Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Comrade Bye falls for Inner Party propaganda! Success!!!!

Ahem, we mean to say, Comrade Bye is as informed about this issue as the Inner Party thinks is good for him.

ANYWAY, at Facebook  Bye says:

This show would be a better choice for a spot on KBOO than the pro-capitalist liberal Thom Hartmann Show.

Wait.  Where is Bye getting his information?  WE didn't know Thom Hartmann's show was pro-capitalist!!!!   How did we get out of the loop?

Comments reveal creeping ambivalence of Outer Party members:

Terry L. Odor I voted for Thom Hartman! I miss being able to hear his show.

  • Greg Bye I would bet Hartmann would go right along with the plans to make KBOO more "business friendly". Where would that lead? Also, much excellent local programming would be lost if this goes through.

OMG!    Comrade Bye is right!   Making KBOO a functioning community resource, with goals beyond defending Iron Rice Bowls IS EXACTLY LIKE making KBOO more business friendly to SuperMegaConglomeratEvilInc Corp!!

Look out the window right now, comrades!!  Is that Walmart and Citibank at KBOO's back door?  And who is meeting them for a sleazy deal?  A kind, grandmotherly yet spry woman who looks like the Station Navigator?


-Meresa Titchell

PS: visitors don't miss the latest:

Comrade Lisa Loving Wants to Hack Blogspot

Let's look at the other pages Comrade Lisa viewed before picking that one for her agenda:

What is Lisa's agenda?  Inner Party stooge or satire impaired?

1 comment:

  1. Ooooooohhh. And Tavis Smiley is Black!

    But he's on NPR and OPB! Now I'm confused.

    So Hartmann represents a degredation of "diversity" on KBOO cuz he's white and we think he's corporate even though he writes books against corporate power. And his views are taboo for KBOO becuz they're not exactly in step with those of our Glorius Leader. OK I can follow this so far.

    So Tavis is OK even though he is on NPR cuz he's black? So we need diversity of the color of people's skin, but not diversity in our viewpoints and opinions?

    Cool. Now all we have to do is find all the people who look different than us, but will agree with us and the Glorius Leader on everything. Brilliant!

    Now THAT's community. SOLIDARITY is ensured as we exclude anyone who wouldn't be in SOLIDARITY!