Monday, June 24, 2013

Count Down to KBOOM Board Meeting! Part 2: Mark Sherman trys to woo Board Member, FALLOUT

It started in early June:
Sherman asks for info but didn't like the answer:

 Email from mark sherman>
Jun 11

The bylaws specify a personnel/governance/community advisory committee be one entity.

Is this not in conflict with the current committee structure either implemented by KBOO or specified in the BPM?

Reply from
Hadrian Micciche
Jun 11

Mark: There is no conflict, as the bylaws do not specify a personnel/governance/community advisory committee be one entity. They specify that:

(a) Program Committee. The Program Committee shall conduct ongoing evaluations of programming and programmers; evaluate program proposals; make recommendations concerning programming changes to the Program Director; and advise the Board of Directors regarding programming goals and issues. The Program Committee shall also serve as the corporation's Community Advisory Board. In that capacity, it shall review the programming goals established by the corporation, the service provided by the corporation, and the significant policy decisions rendered by the corporation; advise the Board of Directors with respect to whether the programming and other policies of the corporation are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served by the corporation; and make such recommendations as it considers appropriate to meet such needs.
(c) Personnel Committee. The personnel committee shall advise the board of directors regarding the corporation’s personnel policies and practices.

The By-Laws do not call for a Governance Committee. However:
Section 2. Standing Committees of Directors. Standing committees of Directors shall include but need not be limited to the following...

The Board Policy Manual created the Governance Committee as a Standing Committee.

Your understanding here of the By-Laws is entirely incorrect.
Don't tell the Inner party they are wrong.

From: mark sherman
Wednesday, June 12th, 4:16 PM

to Jill

Hi folks,

I would like to hear from all of you.

Jill Severson and I attend the governance committee meeting. There are five board members that sit on this committee: Matthew, Jeff, Rabia, Michael, and Hadrian (chair). As there was no quorum, there was no meeting. Hadrian was kind enough to discuss our concerns. Hadrian was the only board member to show up for this meeting--a committee he helped create in which members have no potential vote. It went down hill from here.

Hadrian spoke to us for over two hours, explaining his interpretation of how the board functions and how the bylaws and the new board policy manual are used to guide the board.

These are the most unsettling issues that Hadrian brought up

KBOO is not a member organization, but a public benefit corporation. The members pay their dues for a better Portland. Once we elect our board members they are under no obligation, legal or otherwise, to listen to any member. Our only option for input at board meetings, are two 10 minute public comment slots and through committees.

All of the current members who are concerned about KBOO's problems are organized by a select few programmers who are opposed to any change. None of us have valid concerns because we are manipulated by the few. He called us all "friends of the [kboo] staff", "incestuous", and "the kboo club". Hadrian: "Really what you have is a MOB."

The staff is unmanageable. At least 3 need to be fired. He said repeatedly that all staff need to be fired, when he stated, "Get me a new staff"... although when asked, it was clear he did not mean the Executive Director.

Hadrian will NOT support any effort where members ask the board to rescind the corporate oriented board policy manual. He sees himself as Gatekeeper and Knower of correct board policy as chair of the recently created governance committee, offering to educate us at his own [future] training.

 The membership votes for board members and can recall board members. This is one of our few forms of participation in governance at KBOO. Hadrian invited us to recall him. This is a good idea. Thanks Hadrian.

Even though Ms. Fitch said she would not make any programming changes, Hadrian stated this was incorrect, and he would work to correct that misconception.

He believes KBOO needs to recruit board members and advisory committee members from outside the organization. These people would be ethnically diverse leaders already established in the greater community, with a following. They would then advise KBOO as to who to put on the air. What would happen to the current, active programming committee is unclear. These outsider leaders can simply send in their membership dues just before they are appointed.

It is unacceptable to have anyone sit as a board member who has no respect for the KBOO membership or staff. I would call him hostile to the membership. All criticism is discounted as being controlled by a select few, "friends of (long-term) staff".

Now for the good news. Hadrian is running for another term on the board in September. We can do one of 3 things:

Ask the board to vote him off the island

Take up his kind offer to recall him immediately

Recall him at the next annual meeting

Please consider: If you want to recall Hadrian, it will take 20 - 30 volunteers working a few hours a day to gain sufficient signatures to call for a special meeting. Then we'll need to get 300 members show up and vote. It takes 2/3 of the members voting to recall a board member. Depending on how the next board meeting goes, we may need to ask more board members to step down.

See what you are missing by not going to committee meetings 8-)

Mark Sherman


I would never have believed anyone could say these things and be on a KBOO board. I am glad that Jill was there as well. The non-committee meeting was worse than this. These are simply the highlights.
According to Sherman he's been a member for 5 years , paying at $300/yr , yet  never once volunteered:
Mark Sherman. I'm a potential volunteer. Been a KBOO member for five years. And we paid $25 bucks a month until this shit started to happen. (audience laughs).
Sherman does however know how to email like no one's business and intends to rally the troops today:

 Subject: Re: KBOO Bd mtg this Monday - please RSVP
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2013 12:56:36 -0700
From: Keep Kboo
To: Keep Kboo

The following motions are being presented at the KBOO Board meeting on

Monday, June 24, 6pm at 20 SE 8th

Please show up to support!

*** Please RSVP to

From: Keep KBOO as KBOO

To: KBOO Board

RE: Motions for the KBOO Board June 24, 2013 Meeting


Two motions are listed below within the context of KBOO as a participatory-members radio station. It is our belief that a critical mass of the current board also supports the importance of membership participation in the workings of KBOO. Top down governance, a corporate style station, with an Executive Director with total power contradicts both the by-laws and the strategic plan while at the same time alienating a large portion of the current membership. In addition, sanitizing programming to make KBOO more attractive to corporate and foundation grantors, thus moving towards less controversial and "confrontational" programing by more mainstream voices is also offensive to a critical mass of KBOO’s membership. There is no doubt that current board members understand the history and the present reality at KBOO, and like the KBOO members, the board understands that the democratic ethos of the station, with evident ebbs and flows, has attracted a membership that wants to be involved and a staff that is creative as it and volunteer programmers present a real alternative to commercial and public radio in Oregon. We truly fear that the recent movement away from our democratic history will be the downfall of KBOO. Corresponding to that belief, we propose two motions that will help KBOO remain a membership centered station.


1. . Move to place the board policy manual in abeyance and refer it to the Personnel Committee as it violates the spirit of both the KBOO by-laws and strategic plan as well as the core values of KBOO. The committee would report its findings and recommendations to the board.

Outcomes: Passing this motion would provide the opportunity for the board and staff to actually work with the membership in constructing a policy manual through healthy membership participation in both membership/board meetings and through the KBOO committee structure. It would also provide the board with the opportunity to explain the rationale of their changes and allow questions and feedback from concerned members. All former policies would be re-instated in compliance to KBOO policies in effect prior to January 2013 during this time of abeyance with the Interim Executive Director becoming the Interim Station Manager, re-installation of just cause policy, re-institution of past staff benefits, and many other changes that have occurred through the new policy manual that are not supported by the by-laws or strategic plan. The board should issue a statement encouraging open communication between members, staff and the Board, and reaffirming the collaborative spirit at the heart of KBOO Community Radio.

2. In camaraderie with the KBOO membership, move for the KBOO board to commence good faith negotiations with the CWA.

Outcomes: Both the membership and members of the board have responded positively to the staff voting to unionize. It is important noting KBOO’s history, culture, and most importantly mission; for negotiations to be conducted quickly in the spirit of KBOO. This is essential for the health of the board leading the participatory-membership.

Then he, like the rest of us all discovered Hadrian was defector/traitor "Richard Smith" and Sherman gave up trying to woo him:

 from: Lisa Loving
to: Hadrian Micciche
cc: Kathleen Stephenson ,
Jenka Soderberg ,,,,,
theresa mitchell ,
Lynn Fitch ,
Blair Bobier
date: Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 9:58 AM
subject: RE: The disintegration of the KBOO Board//lawsuit?.

"Hadrian now I notice that the array of emails in the fake email someone sent out to the media yesterday is exactly the same array you have here in your email, in the same order. That email that went out yesterday was inflamatory, had inaccuracies and was designed to smear my reputation within my own community. It was sent by someone with a fake identity.
Looks like that person is you?
Hadrian I have an attorney and I am going to sit down with him about this and show him what I have. We may be contacting you.

 from: Lisa Loving
to: Hadrian Micciche ,
cc: [The Board]
date: Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 10:06 AM
subject: Re: KBOO board member Lisa Loving asks for people to hack website?//sent to my attorney

I went ahead and forwarded this to my attorney, Hadrian. Now that I know you are the fake Richard Smith who concocted this fake email to smear my reputation. FYI. Thank you. 

If only Mark Sherman had been warned in time that he was really talking to "Richard Smith"!!!

Guess we know who's not going to sit next to each other at the table tonight!!!!!



  1. Let's Get Ready To RUMMMBBBLLLLEEEEE!!!!!!!

    1. Keith Jackson ... SWEET football ref

  2. mark sherman

    Sunday, June 23rd, 10:11 PM

    Fellow workers, listeners, friends, and KBOO members,

    First the great board news:

    KBOO's monthly board meeting will take place tomorrow evening at 6:00pm. The board reserved larger meeting room at the "Dream Box" space behind KBOO at the Jupitor Hotel. The Jupitor Hotel is located at 800 E Burnside St. Please consider attending. As there will only be 10 minutes for public comments at the beginning and end of the meeting, you may wish to submit written comments. You may also email them directly to Board president S. W. Conser at . (I don't know what S. W. stands for 8-)

    I believe there will be significant discussions regarding the current board policy manual, interim board appointments, executive director reports, and other significant issues. I am hopeful something positive will result from these discussions.

    Second, Thom Hartmann:

    I have received many emails regarding the Thom Hartmann show which range of opinions from "sounds great" to "no thanks". All of the comments raised great points. The programming committee would love to hear from you. Send your comments regarding Thom and the survey to . The programming committee is great. They are open, welcoming, and very well run. The programming committee meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm at your member supported volunteer run radio station.

    There will be an effort to provide cookies. You are welcome to bring something to share.



    I just took my first training class; Intro to Studio and Audio Production. Briana was a great instructor. Armando, one of my KBOO favorites, was hosting his Sunday Tejano/Conjunto program in the next room. Does life get any better? Get hooked up and volunteer for something.

  3. "Robert's Rules Of Order is the greatest book ever written."

    Mayor Richard J. Daley

    How is parliamentary procedure handled at KBOO board meetings?

    Given the level of disagreement, one can certainly envision disputes over whether motions are in order or out of order. How are disputes over parliamentary procedure handled in the meeting?

  4. Glorious Leader provides a new comment on Indymedia, pointing out that Traitor Hadrian probably helped sell a community radio station in Seattle twenty-nine years ago, and has been doubtless been biding his time, waiting for the opportunity to do it again!

    Traitor Hadrian is no more than a saboteur and a wrecker!

    Glorious Leader:

    "It is clear, now, with Hadrian's false charges outlined in the article above, and with his attempt to create fraudulent regulatory attention, that he wishes to destroy the Station. Is this because he is not getting his way, or was it the plan all along?"

    1. "and with his attempt to create fraudulent regulatory attention, that he wishes to destroy the Station. "

      Hold on. Glorious Leader is saying HADRIAN is trying to destroy the station because the Prez's incompetence might get KBOO in trouble with agencies? Isn't that prof CONCH is trying to destroy the station? By her logic?

    2. Glorious Leader's full comment in all it's glory for those avoiding Indy:

      Beginning of the end? I don't think so.... 24.Jun.2013 13:16
      Theresa Mitchell

      KRAB radio in Seattle was once a flourishing community radio station--one of Lorenzo Milam's projects, just as KBOO was. In 1984, however, the KRAB Board decided to sell off its transmitter, deciding that it was impossible to raise enough funds for its operation. KRAB became a memory. Information on the sellout is sketchy and incomplete, but it is clear that Hadrian Micciche was involved at KRAB at the time. link to Hadrian and Paula have made statements at the Board to the effect that the KBOO Foundation is not obligated to have a transmitter 'in order to fullfill our obligation as a media resource center.'

      "...Tom Robbins' unforgettable Sat. night show 'Notes From the Underground'. KRAB's free-form, ultra-eclectic format was a revelation, an education and an inspiration. Lorenzo deserves recognition as a pioneer of community radio nationwide, and a true hero in the greening of Puget Sound culture in particular....."
      link to

      Was Hadrian a part of the decision to sell?

      Some may be unaware that it is possible for the Board to put the transmitter up for sale, effectively ending local community radio. This Board, unfortunately, under the influence of Treasurer Paula Small and Hadrian, has given full executive authority to an Executive Director, as if KBOO were some for-profit retailer. KBOO has even taken on a corporate boilerplate Board Policy Manual that forbids Board members from expressing dissenting views in public. The result has been a crash in Staff morale (after an attempted mass firing), a substantial (yet manageable) financial difficulty following the cancellation of the Winter Membership Drive, and the appearance of bitterly opposed factions. It is clear, now, with Hadrian's false charges outlined in the article above, and with his attempt to create fraudulent regulatory attention, that he wishes to destroy the Station. Is this because he is not getting his way, or was it the plan all along?

      KBOO members will indeed be attending tonight. That's not a bad thing--it's the participatory paradigm that created KBOO as it is today. I predict that Hadrian's exaggerated and false accusations ( ) will fall flat, and that KBOO will (of course) endure. (I must trust to KBOO members for that, as I must be at work this evening.) If the level of attendance feels rancorous to some, it will feel empowering to anyone who cares about moving forward with people-controlled media.

    3. Glorious Leader provided somewhat more detail in her post on SaveKBOO.

      In particular:

      "KRAB became a memory. Information on the sellout is sketchy and incomplete, but it is clear that Hadrian Micciche was involved at KRAB at the time. "

      You have to admire somebody who is perusing 1978 radio program guides, in order to prove that someone who had a radio program in 1978 could have been involved in a 1984 sale of a radio station, in order to prove that someone was fomenting a conspiracy to sell a different radio station in 2013.

      What would we do without Glorious Leader to explain all this to us?

  5. A Community Advisory Board is typically not from volunteers and members, but serves the purpose of making sure the station gets input from the larger "Community" or the potential listeners in the area served. Such boards are usually appointed and only meet occasionally to provide input from a non-insider viewpoint. For examples, look at other larger community radio stations and you'll find most have a CAB and list who the people are and what their role in community is. OPB although public radio and not community radio also has one.

    It's not clear if KBOO is actually required to have this committee. As KBOO no longer is large enough to qualify for a grant from CPB, and as having a CAB is a requirement of getting CPB funds, I doubt KBOO needs a CAB legally now (although it might be helpful). However, pretending the Program Committee can serve the same function as a CAB is a joke. The Program Committee is only made of insiders (you get on the committee by continuing to show up), it doesn't have appointed people from the larger community, and it's too closely tied to station operations to be an independent voice.

  6. Quick, make a decision, you have 5 hoursJune 24, 2013 at 4:18 PM

    n Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 12:27 PM, Lyn Moelich wrote:

    Bruce Silverman
    Eugene Bradley
    Jody De La Vergne
    Mark Sherman
    Sue Bartlett

    Committee members
    Rabia Yeaman
    Lisa Loving
    Lyn Moelich
    Paula Small for the last 1/2 hour

    The members in attendance considered applications for people who wanted
    to be appointed to the KBOO Foundation Board of Directors, there are three
    seats to be filled left vacant by Marc Brown, Damon Turner and John Mackey.

    Seven people wanted to be considered
    Joe Uris, Mark Sherman, Ben Hoyne, Timothy Welp, Dennis Nyback, Sue
    Bartlett and Llewelyn Fillmore

    Rabia, Lisa and Lyn interviewed the applicants that were present,
    Joe Uris, Mark Sherman and Sue Bartlett

    Questions included, but were not limited to

    -would you throw out the new policy manuel
    -what do you you bring to the KBOO board
    -why do you want to be on the board
    -how do you handle conflict
    -how would you contribute to fundraising for the foundation

    The public left the room and the members (including Paula Small) debated
    and chose three candidates
    Mark Sherman, Llewelyn Fillmore and Timothy Welp ...
    pending reference checking and some phone veting.

    We will be having KBOO in the Park at Peninsula Park on Sat. Aug 25

    The annual meeting will be held on Sat. Sept. 14 , hopefully at Matt
    Dishman Community Center

    Meeting adjourned at 8:30

    1. "Rabia, Lisa and Lyn interviewed the applicants that were present,
      Joe Uris, Mark Sherman and Sue Bartlett"

      The hell is Lisa doing shit there? In a real organization she'd be suspended pending an investigation after her stunt(s) this week. At the very least recluse herself given her conflict of interest ON RECORD against Ben Hoyne.