Saturday, June 22, 2013

Comrade Lisa Loving to file LOLsuit! Hacking! Cracking! OH MY!

 [for more on lolsuits read here]

Comrade Lisa "Hacking" Loving tries to say she never meant to "crack" a website, she just wanted to hack a website to know who was behind it.   Never mind that, in that context, what she means IS CRACKING.  Even Wikipedia acknowledges people who do and don't know what they're talking about(Comrade Loving) mix the two up:
 In the computer security context, a hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer network. Hackers may be motivated by a multitude of reasons, such as profit, protest, or challenge.[1] The subculture that has evolved around hackers is often referred to as the computer underground and is now a known community.[2] While other uses of the word hacker exist that are not related to computer security, such as referring to someone with an advanced understanding of computers and computer networks,[3] they are rarely used in mainstream context. They are subject to the long standing hacker definition controversy about the true meaning of the term hacker. In this controversy, the term hacker is reclaimed by computer programmers who argue that someone breaking into computers is better called a cracker,[4] not making a difference between computer criminals (black hats) and computer security experts (white hats).[5] Some white hat hackers claim that they also deserve the title hacker, and that only black hats should be called crackers.
EDIT: The FBI will not be impressed.  They seem to agree "hacking" is a criminal activity:
New York Man Sentenced to 41 Months in Prison for Hacking AT&T’s Servers  
Stole E-mail Addresses and Personal Information Belonging to 120,000 Apple iPad 3G Subscribers; Disclosed Information to Internet Magazine

U.S. Attorney’s Office March 18, 2013     District of New Jersey (973) 645-2888 
 NEWARK, NJ—The head of a self-described “security research” hacking group was sentenced today to 41 months in prison for breaching AT&T’s servers, stealing e-mail addresses and other personal information belonging to approximately 120,000 Apple iPad users, and disclosing that information to an Internet magazine, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.

Comrade Loving's spin is desperate,  because, professional hacking she refers to is done by "professionals".  Who is not her friend's kid.  And if that had really been her meaning, she would have clarified in the voluminous Facebook comments that followed.  Also, Our Glorious leader wouldn't be glossing over her misguided Facebook request as "The first accusation refers to an attempt to discover an anonymous blogger. If that's illegal activity, then all journalists are criminals."

Another point:  if it was so innocent, why out Richard Smith?  Did she bother to explain that she didn't mean cracking?  Her outing of a Party members only makes sense if she knew she was caught soliciting help with a felony and wanted to punish cadre as an example.

Comrade Lisa Loving explains:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Lisa Loving
Date: Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 8:46 AM
Subject: The harassing "satire" website

Ben look, I know it's fun to troll around, but as I start drilling down into this Save KBOO from Save KBOO site -- I came to it late -- I can't help noticing that at the very top it references Happy Valley, as in"Then start packing for the Happy Valley Reeducation Center, where we guarantee ALL Party Members WILL be HAPPY."

Ben, YOU live in Happy Valley. Is this your site? It has numerous links to your writings and your other websites posted in the blogroll, implying that you condone this harassment. I have an attorney and I am actively looking into whoever is defaming me in this matter. I am turning all your materials over to my attorney who is empowered to use law enforcement to look up IP addresses--now that's something civilians are not really able to do but the law can do it if a complaint is filed.

Now it's true that "hacking" as a term is debated, but it is not actually illegal, (what is illegal is 'cracking' but I'm just going to let you look that up). If "hacking" were strictly illegal then tens of thousands of people would be imprisoned including all the people who go to respected conferences every year like this one It just happens that source codes for websites are in fact open for anyone to look at and people do it all the time; there is info in the source code that IDs in one way or another who runs the site.

Ben, you have a job and a family. Hadrian is a crazy doosh but don't you understand that people like you are the ones who really get burned in situations like this? I mean come on. I am going to stop scratching into this because I do not see any value in harming your life career or ability to make a living. But if the harassment continues I will proceed with legal action. 

The other thing, and I want to be clear here because I think you are young and ignorant, is that it is possible -- completely legally -- to suss out the ID of bloggers across platforms where they have multiple sites or administer them, such as all the blog links you have on the dreadful yellow on white type site, and whichever computers you have at YOUR JOB. Dude use your common sense. I am not a hacker but eventually you will piss off someone who is if you don't stop. You understand that right? And once the curtains are opened you can say, It was satire, but that will NOT IMPRESS YOUR BOSSES AT WORK. Right?

This has happened before in the history of KBOO in a staff harassment incident BY A FORMER BOARD MEMBER in which that former board member created a fake email and harassed the staff, was ID'd AT WORK through the IP address she used to send the emails. She was convicted of a felony and lost her job.

Dude I don't dislike you but you are being used like a stooge right now and you are in over your head. The fact that all your links are listed on the blogroll shows you support the harassment of innocent people. What would your bosses think of that? Your job is political -- MAN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?
Thank you.

"What the hell are you thinking" is a very apt way of describing the following Facebook thread.  Luckily the Traitor Hoyne is still around to blame.  Enjoy reading cadre!   -MT

[images soon when the whole damn piece is Photoshopped together]

Does anybody know how to hack into a Blogspot blog to find out who is doing it? I have come across a particularly cruel blog that is trashing people at KBOO and I would like to know who's doing it. Lemme know, thank you.

  • Noah Hibiscus Eaton If so, I too am curious who is assuming the alias "Meresa Titchell".

    Honestly, if the blog were retooled in refraining from not-quite-disguised personal attacks and name-dropping..........I would appreciate it a lot more as some online faux-journalism
    answer to "The UBU Hour". Because while I don't like the caustic tone behind a lot of the content there, I nonetheless understand the need for a counterpart from all the maligning of the Station Navigator (as much as I do strongly disagree with some of her decisions) and the need not to diminish the fact the station has long grappled with financial issues.

    But as it sits right now, the blog is just too menacing for me. It lacks a constructive purpose. There are some points made here and there that I consider well-taken, but they are dampened by the messanger.

  • Lisa Loving Yup. Yellow type? Dude it's unreadable. Plus mean to completely innocent people. Go ahead and trash board members and even staff people I guess. But the folks who just come in and answer phones during the drive? Hell naw.
  • Noah Hibiscus Eaton I only got through five of the entries, but saw the one you just shared and that blog entry was way below the belt!

  • Lupin Gloria Morgan teresa mitchell?

  • Yaney Lee Ann MacIver Ah I'm known as Comrade Yaney in this major LOL. These folks must not have real employment or a life either. Well Comrade Lisa I wish you a pleasant evening. Hum who is/are the most likely suspects? No, it's not Theresa, they are dissing her as well.
  • Noah Hibiscus Eaton I haven't volunteered at the station in years, but in the event my name pops up and makes a cameo appearance in their commentary, I hope my code name is Two-Headed Snake!

  • Lisa Loving You know what? Press Watch knows who puts in tough volunteer hours and actually helps with things. She can be a harsh judge but she knows who pitches in.

  • Greg Bye That's hilarious! Does that make me famous?

  • Noah Hibiscus Eaton Wow! I did it! I cracked the blog!

    And the hacker is none other than.....................EDWARD SNOWDEN?!!!!! O__O O__O O__O


    Nah, he would never qualify as the frequent all-caps type!

  • Yaney Lee Ann MacIver Well, I hope we use all of this attention @ the next Membership Drive. Who can come up with the most creative scripts for this? "Hi, it's Comrade Yaney here saying you all Keep KBOOsters, and y'all Keep KBOO from Keep KBOOsters,, and All of Blue Oregon; let's have a contest as to who can contribute the most!" And then we keep three charts as to who does!

Press Watch I'm quite flattered by the "savekboofromsavekboo" attention, and particularly proud of the "Bulldog Mitchell" appellation. I've refrained from public comment for a week or so, though, and I haven't had anything to say about Thom Hartmann. So: I think he's awesome. I don't necessarily share all of his ideology, but he is not a knee-jerk Obama supporter, as some have implied. Note his call for impeachment: ...His programs would be a great addition to KBOO, though I don't think it's right to wipe out the Tuesday Spanish-language programming, especially since that programming has already been cut back over the years.

Press Watch There are other things to ponder, too, before bringing in more non-local programming. Hartmann has the name recognition to draw listeners on the Web. So, though as I said, he'd be a great addition, we should probably hold off. As to whether the Tuesday Latino programming is up to snuff (mentioned on pdxIndy), the question should be what Latino programming should replace it, not whether to wipe it out, without input from the Latino community. So the proposal from the Navigator seems typically tone-deaf, in that regard. And one more thing: there is constant chatter on Indymedia claiming that radicals like myself are intolerant of other views. I am sharply critical of other views, but that isn't the same as intolerance, and I haven't tried to purge anyone from KBOO air, ever, for not agreeing with my ideology; nor has Ani; it simply has never happened. That's an example of pure projection by the claimants. I do say that KBOO must be retained as a last and only haven for radical dissent, and that is because the remainder of the ideological spectrum is better represented everywhere else on the dial. Calling for fairness for my own community's views is not the same as denying fairness for all others.

Gwendolyn Rose Tracking the ISP can be several levels or almost no level of difficulty. It depends on how they are set up. My son may be interested in assisting an NPO. Would you like me to ask? If he agrees I will give him your contact info. Please pm me.

  • Eugene Johnson I hate cowards who hide behind technology and don't fight in the open. Fighting like a coward takes away pretty much all credibility. Too bad Shusli and I are missing out on all the fun...JUST KIDDING! We're quite happy and content.

  • Greg Bye From what I have been hearing this morning, The Hartmann Show as KBOO's cash cow is a fait accompli. Of course, I am far from an insider.

  • Steve Nassar Don't forget the Starbucks!!!

Let's prove everyone understood Loving used "hacker" in the sense of CRACKING:

Noah Hibiscus Eaton "Wow! I did it! I cracked the blog!"



  1. Traitor Ben's feeble alleged rebuttal:

    "Wow, always great to get accusations hurled at me as I drink my Saturday morning coffee.
    Lisa's accusations are obviously unfounded as I am not afraid to put my name to a blog post."

  2. Lisa Loving's "research" links:
    22 Jun 07:51:42
    22 Jun 07:52:19
    22 Jun 07:59:15
    22 Jun 08:20:18 (Exit Link)

  3. Thanks for posting, I'm glad this email is being made public. I've sent it to various board of directors, including the Board President. Hopefully, this type of behavior will not be permitted.
    To clarify, I didn't engage Lisa at all regarding any issues pertaining to hacking, etc. I posted no comments on any of it.
    I've been focused on two things, getting more members to vote in the upcoming election, and trying to get transparency on the legal fees incurred by Board President SW Conser. The allegations she hurled at me in an email this morning were out of left field. I've never had an issue with Lisa, and really I still don't. It's obvious she's upset by this and is reaching for a person to blame. Somehow, either of her own volition or with the encouragement of others, she targeted me as the "wizard behind the curtain" at this blog here. Obviously anyone that has followed this blog for a while, knows that is not the case.

    1. "It's obvious she's upset by this and is reaching for a person to blame."

      The Iron Rice Bowl club thinks responsibility is for other people.

    2. You should pass the email on to the media as well. Combined with Hadrian's e-mail, it might convince some of the larger news outlets in town that this is a newsworthy story.

      Only someone who lives in Happy Valley could ever possibly make fun of the name "Happy Valley"! It's proof-positive!

    3. "Combined with Hadrian's e-mail, it might convince some of the larger news outlets in town that this is a newsworthy story."

      Agreed. The financial incompetence issues are equally important. Conser represents the out of control incompetence at the helm. Loving represents the controlling toxic culture that allows the incompetence to thrive.

      They BOTH need to go.

    4. >>The allegations she hurled at me in an email this morning were out of left field.

      That's because she's a nut.
      I want to know how someone exhibiting signs of a borderline personality disorder got on the KBOO board. Or got a "professional media" rep for that matter. Is the Skanner runs by a schizo clique too?

  4. Also, a quick note. I sent this email to a lawyer familiar with KBOO for their opinion. Here's their response regarding Lisa's legal claims. I really don't care either way, since my hands are clean. But, I'm posting if others are curious.
    The lawyers views are below (disclaimer, anyone can find a lawyer to say anything, so neither this statement nor any other legal claims really matter):

    (She) is incorrect that an attorney can use law enforcement to get IP addresses. The attorney would, at least, need a court order to get that information. Also, hacking can be a crime as can solicitation to commit hacking.

    1. "disclaimer, anyone can find a lawyer to say anything, so neither this statement nor any other legal claims really matter"

      True, but it confirms both Wikipedia and what most people in her Facebook feed defended until they found out they had an audience.

    2. Just trying to fend off the "I spoke to a real-estate lawyer from Saskatoon at the free law clinic and he told me that..."

    3. Hey, I talked to that guy too! Buyer's remorse, dude....harsh.

  5. One more thing, yes I live in Happy Valley, but I'm not thrilled about it. My wife and I moved here a few months ago to save money to buy a house in Portland proper, hopefully in 2014. Too much traveling the world in the 20s, not enough saving, c'est la vie.
    Anywho, the last thing I would do is call attention to the fact that I live in Happy Valley. I am close to Pendarvis Farm at least!
    Lisa makes several statements that are inaccurate as she grasps at straws. Among those is that my job is political, it is not. I won't address the rest, as I'd be here all night.
    I can only guess that the email she sent me serves as proof of what happens when someone publicly oppose the status quo, I mean "inner party".

    1. Just ask Winston Smith!

    2. "yes I live in Happy Valley, but I'm not thrilled about it."

      All comrades in Happy Valley WILL be Happy!

  6. Inner Party projection:

    "but don't you understand that people like you are the ones who really get burned in situations like this?"

    Sounds like she's talking about setting people up from personal experience. Hmmm... everyone remember Joe Uris set up for outrage over "pinko commie" T-shirt? How many volunteers have these people manipulated? It's shit like this that's sick to read.

    1. I was stuck at "Hadrian is a crazy doosh ". This crazy chick sees herself as a master manipulator or something.

      "But if the harassment continues I will proceed with legal action. "

      What harassment? Quoting her and laughing at her stupidity is harassment?

      Protip lady: don't say stupid shit and people won't laugh at you.

    2. Apparently, she thinks this blog is harassing her, and she feels I am behind this blog. Either that or the yellow background on the blog is harassing her, I'm still trying to clarify.

    3. ""but don't you understand that people like you are the ones who really get burned in situations like this?"

      Nice little life you've got there. Hate to see anything happen to it...

  7. I like the part where someone thinks Merisa Titchell IS Theresa Mitchell.

  8. Ben is Richard Smith? I'm so relieved! And confused. Because I heard from a reliable source that I'm Richard Smith!

    Here's the deal. I got a copy of the "Richard Smith" email sent to me. All of the KBOO Board did, (even the doosh division). So my reply to all the Board was "This is wonderful. Now I have the email addresses needed to invite these media people to the next Board meeting, where we will be discussing..." (I won't rehash my media invite).

    It was a long list of addresses. So I did a cut and paste of the group of email addresses from the Richard Smith email into the recipient field of my email. For example (I feel I should make a video of this for the technologically illiterate)

    To: "" , "" , "" , "" , ""
    Cc: "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , ""

    Presto! Copy pasta!

    Then I get this email:
    from: Lisa Loving
    to: Hadrian Micciche
    cc: Kathleen Stephenson ,
    Jenka Soderberg ,,,,,
    theresa mitchell ,
    Lynn Fitch ,
    Blair Bobier
    date: Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 9:58 AM
    subject: RE: The disintegration of the KBOO Board//lawsuit?.

    "Hadrian now I notice that the array of emails in the fake email someone sent out to the media yesterday is exactly the same array you have here in your email, in the same order. That email that went out yesterday was inflamatory, had inaccuracies and was designed to smear my reputation within my own community. It was sent by someone with a fake identity.
    Looks like that person is you?
    Hadrian I have an attorney and I am going to sit down with him about this and show him what I have. We may be contacting you.
    Then she copied and pasted the email address array at the end of her email.

    Let me repeat that. She COPIED and PASTED the same email array that Richard Smith used.

    So, is Richard Smith me? Or her? Or are we both really Ben? If thats true, it will be a big shock to folks out at Happy Valley -- including Ben's wife I would imagine.

    Then I get this:
    from: Lisa Loving
    to: Hadrian Micciche ,
    cc: [The Board]
    date: Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 10:06 AM
    subject: Re: KBOO board member Lisa Loving asks for people to hack website?//sent to my attorney

    I went ahead and forwarded this to my attorney, Hadrian. Now that I know you are the fake Richard Smith who concocted this fake email to smear my reputation. FYI. Thank you.

    My reply: "I understand your need for an attorney Lisa, but it should not be too learn how to cut and paste an array of email addresses."

    I see now that the very next day she was going after Ben with much better evidence. The Happy Valley Re-education Camp. And yellow.

    Hey! Isn't that racist?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. "Now that I know you are the fake Richard Smith who concocted this fake email to smear my reputation."

      I wonder what this horrible awful email said. It must have been pretty bad for her attorney to care. Or is she saying the email itself is fake? In which case WTF is the problem?

    3. Comrade Red PantsJune 23, 2013 at 7:10 AM

      "I understand your need for an attorney Lisa"

      OUCH!!! That had to burn!

    4. We're all Richard Smith.

      Funny, there's this thing going round like something in the water. A intense desire to (what's it called ... pasta?) cut and paste all the crap before and call it proof positive. That's what Theresa was doing on Indymedia to "prove" I'm anti-Palestinian (easily caught and exposed by multiple people) and that's the actual content method used by another KBOO personality years ago in emails sent to hundreds (thousands?) of attorneys in the state of Oregon to defame me.

      Don't people actually read what they're re-posting?

      I'd scream "what's this world coming to" but what's the point anymore?

      PS ... I've been to Happy Valley. I even tested the water quality there once or twice. Don't let anyone know!

    5. Comrade Red PantsJune 23, 2013 at 7:40 PM

      FYI this is probably bullshit:

      "I went ahead and forwarded this to my attorney, Hadrian."

      Blog traffic logs show many people, including Glorious Leader, Loving, RN, and other Inner Party members. But, as of late Friday, only one visitor from a business ISP. No one from an ISP connected to a law office or doing searches that would jive with Loving's claims. The blog would be the first thing a real lawyer would check since that's the source of her "harassment" claims.

      We'll see.

  9. Someone needs to stop being Lisa Loving's water carrier:

    23 Jun 03:12:56
    23 Jun 03:13:23 (Exit Link)
    23 Jun 03:26:44

    At least they're researching memes they don't understand.

  10. ""Now that I know you are the fake Richard Smith who concocted this fake email to smear my reputation."

    Interesting that she claims that the e-mail is "fake". Is she claiming that the text of the e-mail (the Facebook discussion of hacking into this blog) is not accurate? Or does she think that being accurately quoted constitutes defamation?

    1. Party Meme CommiteeJune 23, 2013 at 7:21 AM

      "Or does she think that being accurately quoted constitutes defamation?"

      BINGO! See macro at top.

    2. >>Or does she think that being accurately quoted constitutes defamation?

      No, just leaking it outside the Inner Party.

  11. LOL. Among the groups Lisa belongs to on LinkedIn is "CyberSleuths".

    I hope this isn't a representative example of her super-sekrit "CyberSleuthing".

    The fact that she belongs to a "CyberSleuth" group does tend to imply that when she asks people for help "to hack into a Blogspot blog", she knew exactly what she was asking for.

  12. Well, the suspect on Thursday was Richard Smith.

    Friday's suspect was Ben Hoyne.

    Saturday's suspect was Hadrian Micciche.

    I wonder who today's suspect will be?

    Suspicion Breeds Confidence, Comrades!

    1. People are outraged by the "Commie Pinko" t-shirt. Just wait until they learn about the days of the week Richard Smith underpants.