatic message at the beginning of each podcast is really disruptive. online programs don't begin or end at a discernible point and it destroys intros. if I work here at KBOO and cringe, what about our listeners? the service is fantastic, can we improve it?

One love,

Ren Green

See here, Missy!  You should be GRATEFUL for the PRIVILEGE of donating your hard earned cash to support the iron Rice Bowl and helping further Our Glorious Leader's revolution!  All this talk of "professionalism" is more Top Down Corporate State Propaganda!  You might have thought KBOO was a progressive organization, eager to improve services to reach the community.  But we're only going to improve the services that benefit the Inner Party!

So let's not have anymore of this crazy talk of fixing corrupted files or incompetent processing. Or criticism of Inner Party propaganda methods in programs intros.  It may not be obvious now, but it's part of a long term plan to substitute subliminal messages from Glorious Leader.

 If you find these intros "disruptive"  your thought processes are clearly intact. Fix this by listening to Our Leader's Presswatch archives over and over for 10 hours straight.  When you see brain matter dribbling out of your ears, you'll know you're cured!



  1. Someone responded:

    Richard Lindsay
    The one channel, too hot problem has been solved by now.
    The only way you're going to get a better-than-128kbps audio file out of the station would be to record it yourself from the board using either the CD-R recorders (WAV format) or using the new Tascam recorder, at either WAV or AIFF to a USB thumb-drive.
    It'll have the additional benefit of not having that ID stamp audio at the beginning.
    It was a lot of work by a lot of people to get audio archiving at the station after many, many years and it's been touch-and-go, especially with the system having to log 24 hours of audio non-stop, 365 days a year, not to mention the storage required.
    Another consideration is the limitations imposed by the DMCA, which is why the files are in five hour chunks and only up for 14 days.
    In short, the only way to get high quality audio of your productions is to get it yourself, from the board, where audio and bitrate (two separate things) compression are minimal.

    1. "Richard Lindsay"

      Sure that's not Richard Smith?

  2. I'm such a traitor I'm heading to the KBOO Bluesfest booth for another afternoon of volunteering. I'm such a traitor I'm finally interviewing someone tomorrow after five weeks of scheduling mishaps because KBOO is co-sponsoring his event and we made a commitment. I'm such a traitor that I refuse to take sides in the cluster at the top of our food chain because all this fighting and snark and anger and criticism and debate and polarization interfere with our collective ability to function together as human beings and make great radio. it doesn't matter what side of the argument anyone is on, the problem is the argument itself.

    thanks for politicizing my post and making fun of me! you've really endeared me to your "cause."


      Satire is a genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, and society itself, into improvement.[1] Although satire is usually meant to be funny, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit as a weapon.

      Reread carefully you will see you are not being made fun of at all. But the habit of the Inner Party vilifying anyone on the slightest pretext is.

      Now go back to the Inner Party member who manipulated you into thinking you were "attacked" and tell them to try harder.

    2. Hey Ren! Your post is bullshit. You know this is blog is parody, because logs say you've been here before:

      "Multiple visits spread over more than one day"

      You visited today from doing a google search, and read this page first:

      Anyone reading that post, KNOWS this is all parody, so why all the fake outrage?

      Assuming you really are Ren Green. As we know, Glorious Leader's team has impersonated people before to start shit.

    3. Comrade Red PantsJuly 5, 2013 at 2:22 PM

      Wow. Like wow. The biggest "traitors" around here are Hadrian, Ben and Ed. They're all regular readers. Guess you can't please everyone.

    4. "They're all regular readers."

      Let's not forget our other 'regular readers'. The one's who think we don't see them. You know they're emailing blog text back and forth, building up out of context outrage as we speak.

      If that really is Ren, not only isn't this their first visit, but they act like they never read the "But seriously folks" info bar to the right. That's not the sign of someone doing their own research. That's a sign of someone being told, "look what the mean yellow blog said!"

      The complete lack of independent thought from people influenced by the Inner Party is scary. Almost as scary as Comrade Papas.

    5. Plot thickens. Look who 'liked' Ren's post:

      Rebecca Nay likes this.

      You'd think our old buddy RN would have tried to explain things....

    6. It's pretty funny that someone can't figure out that "Traitor" is a term of approval on this blog, after reading the blog for a minute or two...

    7. Irony is a capitalist plot.

    8. Hi Ren,

      Thanks for taking up the good fight to try to help at BluesFest. Last year I helped on a shift as asst engineer and tried to troubleshoot with Tom some real nasty noise issues that we couldn't broadcast. Listening occasionally this year I can tell it's inconsistent. Weeks ago I gave Tom an email asking if he wanted my help this year yes or no, never got an answer. It's really too bad we make a committment to broadcast the show then are completely dependent on the house board mix and quality of feed from the festival, which is not what should be broadcast. Oh well.

      This is how KBOO disintegrates, by turning away volunteers and competent help because we can't move forward on internal political and programming issues. But I'm glad you're still in the loop trying to help.

      Wonder why the website is down (again).

    9. "You'd think our old buddy RN would have tried to explain things...."

      Dude, that's so 7 days ago. Besides, RN is glued to the Mike Sausage thread, following it blow by blow.