Monday, June 17, 2013

Inner Party Camp Out: Revolution is Delayed but Not Cancelled

Cadre have been concerned about the lack of recent directives.  Let me put these fears to rest.  Our Leader needed to leave a while to Renew herself

Expect the return of Our Glorious Revolution soon.

-Guest Blog by  Hani Aines


  1. More propaganda against the Inner Party, which Indymedia has yet to censor, for some reason:

    "Why We're Here:

    For TOO long, KBOO has been controlled by TOO few. It's time Cascadia took back its COMMUNITY Radio Station.

    The Goal: To get 1,000 Portland Progressives to join KBOO and VOTE in the September Board of Director election.

    You must become a member by mid-July in order to receive a ballot by mail.
    A membership costs $20. Anyone 20 or younger can get one for $10.

    Go to to become a member.
    While you're there, sign up your partner, your children, etc.

    Presently, there are 3 vacant board seats, plus the 4 that will be up at the election. That is 7 out of 12. This next election will go a long way towards shaping the future of community radio in Cascadia.

    Campaign 4 KBOO is run by supporters of progressive community radio. The goal is not to isolate or intimidate, but rather to encourage membership and democratic participation at KBOO Community Radio, for the benefit of the entire community.

    All content is the sole responsibility of the individual author."

    1. You mean this url?

      "Get involved for progressive relevant responsible community radio "

      WHAT are they thinking? This sounds NOTHING like Community Radio!