Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Enemy of the People tries to stop Glorious Revoution

Scurrilous attempts to sabotage the coming of the Radio Workers Paradise are everywhere.  Even in comments at this post:


Whoever is doing this blog.. You were funny at first, but now its getting old. It's just one personal attack on Theresa after another. YAWN!!! An argument can be made that she deserves this because of her attacks on Lynn and other KBOO volunteers, but she has not posted in several days, and at this point your posts (2-3 times a day) are making little sense and are starting to grasp for straws. We have serious problems at KBOO. If you want to continue to hide behind a pseudonym and joke about them then be my guest, but I am not sure how much you are helping us move forward. 

We ARE moving forward!  Nothing will stop our unstoppableness! 

Besides if we let up for one second, some goon from
might get elected!!! And we know where that can lead!  Thoughtful discourse!  Fact based plans and ideas! No foil hats!!!! We aren't having any of it!!!!

No surrender!! No retreat!!!!  It ain't over until October baby!!!

Speaking of which, now's a time to review for cadre select portions of the KBOO Board Application Packet(packet?):

Self-Management Skills

Support the mission of the KBOO Foundation rather than a personal agenda and be present at meetings with no drama, a sense of humor and can bake cookies (maybe literally, perhaps figuratively).
Mmmmmmm....looks like a minefield..

Represent the Diversity of Portland (not just stereotypes of diversity) and have a high comfort working with a diversity of opinions, cultures, & world views.
Now's a good time as any to ask cadre, WTF does "not just stereotypes of diversity" mean?  Throwing it out there, comrades.

Ability to work for the greater good of KBOO and the ability to set aside personal opinions for the collective good of the agency.
Another minefield for cadre.  What's the point of getting on the board if you can't push a secret personal agenda?


We thought this was funny, but it turned out some of us were ignorant duffuses:

Accountabilities  (Grammar is optional in the Great Struggle Against Oppression ..actual business term )
Individual Board members are accountable to: a) the collective KBOO Board of Directors, b) the KBOO Foundation Bylaws, policies and procedures, c) the Board Member Job Description, and d) Applicable State and Federal laws and regulations.


Qualifications For Service:
• Skill, Knowledge and Experience related to radio broadcasting, business or nonprofit management, fundraising, and/or community organizing
• Familiarity with and commitment to the KBOO’s mission, vision, values and programs
• Time commitment to meet the functions of the Board (8-12 hours per month).
• Comfortable with leading/participating in fund raising activities
• Initiative
• Integrity
• Analytical ability
• Sensitivity
• Leadership

Anyone laughing ironically at this moment?  That knock on the door is your bus to the Happy Valley Reeducation Camp.  


-Meresa Titchell


  1. Again, they forgot to mention as a KBOO board requirement "complete unfamiliarity with balance sheets and income statements".

    Accounting is an evil capitalist tool invented by the Man to oppress organizations that shouldn't be shackled by mundane considerations of whether there is any money left or not!

    1. Accounting is only the symptom Comrade!!! Finances are at the root of this oppression! That is why no effort is being wasted by cadre to make KBOO insolvent as fast as humanly possible!

  2. A self appointed radio personality made a fool of herself in public attacking people like a loon and now wants everyone to shut up? Boo fucking hoo!

  3. Now I'm trying to sabotage you? LMAO!!!! Never once did I say "stop blogging!!" I did express concern with the frequency of posting and how staying anonymous hurts credibility.. Agree or disagree, I just wanted to give you what i thought was constructive criticism (while we are on that topic, do something about the yellow text on yellow background please!!). That said.. Keep BLOGGING COMRADES!!.. While I will not engage any further with you folks.. I will be reading, and hopefully laughing..

    P.S. Thanks Ben and Ed for defending me against these mean mean people :) TIC

    1. You understand you're an "Enemy of the people" the same was Ben and Ed are, right?

      Anyone who doesn't agree 100% with the INNER PARTY is an ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

    2. "(while we are on that topic, do something about the yellow text on yellow background please!!)"

      Take that up with Our Glorious Leader.

      Unless you're talking about the yellow/white bg gadget problem; we've tried. Limits of the blogger template. And no one wants to edit the HTML. Come on, math scares the Inner Party. Blogger blogspot is clearly another ENEMY of the People. But, like the transmitter KGON still holds hostage, it's a necessary evil.

    3. Inner Party CommunicationsJune 12, 2013 at 3:53 PM

      ""(while we are on that topic, do something about the yellow text on yellow background please!!)"

      We use the yellow text on yellow background to send subliminal messages from the Inner Party to the Outer Party. That way, the Outer Party drones can carry out their orders without even being aware that they have been programmed to do so by the Inner Party, which is how we like it.

      Do not question Our Glorious Leader's wonderful and perfect web design choices!

    4. Becky and I have begun an interesting conversation ... in bits and pieces ... that started during the last membership drive. We don't agree on everything but we were surprised that we found much common ground in our concerns for both the quality of programs, and for the toxic environment for those who challenge the status quo at KBOO.

      Sometimes less is more, this is the message we're trying to get across to our friends at SKBSK. It's going to be a long haul, if people who haven't paid attention to the issues tune in a month from now, how are they going to see the wheat for the chaff?

      Becky I'm sure doesn't want the blog to stop, she's just saying slow down the firehose so ordinary people can drink. I'd try a few more worn out analogies, but I'll hold onto those for a radio program.

      How about one main blog topic a day? That way you can make sure it's quality each day and have some in the back pocket for when nothing really happens. Keep your ear to the ... no ... never mind.

    5. "Keep your ear to the ... no ... never mind."

      Ear to the what? What?

      [He almost slipped, comrades. He was going to reveal their sekrit information source, but caught himself in time.

      Darn. Enemies of the People can be so sneaky.]

    6. "P.S. Thanks Ben and Ed for defending me against these mean mean people "

      You didn't need defending because no one attacked you.

      If you'd put on your big girl pants and explained your first couple comments, instead of complaining you were "attacked"[LAME] we wouldn't be wondering why you're sending blog info to Yaney while pretending to be a critic of Yaney's friends.