Sunday, June 30, 2013

Traitor Ren Green complains about KBOO crap audio processing, Ignored

This is what happens when discipline fails, Comrades!  And loyalty!  How dare Ren Green criticize KBOO's AWARD WINNING staff results on Facebook?   At least she's being ignored like the traitor she is!

I'm a KBOO contributor and I have two concerns:

1. the auto-archive process seems to overprocess the audio files. I'm trying to apply for a professional position (and will again in the future) and I'm having a hell of a time finding samples that aren't trainwrecked in some way. Mono in one ear or the signal's too hot.

2. the automatic message at the beginning of each podcast is really disruptive. online programs don't begin or end at a discernible point and it destroys intros. if I work here at KBOO and cringe, what about our listeners? the service is fantastic, can we improve it?

One love,

Ren Green

See here, Missy!  You should be GRATEFUL for the PRIVILEGE of donating your hard earned cash to support the iron Rice Bowl and helping further Our Glorious Leader's revolution!  All this talk of "professionalism" is more Top Down Corporate State Propaganda!  You might have thought KBOO was a progressive organization, eager to improve services to reach the community.  But we're only going to improve the services that benefit the Inner Party!

So let's not have anymore of this crazy talk of fixing corrupted files or incompetent processing. Or criticism of Inner Party propaganda methods in programs intros.  It may not be obvious now, but it's part of a long term plan to substitute subliminal messages from Glorious Leader.

 If you find these intros "disruptive"  your thought processes are clearly intact. Fix this by listening to Our Leader's Presswatch archives over and over for 10 hours straight.  When you see brain matter dribbling out of your ears, you'll know you're cured!


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lost email exchange documents Glorious Leader sparring with Traitor Hadrian!!!

Many faithful cadre have been distraught at the silence of Glorious Leader this past week.

Bereft of her guidance, they've been seen haunting People's Coop, listlessly trying to interest passers by in circulars promoting the Inner Party directives for transparency without revealing the source of the Inner Party directives.  Only those of the Right Stuff, who do not question this contradiction, are given directions to the Sooper Sekrit Cabal Headquarters. 

Nonetheless, it has been a gruelling week. After recruiting only 4 new Outer Party members(and two of them had just stopped for directions to the bathroom), cadre was about to throw in a Che Guevara collectable  towel.

Well, despair no more, Comrades!!  Glorious Leader has not abandoned us!   She was battling for the Cause, sparring with the fiendish Traitor Hadrian, the day before the KBOOM!!

On Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 4:46 PM, Kboo Supporters wrote:

On June 20, 2013, KBOO Board member Hadrian Micciche sent an email to a number of local news outlets, stating, among other points, that the upcoming Board meeting would address
A report that KBOO is on track to lossing [sic] its broadcasting license for failure to have a Community Advisory Board, as the FCC and our By-laws require, and that this failure of KBOO to follow its By-laws has been reported to the state’s Attorney Generals [sic] office.
 (for response to other points in that email, please see the post at
For reasons detailed below, we believe that the station is in full compliance with licensing requirements in this respect, and that the FCC is likely to recognize this compliance as it has done in the past, acknowledging that the Program Advisory Committee serves as the station's Community Advisory Board. We encourage the Board to direct staff to notify Board officers in the event the FCC contacts the station about licensing requirements related to this Community Advisory Board. We regret that Board member Micciche evidently preferred to bring his concerns to the media before consulting other, more knowledgeable and experienced Board members, staff, or volunteers, who would have been able to allay his concerns. 
In a June 21, 2013 email to news media outlets and the board, Board member Micciche stated
I have an item on the agenda for our meeting this coming Monday that calls for the KBOO Board to direct our Programming Committee to take action to create such a CAB and report their progress at the following Board meeting. If the Board would like the FCC to approve our license renewal and the state Attorney General to see that KBOO is taking action to comply with our by-laws, you will support this motion. 
It's easy enough to create a Community Advisory Board. The Board just needs to recruit people from the communities of people we ought to be serving but are not, people who have the ears of their community and a voice that can speak to the KBOO Board in an informed way about their community's needs. I don't believe KBOO has ever had such a CAB. Certainly, we do not now. According to the By-laws [1] and the FCC [2], we need to.
[1] "The Program Committee shall also serve as the corporation's Community Advisory Board. In that capacity, it shall review the programming goals established by the corporation, the service provided by the corporation, and the significant policy decisions rendered by the corporation; advise the Board of Directors with respect to whether the programming and other policies of the corporation are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served by the corporation; and make such recommendations as it considers appropriate to meet such needs." 
[2] "Service Delivered to Underserved Audiences"
"The principle of localism requires broadcasters to take into account all significant groups within their communities when developing balanced, community-responsive programming, including those groups with specialized needs and interests. While the FCC has observed that each broadcast station is not necessarily required to provide service to all such groups, it has nonetheless recognized the concerns of some that programming – particularly network programming – often is not sufficiently culturally diverse."

"The FCC has tentatively concluded that licensees should convene and consult with permanent advisory boards made up of leaders from the community of each broadcast station. In addition to informing broadcasters of issues of importance to their communities in general, such advisory boards should include representatives of all segments of the community, to ensure that those community elements have a continuing opportunity to communicate their group’s perceived needs and interests to their local broadcast station management."
(This article is focused on TV stations. However, with a little searching, we would find the FCC has the same concerns and requirements for radio stations.)
As this message notes, KBOO's Program Advisory Committee has served as the corporation's Community Advisory Board.  As the message also acknowledges, the second link provided is not from the FCC and does not address radio stations.
In past years, during the license renewal process, the FCC has consistently recognized the Program Advisory Committee's service as Community Advisory Board. We know of no reason to think this established structure will not suffice this time, and in particular, we see nothing in the FCC's newer language to change that belief.
In the 1/24/08 Report (FCC-07-218A1.doc), "FCC Adopts Localism Proposals to Ensure Programming is Responsive to Needs of Local Communities,"  the FCC stated (emphasis added),
25. Community Advisory Boards.  The Commission’s former ascertainment requirement directed broadcasters to comply with detailed, formal procedures to determine the needs and interests of their communities, at the time that they initially sought their station authorizations, asked for approval to obtain a station, and sought license renewal.  The record before us here shows that new efforts are needed to ensure that licensees regularly gather information from community representatives to help inform the stations’ programming decisions, but we are not persuaded that the appropriate measure should be reinstatement of the former ascertainment mandates. As when the Commission eliminated those procedures in the 1980s, we do not believe that their potential benefits justify the costs.  We do tentatively conclude, however, that the same fundamental objectives can be achieved through other means, including regular, quarterly licensee meetings with a board of community advisors and improved access by the public to station decision makers.
26. As noted supra, a number of licensee commenters have reported the benefits of community advisory boards in determining matters of local interest for broadcasters.  We tentatively conclude that each licensee should convene a permanent advisory board made up of officials and other leaders from the service area of its broadcast station.  We believe that these boards will promote both localism and diversity and, as such, should be an integral component of the Commission’s localism efforts.  Accordingly, we seek comment on this proposal. Will such community advisory boards be able to alert each broadcaster to issues that are important to its community of license?  How should members of the advisory boards be selected or elected?  Should the former ascertainment guidelines be a starting point to identify those various segments in the community with whom the licensees should consult?  How can the advisory boards be composed so as to ensure that all segments of the community, including minority or underserved members of the community, would also have an opportunity to voice their concerns about local issues facing the area?  How frequently should licensees be required to meet with these advisory boards?  We believe that, generally speaking, if a licensee already has formal groups in place with which it consults to determine the needs of its community, it should be deemed to have satisfied this requirement.  We also seek comment on under what circumstances a licensee should be deemed to have satisfied this requirement with its current practices.
In its July 2008 document on "The Public and Broadcasting" (, the FCC states again,
Licensee Discretion. Because the Commission cannot dictate to licensees what programming they may air, each individual radio and TV station licensee generally has discretion to select what its station broadcasts and to otherwise determine how it can best serve its community of license.
(  Thus, we conclude that KBOO continues to be fully in compliance with its licensing requirement to provide access by the local public to station decision makers regarding programming decisions. 

Traitor Hadrian replies:

From: Hadrian Micciche <>
Date: Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 7:16 PM
Subject: Re: KBOO: FCC license and community involvement
To: Kboo Supporters <>
Cc: Jeff Kipilman <>, Lyn Moelich <>, Matthew Bristow <>, Paula Small <>, Rabia Yeaman <>, "S. W. Conser" <>,,, Lynn Fitch <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>

Thanks for extensively quoting my email. However, I've since done some additional research and have provided links to sources that address the requirement for a Community Advisory board for radio licensees. It's regrettable you don't reference them as they were widely shared with the folks who sent you the email you do quote.

However, lets focus on this specific email and your argument that the existence of a committee which ought to be functioning as a Community Advisory Board means that it is.

The specific FCC language you cite is, "We believe that, generally speaking, if a licensee already has formal groups in place with which it consults to determine the needs of its community, it should be deemed to have satisfied this requirement.

To my knowledge:
1. The Board does not consult with the Program Committee to determine the needs of the community.
2. The Program Committee does not report to the Board about the needs of the community.
3. The legal record of the Board and the activities of the Program Committee reflect this lack of compliance with this requirement of the KBOO by-laws. Our minutes lack any reference to consultation or reports about community needs.

The Attorney General's office was contacted about this failure of the Board to exercise it's Duty of Obedience to KBOO by-laws.

You would do us a great service if you can find specific evidence of compliance in our legal record, the KBOO Board minutes.

You would do us a great service if you could also point out which members of the current Program Committee are leaders from diverse segments of our local community, as the FCC requires.

All my motion asks for is for the Board to direct the Program (and Nominating) Committee to do all that the by-laws require them to do, and report back their status at the subsequent meeting. If they can report then that they are in compliance with the by-laws, this will be a settled matter. However, all evidence now available indicates that they are not now in compliance and have not been for quite some time.

I understand the Program Committee did at one time, long past, have such a Community Advisory Board, which not only existed but also did what was required of it. 

Not many KBOO members or even Board members know that as a Public Benefit Corporation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and a community radio station: 
1. The State of Oregon requires KBOO to serve the community, not just our 5000 members.
2. The IRS requires KBOO to serve the community, not just our 5000 members.
3. The FCC requires KBOO to serve the community, not just our 5000 members.
4. The KBOO Strategic Plan calls on KBOO to serve more of the community.

The KBOO Program Charter calls upon us to "be a model of programming, filling needs that other media do not, providing programming to unserved or underserved groups. KBOO shall provide access and training to those communities..."

There are unserved and underserved groups that KBOO does not serve. We are not engaged as we need to be with leaders of these groups who can advise us of their community's needs, as well as represent KBOO to their communities to help recruit people to get trained and provide programming for their communities. What I describe here is a Community Advisory Board. It is a vital and necessary resource for KBOO to keep its commitments to the State of Oregon, the IRS, the FCC live up to our Programming Charter and realize our Strategic Plan. Having such a Community Advisory Board will also bring us into compliance with KBOO's by-laws.

KBOO is underdog radio. However, we need to let all of the underdogs in our door.

As one member commented at the public meeting at Tabor Space on May 4th, " I would like to note that this looks like, including myself, a very homogenous group. Portland is rapidly becoming less homogenous. We need to reach out to communities that are not here. I brought this up with programming frequently while there is some limited programming for Native Americans, Pacific Islanders are excluded, eastern Asians are excluded, Latin Americans minus a few Tejano shows and a great Tuesday afternoon show is largely excluded.  Brazilian music, South American is excluded. East Asian again Pacific Islander, all sorts of communities are excluded. We need to check with the broader community and bring them in so that were not so homogenous."

Segments of the local communities unserved and underserved -- even by KBOO. That should not be so. How do we do what our mission calls for us to do? How do we reach out and listen to the needs of the communities we ought to serve, but do not? 

A Community Advisory Board. 

Lets stop pretending we have one. Lets not make excuses for not having one. Let's walk our talk, act with integrity, and serve all of the underdogs as we should.

Dasterdly Hadrian implies KBOO is a corporation, under the Iron Thumb of the State:
Not many KBOO members or even Board members know that as a Public Benefit Corporation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and a community radio station: 
1. The State of Oregon requires KBOO to serve the community, not just our 5000 members.
2. The IRS requires KBOO to serve the community, not just our 5000 members.
3. The FCC requires KBOO to serve the community, not just our 5000 members.
4. The KBOO Strategic Plan calls on KBOO to serve more of the community.
 It's a battle between the Iron Thumb and the Iron Rice Bowl, comrades! Who gives a flying frack about 5,000 Outer Party members who can't be bothered to parrot the Inner Party line?  Or these so called State of Oregon regulations and acronyms? 

Do not fear!  Our Leader battles on against these and other Enemies of the People!!!!
Need to contact the Inner Party? Email
Glorious Leader wants to hear from YOU.  

Only with YOUR mindless and unquestioning support can the Glorious Radio Worker Paradise be Achieved!

-Meresa Titchell

Another doom and gloom leak:Traitor Hadrian Claims Listeners Plummet

Listeners plummet, or so Hadrian claims. 

It's supposed to be confirmed in the General Report, but, as loyal cadre all know, any so called "official documents" that contradict Inner Party propaganda are part of the vast corporate state conspiracy to take over our job of running KBOO out of business: 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Hadrian Micciche <>
Date: Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 11:37 AM
Subject: The Decline in KBOO listeners. Why?
To: Hadrian Micciche <>, Jeff Kipilman <>, Lisa Loving <>, Lyn Moelich <>, Mark Sherman <>, Matthew Bristow <>, MichaelP <>, Paula Small <>, Rabia Yeaman <>, "S. W. Conser" <>, Sue Bartlett <>, Timothy Welp <>

New Board members will be receiving a "KBOO Board Packet" binder filled with information essential to read.

All members should review the FY 2011 General Report from the KBOO Membership Director. It documents the dramatic decline in the number of our KBOO listeners from a high of 70,000 in 2004 to just 45,000 in 2011. As the Membership Director pointed out in his presentation to the Board, we gained a massive number of listeners during the first term of war-criminal G.W. Bush. (My terminology, not Andrew's). However, the audience that found KBOO to be a good source of news about Bush's misdeeds have largely left us behind. Those who say KBOO needs to serve the ideology of the radical community misses that point. This target audience isn't listening at the levels they did in the past -- or paying the bills.

The fact is that the two largest sources of member pledges are the syndicated, non-local Democracy Now and our home-grown Music From the True Vine. How radical was Bill Monroe?
We are mandated by the state of Oregon, the IRS and the FCC to serve the community, now just our members -- much less just the radical members. Our by-laws require us to serve the unserved and underserved -- including bluegrass fans, as well as other music genres, and the needs of poorly represented demographic segments of our local community. We don't exist to serve your ideology or my ideology, but the needs of the community. Those needs are communicated to us by a properly constituted and functioning Community Advisory Board, not by our in-house programming volunteers.

This dramatic audience decline is not only a rational for staff restructuring, it is the basis for my motion to the Board that we direct the Program Committee to do all that is required of it in our By-laws and by the FCC. We ignore that at our peril.

Peril?  Got it covered Comrade!

Anyone got some extra deck chairs?


Friday, June 28, 2013

Lisa Loving friends KATU "hacker", Nassar Befuddled by Funding

Lisa "Hacker" Loving reaches out for support in the media community after recent embarrassing political missteps:

 near Portland ·
  • Looook, over on Twitter I'm friends with a "hacker journalist" from KATU--our exploration of the term "hacker" is very interesting isn't it? Is someone calling the police yet or what?
    Hatmaker, Kelly
    @_kFh_ follows you
    Highly functional ∴ Hacker journalist ∴ Data mining #4Fun & #Profit$ ∴ 武者修行 ∴ Day Job: Exec. Producer, @SpecialProKATU ∴ Paid to be curious.

Somehow we doubt she told the real  KATU media professional about this Facebook post:
Does anybody know how to hack into a Blogspot blog to find out who is doing it? I have come across a particularly cruel blog that is trashing people at KBOO and I would like to know who's doing it. Lemme know, thank you.
Or the outing of a Party Member[something real journalists don't do]:
Hi everybody!!! Now someone named Richard Smith has sent a screenie of my post about hacking into the anonymous bully blog to all the media in Portland, and a link to an Indymedia page and the Yellow Type blog. They are calling me out for trying to hire a child to hack a website. Awesome. Have a nice day. Thank you.
Try this for fun: Google Lisa Loving Hacker.

One of Comrade Loving's friends should explain to her what SEO is, so she can come up with a better spin strategy.[Hint: take responsibility, publicly apologize].

But who are we to slow down a pseudo-Streisand  Effect?

" Is someone calling the police yet or what?"

Hey, lady, you're the one threatening to file a LOLsuit.  Called your lawyer yet or what?

In other news, Comrade Nassar admits he's confused by funding:

  • I guess I'm not understanding KBOO's Fund Raising lately.

    1) Our Treasurer tells us we're under water, in deficit spending.
    2) We cancel the Winter Pledge Drive.
    3) Now it looks like the Summer Drive will only be ONE DAY LONG.

    What, are we trying to Starve the Beast until we can Drown it in a Bathtub???
    • 2 people like this.
    • Cathleen Cook-Oas Sounds fishy to me. With programing changes as you have described from local to syndicated, I would wonder if there is something in the wind.
      via mobile · 1
    • Steve Nassar Yes, There is a Foul Stench in the Wind...

    • Kate Welch Fishy is a fine description, yes, Fishy!

    • Jade Pekkala yes indeed, the board and the navigator are doing their best to stifle KBOO and what it offers to the community..

What, are we trying to Starve the Beast until we can Drown it in a Bathtub???
Oh!  Sounds like a "right-wing" conspiracy!  It's okay Comrade Nassar!  We understand!  Math IS hard!

This blog post might help you, but, loyal cadre that you are, we doubt it:

You look like a picture guy.  Try this picture instead:

Clear now?



Traitor Hadrian sells out Board to FCC, calls members "Unstable"!

From forwarded email leak!  We get them just like Glorious Leader

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Hadrian Micciche <>
Date: Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 10:42 AM
Subject: Board turnover: Implications for license renewal and a possible solution to Board instability.
To: Sue Bartlett <>, Hadrian Micciche <>, Jeff Kipilman <>, Lisa Loving <>, Lyn Moelich <>, Mark Sherman <>, Matthew Bristow <>, MichaelP <>, Paula Small <>, Rabia Yeaman <>, "S. W. Conser" <>, Timothy Welp <>

1. Sending a FCC document related to Board turn-over and a petition to deny one of our broadcasting licences based on that turn-over.

Document name: DA-11-1605A1

The basis of the petition to deny: a claim that there was a greater than 50 percent change in KBOO's governing board which is generally considered a "major change" prohibited by Section 73.3573 of the Commission's Rules.

2. Sending a KBOO document with the Board Member election and appointment history. Three new Board members elected in September: Jeff Kipilman, John Mackey, Damon Isiah Turner. Three new Board members appointed in June. That is a 50% change in KBOO's governing board. Our current license renewal can be challenged on these grounds.

Document name: board appts 2013.pdf
From: KBOO web site.

The solution to this long history of instability on the Board? Do an active recruitment from outside of the KBOO community of stable, skilled and committed people who can represent segments of the unserved and underserved communities we seek to serve. It will be a hard sell given our current situation, but it must be attempted. The benefits of such a Board are many. The problems resulting from the status quo could be fatal.

This is the basis of my motion to the Board to request the Nomination Committee to do all that is required of it by the by-laws. Actually, we need to do all that, and more.  I can provide many resources needed for Board recruitment. It involves more than recording a spot, going to KBOO special events and putting up a notice on our web page.
And then he leaked the super sekrit board appointments that should be on the impossible to navigate KBOO website currently being maintained by chimpanzees:

[revised May 7, 2013]

New Three-Year Terms (October 2012 – September 2015)
Jeff Kipilman
John Mackey (removed, open seat)
Michael Papadopoulos
Damon Isiah Turner

New Three-Year Terms (October 2011 – September 2014)
Marc David Brown (resigned, open seat)
SW Conser
Lyn Moelich
Alicia Olson (resigned, replaced by Matthew Bristow)

New Three-Year Terms (October 2010 – September 2013)
Chris Andreae (resigned, replaced by Lisa Loving)
Paula Small
Devin Russo (resigned, replaced by Hadrian Micciche)
Keller Henry (resigned, replaced by Rabia Yeaman)

Jay Thiemeyer resigned, November 2008
Louis Sowa appointed, November 2008 (to September 2010)
Scott Forrester removed by the Board, February 2009
Nia Lewis appointed, April 2009 (to September 2009)
Anthony Petchel resigned, March 2009
Marty Soehrman appointed, May 2009 (to September 2009)
Eric Robinson resigned, April 2009
Paula Small appointed, August 2009 (to September 2009)
jamilah bourdon resigned, September 2009
Deena Barnwell appointed, February 2010 (to September 2010)
Michael Papadopoulos removed from Board, October 2009
Nia Lewis appointed, October 2009 (to September 2012)
Genevieve Matthews resigned, January 2010
Jim Craven appointed, February 2010 (to September 2011)
Marc Allyn resigned, February 2010
OPEN SEAT (to September 2010)
Joe Azavedo resigned, March 2010
Kurt Lauer appointed, May 2010 (to September 2011)
Jim Craven resigned, December 2010
Mimi Villarqui appointed, March 2011 (to September 2011)
Devin Russo resigned, January 2011
Hadrian Micciche appointed, March 2011 (to September 2013)
Marty Soehrman died, February 2011
Pete Meyers appointed, April 2011 (to September 2012)
Michael Papadopoulos appointed by court-order, May 2011
Nia Lewis resigned, August 2011
(Board now reduced to Bylaws limit of 12 members; no appointment made)
Pete Meyers resigned, September 2011
Kate McCourt appointed to Pete’s seat, March 2012 (to September 2012)
Maire Cullen-Gilmore removed by the Board, October 2011
Benjamin Hoyne appointed to Maire’s seat, March 2012 (to September 2012)
Chris Andreae removed by the Board, April 2012
Lisa Loving appointed to Chris’ seat, August 2012 (to September 2013)
Keller Henry resigned, September 2012
Rabia Yeaman appointed to Keller’s seat, October 2012 (to September 2013)
Alicia Olson resigned, October 2012
Matthew Bristow appointed to Alicia’s seat, October 2012 (to September 2014)
John Mackey removed by the Board, November 2012
OPEN SEAT (to September 2015)
Marc Brown resigned, May 2013
OPEN SEAT (to September 2014)

Traitor Hadrian doesn't understand the high turnover is to drive out traitors to the Inner Party after their treachery is discovered via calls to act like a responsible non-profit or something.  (Nothing will be said of the times an Inner Party member is forcibly removed after being caught acting on Inner Party orders.  NOTHING. And almost nothing will be said of individual board member's instability.)

Anyway, who cares what the FCC thinks?  KBOO is a MEMBER run non-profit, non-corporation!  It's the MEMBERSHIP that decides which laws KBOO is going to follow, if any!   Broadcasting licences are a form of Top Down Corporate State controlled control!

Down with the FCC!  Down with broadcasting licences!

Look for our new 26,500-btu  smoke signal repeater station in the west hills at [puff] [puff][ *pause* [steam] FM.  (KBOO now accepts donations in firewood!)


LEAK: Proof Financial Crisis Manufactured with Help of IRS, CPB and FEDS!!!

The following prove the vast conspiracy to manufacturer a financial crisis at KBOO include the highest institutions of the US government, including the IRS!  FOIL HAT TIME!!!!

The Big Lie is that there is no financial crisis other than the one created by absorbing the Winter Drive into two other drives.
Here is documentation of the deficits we incurred from 2007 to 2010. A request to the KBOO Finance Director can get the same documentation of the size of the deficit in 2011 and 2012. The 2013 budget was planned to be a deficit budget as well and we can be fairly sure that we will end up with a deficit at the end of our fiscal year. How much longer can this go on? Not much.
Members who resist change say KBOO gets by just fine with just member contributions. They think another fund drive will make us solvent, ignoring a history of deficit spending each year, going back to at least 2007.

How is KBOO surviving with insufficient funding from members? By drawing down its reserves which date back to the days of federal funding. The reserves will not be replenished, at least not by future federal funds. KBOO lacks the number of listeners it needs to qualify. 

Here are the 990 Forms KBOO submits to the IRS, and which the charity watchdog site Guidestar make available on their website.

Documentation of deficit spending. 2007-2010.
Reports attached and source link provided to verify authenticity.

The 2011 and 2012 990's available at KBOO on request. Send an email, and they are obliged to provide the document in a timely manner.  

IRS Form 990.
What is the form 990?

KBOO's reports should be on its web site but its hard to navigate. Guidestar is a reliable source for non-profit organization's 990s

KBOO's 990's found on Guidestar (as received from the IRS).
2010 and prior year. 
Attached document name: 2011-237232987-0876a476-9
See line 19 for statement of deficit.

2009 and prior year.
Attached document name: 2010-237232987-07770147-9
See line 19 for statement of deficit.

2008 and prior year
Attached document name: 2009-237232987-065b0359-Z
See line 18 for statement of deficit.

2007 and 2006 available with premium account on Guidestar. 

Here is some information from the time KBOO was kicked off the federal gravy train.

"The price of running KBOO the way it has been run for 30 years is its federal funding. Since last fall, CPB has put KBOO and five other stations "on probation," and KBOO lost approximately half of its expected $68,000 in grants. KBOO has appealed that decision, but in the meantime is planning schedules changes so that it will meet the new minimum audience levels set by CPB.
The risk has been clear since 1996, when participants in CPB's grant review released a list of about 80 stations whose CSGs would be endangered--the so-called "Dis List." KBOO was on that list.  

Chris Merrick, the program director and sometime g.m.--a tall man with a long, blond ponytail--reviews the situation: The station was expecting $68,000 in CPB grants for fiscal 1998. "Our troubles began around August 1997 when we talked to CPB and found out that this was not the case."
Because KBOO met neither the minimum audience standard nor the minimum fundraising standard (story, page 1), it will receive $33,643 from CPB this fiscal year--about half of what it expected. With the loss, KBOO's revenues dropped 10 percent.

Merrick confirms that the federal money has been used for salaries, Pacifica programs, satellite feeds and the Associated Press service. "We've looked at the AP wire. If we can't come up with a news grant, we might have to cut it, which will really devastate our newscasts."

KBOO continues to pay for staff salaries out of the reserves built up during the days of federal funding. Meanwhile, listenership has fallen to even lower levels, while staffing levels, largely, have not.
The reserves are nearly depleted.
There is no conspiracy to destroy KBOO -- other than the conspiracy to deny the facts of our financial condition, easily verified by legal documents KBOO files with the IRS.

That proves it!  The IRS is the Enemy of the people!!!  More so than usual, that is...
So is the FED!!!!

"The price of running KBOO the way it has been run for 30 years is its federal funding."

No wonder our Foil Hat Cadre has been so committed to Ending The FED!
 Besides, who needs the Feds?  KBOO is community funded radio!   As the diminishing community funds KBOO, loyal cadre will simply INCREASE their donations to compensate!     Many members of the community are ready to contribute! We can get a loan from that nice Russian man we met last week representing a bank in Cyprus!   We're sure he was only joking about the cement shoe default clause!  What could possibility go wrong with Our Glorious Leader at the helm?

Full FUBAR ahead!!!!

-Meresa Titchell 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Comrade Yaney makes obvious observation about Traitor Hadrian

More tips from tripping Comrades!

Comrade Yaney makes shrewed obsevation about savekboofromsavekboo:

  • Interesting, the savekboofromsavekboo blog has comments from Hadrian, but when you click on the Hadrian blog link, it says it's private. Wonder what that means? And it's yellow rip of the savekboo site. KBOOsters what do you think?

    • Steve Nassar Fuck them assholes.

    • Steve Nassar They selectively quote me over there. For instance, they quoted me up to, but NOT including this, from June 20th:

      Here's my prediction... If we allow Hartman to replace 15 hours of Locally Produced Programing, soon thereafter, our 8:00 AM Local Talk
      Radio Shows, all of 'em, will be declared "Redundant" and replaced. So, we're *really* talkin' 'bout 20 hours, not 15 hours, of Local Programing getting trashed. Sneaky, eh wot?

      Replaced With What, one might ask? Why, with more Syndicated Clear Channel Claptrap, and each iteration will be milder than the last. The First Step in taming Little Beirut is to tame the only truly Progressive Community Radio Station Little Beirut has to offer. Ho Hum.

      Once we've replaced all or most of our Locally Produced Content with stuff that is either Downloaded or Automated, we'll *Finally* be able to fire all them pesky Staff Persons that keep getting in the way of "Progress." Progressive, yes?
       · 2
    • Steve Nassar Apparently, tho, KBOO Management DOES pay attention to it, however... After they quoted me complaining about having to play our Station Manager tell Portland there is no Progressive Talk Radio in Portland as intro to KBOO's Talk Radio Shows, that shit stopped this week.

      I had to insult all 4 of my talk radio hosts last week in that manner. Not this week.

      Thanks, Lynn, for letting me STOP being a KBOO Asshole, Live, On the Air, every day!!!
       · Edited · 1

 Now, now, Comrade Yaney, don't try to steal Comrade Nassar's thunder.  He already proved Traitor Rabia is responsible for Glorious Leader's blog design and the parody of the same.  Traitor Rabia gets around!

This is more interesting:  traitor Hadrian's Blogger profile IS private!  WHAT IS HE HIDING?

Another observation:  the only person to click on the exit links to Hadrian's profile during the time before Yaney's comment was someone using the same ISP Rebecca Nay used for leaving comments two weeks ago.

[logs available on request]

Clearly Comrade Yaney has HACKED Rebecca Nay's  ISP!!!!

Don't worry cadre, it's probably all for a very good reason...any action for the Cause is a Good Reason.

At a guess we think Hadrian's blogger profile being private means Hadrian has set his profile to being private.   But reality must be murkier than that because a true inner party loyalist has NOTHING to hide.  

On that note, see latest Party memo:

We'll be installing streaming cameras inside all party member bathrooms at the end of the month.    Objections WILL be noted.


UPDATE:  Comrade Steve Nassar HE MAD!

  • Vernon Huffman I'd like to see everybody at KBOO acknowledge that they can disagree without accusing each other of attempting to destroy community radio. On the Hartmann question, I see a simple compromise. Instead of replacing local programming, put Thom on in place of the second airing of Democracy Now! This will draw his loyal listeners to hear other KBOO programming and save local programming. Air time is too precious to air the same exact show twice each weekday.

  • Steve Nassar That's not what the Station Manager proposed. She proposed 3 hours per day, 5 days per week. That won't fit in a one hour DN! time slot.

    AND... Part of her proposal was the statement that Portland just doesn't have access to Progressive Talk Radio
    since the demise of Hartman.. That was an outright lie, and insulting to 5 Volunteer Talk Radio Hosts.

    I agree that everyone at KBOO should be able to identify themselves and have an Open Discourse, and not resort to Fighting Nasty from behind Anonymous Yellow Press Web Sites, like some Asshats that want to destroy KBOO do.

    There. I tacked that last phrase on the end just for YOU, Vernon. Bwaaahahahahahahah!!!!
  • Vernon Huffman It's Conflict Resolution 101. First, find common ground. On what key principles do you agree? Look for the element of truth in the other's position and acknowledge it to their face. After the other person knows you have heard, succinctly state your position, tying it to common interests. Negotiate with a future focus, free of blame and accusations, in an effort to allow everyone to win. These methods work! Try them.
    · 1
  • Steve Nassar It's hard to find common ground with someone that won't identify themselves. In fact, I would add that it's not worth the trouble trying.
     · Edited
  • Vernon Huffman Presumably, Steve, anyone who takes time to write about the situation cares about KBOO. That's a big chunk of common ground. Seems like the Mission Statement might be a place to find common values. It's terribly hard to have a conversation with somebody who's decided you're not worth listening to. BTW, how's Sky?

That crazy dreamer Vernon!   He's in a complicated relationship with Yaney!
 In a complicated relationship with Yaney Lee Ann MacIver
He's got a complicated relationship with everyone!  For instance he's one of Lisa "Hacker" Loving's over 1,000 friends who did not call her out for soliciting a felony or outing a party member!

 Nothing says solidarity like co-dependency!!!!

For more on Vernon's thoughts go to comments here.

For historical record, Traitor Kraus has already proposed a "reasonable" Hartman schedule.   Beware, Vernon, lest you become a traitor too!!

UPDATE:  And more...

  • Steve Nassar Sky is doing wonderful. THanks for asking!

    Anyone that doesn't have the Guts and Conviction to stand behind their words is NOT worth listening to. Sorry, but that's just me. Your mileage may vary.

  • Steve Nassar I don't post at the savekboofromsavekboo Yellow Blog, and only read it when someone interesting, like Yaney or Lisa send me there. From the few times I've read it, I can't recall ever seeing anything positive posted there. It appears that the sole purpose of that site is to insult and inflame an already volatile situation. That the owner of the Blog remains anonymous speaks Legions of his or her intentions and honesty.

    So, fuck 'em. They're just another Irrelevant Troll Trap.
Yaney and Lisa send Comrade Nassar to read an "Irrelevant Troll Trap"?  The things you learn on Facebook!