Monday, June 3, 2013

Packed like sardines....NOW'S THE TIME TO ACT!

Where's my anarchist cookbook?  We can take care of these bourgeois troskyistists...sts.... with one big B--O---M---B.   NOT THAT WE'RE SAYING THAT.  CUZ WE AREN'T.

Mostly because our last attempt to make a [REDACTED]   blew up the garage and sent our insurance premiums skyrocketing.
But the resistance lives on!   The proof is below:

20:00 update 03.Jun.2013 20:06


Quorum returns. Continued calls for course reversal. Paul Roland: keep membership funding model, draw youth. Zale C: station manager shpuld inspire, empower, not usurp. Room still packed.

What is a Trotskist anyway?  Gosh, revolution is HARD.

 -Meresa Titchell

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