Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kraus Raus tries to Outdo Our Glorious Leader

Why can't  he just shut up and go away?   But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...
We've got to listen to more of his civil, conversational and polite so called comments:

Apology accepted, but you're still spinning what's not valid 04.Jun.2013 13:09

Ed Kraus

Again, I won't debate you on issues on Indymedia. And my previous point is once again back to the front ... the issue is KBOO is a closed shop where nothing can be discussed unless it meets the strict closed minded viewpoints of those who want to "Save KBOO".

If I follow your logic, unless I agree with you 100% on every point you want to make, this makes me "anti-Palestinian". Views like this are circular, unsupportable, and quite frankly the pinnacle of intolerance. Quite ironic from someone who wants to give us the "News You're Not Supposed To Know". Depends who You are, and who They are. And your desperate suggestion that no one will read this far into a thread shows how you "Don't Want Anyone To Know" what they're "Not Supposed To Know" when it doesn't support your views.

Who is the media censor now?
How dare he accuse cadre of censorship!  Just because we don't want people to know about shit that's inconvenient to THE CAUSE. 

Obviously anything that undermines our noble goal to SAVE KBOO from Fitch and her Tyranny of Level Headed Discourse is something The People DO NOT NEED TO KNOW.

Agree with us 100% or you ARE the ENEMY.

So there.

-Meresa Titchell

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