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KBOO Crowd Overwhelmed with Anger, Psychiatrists Concerned

We return from our glorious coupe de tiff last night, where we got everything we wanted even if we didn't.   See the lastest report at Indymedia:


Now some haters are gonna say this isn't accurate or something.  What they don't get is our right to free speech means whatever we want it to mean.  And that goes for facts too.

For instance, we are saving KBOO, a progressive left radio institution built by members for years to function.  But sometimes you need to destroy something to save it.  And failing that, spin like you're trying to make FOX news vomit!  Also use ALL CAPS.

KBOO Board overwhelmed with opposition

The Board got an earful last night about corporate-style management. 

No evidence is shown it's corporate style.  That's cuz is OBVIOUS to any comrade we brainwash!

Over seventy KBOO members and volunteers crowded into the KBOO Station last night to confront the KBOO Board about its management actions, technique and tone. An attempt to limit member discussion to ten minutes was pressured down. Quorum was repeatedly interrupted as Board member Hadrian, loudly hooted at for his comment that the Members should be grateful for being graciously allowed into the Board session, left in a huff (returning after an hour), and Treasurer Paula Small left within an hour. Ms. Small's companion Kurt Lauer, a vocal pro-corporatization volunteer, also left early, saying he had heard all he needed to. Member Mark Sherman complained that his attempts to introduce agenda items had been repeatedly rebuffed and ignored.

A mob of people worked up over half truths and lies is always helpful.  Seems like someone forgot to bring pitchforks.  This always happens!  The only thing we can't figure out is why, when you're acting like a bunch of boorish  fools, they rebuff our efforts to participate?  It's a pickle!!! 

Award-winning national poet Barbara LaMorticella, radio personality Joe Uris, and dozens of others expressed the view that the Station had floated into dangerous waters. The attempt to get rid of Staff en masse by "Station Navigator" Lynn Fitch was often mentioned, and many expressed concern that the Winter Membership drive had been cancelled, with some saying the cancellation had been an attempt to manufacture an economic crisis. KBOO commenter/interviewer Per Fagereng said, regarding the comment against member funding that "we can't keep milking that cow," that, as a former dairy farmer, he knew that cows had to be milked twice per morning to avoid discomfort and health problems!

We duped someone who won awards into making us look like someone besides the loony crowd.  This helps to get people to listen to our rantings a few seconds longer than they would.   Our attempt to rally the troops to lynch Fitch once and for all, failed.  Turns out our FITCH = EVIL marketing needs work.   Plus Cows!!!!

Many members lamented the top-down and heedless management style of Fitch, saying she was either unaware or hostile to the culture of the Station, blaming her for allowing numerous snarky comments against the KBOO left/dissent community (i.e. "fruits, nuts and flakes," "not just for communists anymore," "tinfoil hats," etc.). Lynn Fitch responded that she had not personally made the comments, saying that Staffer Justin had come up with a pejorative-listing comic t-shirt, and that Board Member Rabia had invented "Fruits, Nuts, and Flakes." This explanation was met with jeers. Many speakers called for Fitch's removal as Executive Director/Navigator. Ms. Fitch took notes during much of the comment, occasionally leaving the room, and leaving the meeting early, saying she would not quit.

 Who does this woman think she is?  We dump invective and innuendo on top of her and gosh darn it, she just shakes it off and is nice about it to boot!  Teflon Fitch wasn't even phased by our intimidation attempt when Theresa Mitchell linked to an arrest record.  We're having none of her so called facts and setting records straight!  We're going to SAVE KBOO by inventing our own reality!!!

KBOO commentator/interviewer Linda Olsen/Osterlund complained that the Station Navigator had arrogated the airwaves in violation of the station's "dirty laundry" rules, taking hours of air time, to this point, with her views. Some commenters mentioned Fitch's recent 15-minute broadcast, saying it was lacking in substance and embarrassing, and castigated Fitch for claiming she would take comments on her previous broadcasts, while only allowing written questions from a friendly monitor. Olsen/Osterlund called for the board to rein in Fitch, noting that precedent had been set for volunteer programmers to begin taking their own views to the air. Numerous commenters questioned the majority of the Board's inaction in the face of economic setbacks, particularly the loss of Membership Drive funds. This writer criticized the idea that Drive funds would be replaced by members joining at events, saying that had never happened in previous attempts. Former Treasurer Gene Bradley pointed out that the new Board Policy Manual was legally trumped by the requirements of the KBOO Bylaws as registered with the State of Oregon, and that additional and confusing requirements for persons running for the Board were not required, and should be listed as "optional." Board member Michael Papadopolous agreed with that assessment, emphasizing that the Bylaws were to be heeded.

 This will teach Fitch to hog fifteen minutes of airtime to explain how to SAVE KBOO by something rational like calling on all members to help out as volunteers.   Has anyone heard of a more stupid plan?  Obviously the only way to SAVE KBOO is to start a whisper campaign based on lies then turn it into a full blown counter productive witch hunt!   Trust us...we're experts on these things!

Portland internet commenter Ed Krause, who in past years had been denied a program over his anti-Palestinian rhetoric, complained that the anti-Fitch crowd was hypocritical, and as bad as Rush Limbaugh in rejecting opposing views. He urged that Fitch "be given a chance." Former Board member Keller Henry, arriving after two hours, pointed out that the crowd was mostly old and White and that, regarding Fitch's leadership, "any" change would be worth a try. Board Member Hadrian attempted to get signatures to promote a $10 corporate Board training course. Former Interim New Director Becky castigated current staffer Ani Haines, and volunteer Will Mustoe defended her.

Not the Jew again.  I though we took care of him by framing him on Indymedia?
So, Ed Kraus 29.May.2013 21:43


Can we agree that Israel should tear down its apartheid wall, and recognize Palestinian sovereignty? Do you think the new KBOO should have programs that ask that question? I don't recall hearing such a program elsewhere.

Well, hell no! 30.May.2013 12:03


Why should Israel give their land that they have claim to for over 3 thousand years to people who won't even acknowledge that Israel has a right to exist. Why the fuck would Israel do that?

This is why I avoid IndyMedia 01.Jun.2013 21:22

The actual Ed Kraus

I will post a comment on KBOO.FM where at least the blogs are not anonymous. The prior post is an impostor and the last several have been disgusting. Any more posts on this website in my name are lies.

Ed Kraus
Sigh...good help is hard to find!

Despite the size and determination of the attending members, the Board took no action to restrict or remove Fitch, to make up lost Drive funds, nor to address complaints about accessibility to the Board agenda, nor to restore the tried-and-true member funding emphasis of the Station. A list was taken to contact Members for a Special Membership Meeting. The meeting spilled onto the sidewalk outside the Station after adjournment.

 We fail utterly to accomplish anything.  But we'll be back...LOUDER THAN EVER!  WITH CAPS!!

(I was unable to retrieve my recording of the Meeting and thus had to compose this report from memory. I apologize in advance for errors, and I hope that they are minimal.)
My overall impression of the event was that, first, the era of ignoring the determination of KBOO members, to move forward as a transparent and participatory institution, is beginning to end. There was no confusion among the vast majority of attendees, that the Station's culture has been upended in order to force an unwanted and disastrous mutation, nor that there is any consideration for the will of the members among the perpetrators (chiefly Board members Paula, Hadrian, and Rabia, with their Navigator Lynn Fitch). Despite the "silent majority" posturing by this group, the will of the Members is clear. Effective action will now be taken to reverse these changes, and to revitalize KBOO in the right way. However, the fight has just begun.

The will of the 75 mob...clearly a mandate out of thousands of KBOO members...was clear.  Fitch should be lynched!  Unfortunately the gallows committee forgot the rope.  It's probably with Mitchell's recording in the KBOO break room getting dissected by the black helicopter people as we speak.  Oppression sucks.

We may not accomplish much.  Or anything.  Fact, we're probably going to be an embarrassing foot note in local history of progressive radio.  But if we don't run KBOO into the ground, who will? 

-Meresa Titchell

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