Friday, June 7, 2013

Comrade of the Day Jim Thompson: the Silent Menace of Snarky T-shirts, Plus ROOTS

 EDIT:  It turned out this was not actually Jim Thompson, but another old guy in a big white beard called Joe Uris.   Read more about how Uris was duped by the Inner Party, er, recruited here.

This post will be fixed as soon as a lower rank cadre can be scared up.  Literally.

In the video at the URL below Comrade Thompson Uris addresses board and Cadre, calling attention to the Silent Menace of Snarky T-shirts:

Comrade Joe addresses Cadre at Barricades;Glorious Leader Right of Center with camera

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Published on Jun 5, 2013
Shot from the back wall of KBOO Studio One. Board meetings usually consist of the board folks and a handful of observers. This nite was different. The room was full to overflowing. This borrowed camera had some limitations. It stopped recording abruptly between the first and the next, then ran out of memory.

This is the beginning of the public speaking part of the meeting.
More info ...

The meeting was much longer than what I was able to record. The clock on the wall tells some of that story

Jim Joe makes things CLEAR, the following clearly being "prejudicial" to cadre:

"KBOO, not just for commie pinko freaks self-righteous gutter punks drug-addicted peaceniks anarcho-syndicalists hippie tree-huggers gay hillbillies militant vegans "Jerry-atric" deadheads or the foil-hat brigade anymore!" 
In an inspired performance worthy of Marx himself, Jim Joe equivocates with the skill of a political contortionist, making it clear to cadre this is CLEARLY the SAME type of thing as :

"If I was to say  "crazy radical black killers, pimp whore mexicans..."

CLEARLY the SAME THING as "crazy radical black killers, pimp whore mexicans..."

Wearing one of these marks you as an ENEMY of the People, who paid $90 to  support KBOO. (Um..ignore that last...where is the liquid paper for this thing?  The big eraser isn't working on the screen....)

But then Jim Joe says it's "KBOO's JOB" to be these things, including the "foil hat brigade":

"And the foil hat brigade, I don't wanna leave them out"

And neither do we, comrades!  KBOO has a LONG history with the "Foil Hat Brigade" that we urge cadre to examine and NEVER FORGET:
(Theresa Micthell)
(Ani Haines)

Thank you, Comrade Uris for reminding us of our ROOTS!!!!!

And to keep our priorities straight!!!!!

Challenging Snarky T-shirts deeply offensive to those of us with no sense of irony or radical history(99.999999% of Inner Party)  IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT that accepting $90 donations!!

Down with another enemy of the People:  SNARKY T-SHIRTS!!!

-Meresa Titchell

More at Indy:

UPDATE:   Cadre are confused about fellow comrades at Indymedia:
UPDATE ON UPDATE:  We were confused too.  See edit at top of post.  Old white guys in big white beards all look alike.  BUT it doesn't change the fact Jim Thompson supported everything Uris said.

No it was Joe 09.Jun.2013 18:07

It was Joe Uris

Not Jim -- who is he??

If comrade confused  scrolls down, Comrade Hoffman thanks Jim here:

Thanks for the Videos Jim 05.Jun.2013 05:57

mike hoffman

Thanks for posting these videos Jim. It is becoming more clear all the time who is who and what is what. Lynn Fitch must be fired immediately, I have never seen such low morale around the station since I have been volunteering there. We need a special membership meeting, and back the Board in removing her. There is an agenda by a few people, and the obvious majority is onto it.

You can see Jim's KBOO profile right here:

Jim Thompson


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    At the glorius Lynn Fitch Lynch Mob (uh ... Monday Board meeting) during a particularly effective complaint by one of our loyal cadre ... the EVIL FITCH said the shirt was designed by one of the STAFF ! And approved at a STAFF MEETING !!!!!!!!!!

    Come now STAFF !!!! how can we blame FITCH if you did it? And loyal comrade Thompson now is shown to be complaining about the staff he thought he was supporting ????


    and watch for excessive use of caps and punctuation, with our budget deficit we could run out ...

  2. Thank you, Concerned Comrade! We'll put our top Party Investigators on this ASAP! The identify of the Snarky T-shirt Designer will soon be known!!!!!

  3. They look similar, but I don't think the guy in the video is Thompson:

    1. UAMRITE
      corrections in progress