Tuesday, June 18, 2013


At last!!  PROOF of a Democratic, er, Democrat PLOT!


First a word from Comrade Old Mole:

The 2-question survey doesn't include this information sent to members:

"The Thom Hartmann Show offers a live, non-commercial version that is FCC compliant for non-profit community stations. KBOO has the opportunity to air The Thom Hartmann Show live, Monday - Friday, between Noon - 3:00 PM. There is no cost to KBOO to air the program daily and KBOO would not be required to air commercials. KBOO would be able to air its own PSAs, underwriting, or community calendar during the program breaks.

"If KBOO were to add the program to the schedule, it would be broadcast live so Oregon listeners would be able to participate in the call-in segments of the show along with east coast listeners.

"If it is determined that adding Thom Hartmann to the daily afternoon schedule is in the best interest of our listeners, members, and station, it will not affect morning programs or the afternoon broadcast of Democracy Now.

"The change would affect programs currently airing between Noon - 4:00 pm weekdays. KBOO currently airs an eclectic mix of music programming Mondays, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays and Spanish language programming on Tuesday's, Noon-4:00 PM."

As Steve Nasser notes, that means the following programs would be eliminated or cut if the station adopts 15 hours per week of Hartmann...

Noontime Jamboree
Monday Sampler
Buscando America
Jazz Lives
A Jazz World
World Beat Connection
Movin' On
Song Circle
Roots of Rock & Roll

That would be TWELVE Locally Produced music & talk shows, including Spanish-language and Jazz programming, eliminated for Syndication.

The change would reduce the need for staffing and the opportunities for volunteers to learn radio hands-on.

Jim Dancingtrout points out Thom Hartmann is nationally syndicated and on FSTV, and won't let callers talk about cannabis reform.

Martha Odom observes of Hartmann's show,
'Most discussions began, "As I wrote in my book..." or "In my latest book, I wrote..."
'And the sudden axing of Heidi Tauber from his show is still nasty. I have not listened to him in recent time, but in previous exposure women were noticeably under represented.'

Wikipedia quotes Hartmann as describing himself as politically part of the "radical middle."

According to Hartmann's own site, his shows are currently aired in Oregon on Portland Community Media (pcmtv) and Multnomah Community Television / Metroeast Community Radio, among others, as well as available online streaming and via podcast.
Thom Hartmann on KBOO Community Radio? Survey
It get's thick in the comments:

  • 4 people like this.
  • Yaney Lee Ann MacIver I voted no. And I think that one playing of Democracy Now was enough. Wonder how Blue Oregon's Democrat take over of KBOO is going?
  • Chris Lowe Now, weren't we told that the problem with the current programming regime is that it underserves diverse ethnic constituencies?

    Comparison of that list of music shows with Thom Hartmann seems to call the honesty of the motives behind that accusation into question.
  • Paul William Dean I can't understand why people think Thom Hartmann is good. I voted NO!
See?  SEE?  This proves it!!

Yaney Lee Ann MacIver I voted no. And I think that one playing of Democracy Now was enough. Wonder how Blue Oregon's Democrat take over of KBOO is going?
 Blue Oregon will take over KBOO unless we do something to fight back those DEMOCRATS!

Thank you, comrade!  TO THE BARRICADES!!!!

-Meresa Titchell

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