Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Secret Cadre Headquarters Exposed!


This is unprecedented.  Whoever leaked this  to the ENEMY will be punished severely, probably sent to a gulag in Bend. 

When Our Leader sent us her coded message earlier today [sekret codez:  The KeepKBOOasKBOO meeting will be Friday at the 35th Place and Hawthorne location. Details soon.  ] we had no idea it would be leaked to the ENEMY so quickly.   Apparently cadre has been using  public Google email groups to spread our secret messages.

Hmmm.... I guess I could see how that might be a problem.

At Indymedia an Enemy of the People comments:

Guess no one's invited unless they know the Mitchell gang 04.Jun.2013 14:04


One line at the SAVE KBOO website missing from this article:

"The KeepKBOOasKBOO meeting will be Friday at the 35th Place and Hawthorne location. Details soon."

Long way from 20 SE 8th Ave. Had no idea KBOO had a 35th Place and Hawthorne location.

With the help of Google this seems to be the place,:


From Bill Resnick -- and a reminder:

Keep KBOO as KBOO committee meeting this Friday, 6pm at home of Bill and Johanna, 1615 SE 35th pl.(just s. of Hawthorne)


Protecting and assisting the union must be part of a larger struggle to defeat the forces that would transform and kill the union before killing the station itself. Because even if KBOO agreed with every provision of CWA's contract proposal and signed a contract this week, current station leadership will continue their attempt to reorganize the station and terminate the staff they consider impediments to their plans, contending that they do not have the experience or credentials for fulfilling the responsibilities of the changed job descriptions in their KBOO reorganization plan. There is no law that protects workers from termination if their position is eliminated in a legitimate staff reorganization.

Thus if we are to save KBOO and the union and its current staffers, we need either (a) gain influence in the current Board, perhaps by convincing current Board members that the ED's policies are disastrous, or (2) more likely by winning upcoming Board elections in September, nominations ending in late June, and gaining a majority or (3) successfully petition for a Special Membership Meeting under KBOO Bylaws Art ARTICLE V: Section 2, which meeting has the authority to change Board decisions (station manager decisions too?) and perhaps make policy.

My sense is that no course will be easy. To be sure the ED is obviously not just corporate but an incompetent manager without any sense of how to work with people and what might work in radio. Some on the Board similarly concluded, and others are beginning to recognize it; still Board support for her might continue. She has ingratiated herself with lots of people and many influential people in the music shows.
We need strategize about how to operate for succeeding as to (1), (2), or (3) above.

We gathered 105 signatures on 7 clipboards. (We started with 8 clipboards and wonder if one of our canvassers still has one.) We need figure out when, how and with what messsage to contact those 105 folks. We also need figure out how and who to contact for the meeting of May 10th at our house. Do we need larger space? Nearly all or maybe all of the folks who were at the last meeting need be reminded.

Note I will be gone starting next Thursday for at least two weeks and maybe until the end of May. Johanna will be home however and I think attend the meeting.




The National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) has been fighting for its right to represent healthcare workers in California, against the massive Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Tom Becker talks with NUHW's vice-president John Borsos about the issues. You can help out by going to the Fund for Union Democracy, or by attending a Portland Fund Raising Event Friday evening, July 31, from 6 to 8 pm at the home of Bill Resnick at 1515 SE 35th Place (just south of Hawthorne).


Mitchell and company are organizing something that's supposed to be for ALL of KBOO membership, but it's held in secret at a private residence, few people outside of Mitchell's circle would actually be able to find, unless the were on the PUBLIC(wtf?) email list this address was published on.

That's cute.

What was that about transparency and secrecy Mitchell was trying to stick on Fitch? Looks like projection, baby.

WE CATEGORICALLY DENY EVER HAVING HEARD OF THIS BILL RESNICK PERSON.  Or his residence no one can get the address right on, god dammit how many times were we off a whole block because some cadre's typing dyslexia.   One day we said fuck it and went to Rice Junkies until they threw us out for drunkenness.

ANYWAY,   the point is we've never heard of this guy, or his place, and it's probably a psyop by Fitch's Forces of Doom. 

So wherever we're meeting Friday, it will definitely probably not be at this place we've never been to or heard about.

Look for new secret messages from Our Leader  in weather patterns later this week.

-Meresa Titchell


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