Friday, June 7, 2013


Our Glorious leader is so GLORIOUS!  And insightful!  And mmmm  STUFF!

Because SAVING KBOO from Fitch's Forces of Doom means saving PAPER WORK!

Less recycling!  Less membership!  Our Leader's awe inspiring plan:

to Ben 06.Jun.2013 20:45


Well in that case Ben, if it's only about helping KBOO, why not buy one membership, one vote, for say $60/year, and save KBOO the paperwork for say, two kids? The cat is already out of the bag that you want to be President of the Board, hence your condemnations of the current President. I've never seen anyone campaign so hard for it, and it is happening in the midst of a power struggle. For all I know you'd be a great President, but given the context, I will vote for someone else.

Everything changed that morning in April, when it came out that the Treasurer and the Executive Director (at least) attempted--really, lunged--to fire every member of the Staff. If I had any doubts that KBOO was facing another corporatization attempt, that ended it. That was ugly. It will take years to recover the esprit de corps that is so essential to growth.

Theresa's vision is SWEEPING in it's simplicity!!   Instead of 5,000 KBOO members, we could have 2,500!   Or 1,666.66!  MORE donations mean LESS members!  We could save kboo MORE paperwork if EACH member gave $1000!!!!!  That would only be FIVE(5) members!!! Without losing on cent of our current revenue!!!!!

FIVE members, comrades!!!   Think of the TREES you'll be saving!!  AMIRITE????

This is the VISION KBOO needs to steer it into the Radio Worker's Paradise of TOMORROW!!

-Meresa Titchell


  1. Sorry, Traitor Hoyne has already let the cat out of the bag, with his treasonous post on BlueOregon. Representative quotes:

    "For the past many years, even decades, KBOO has been controlled by a shrinking number of people"

    "At KBOO, people have not been showing up at the polls for years and the quality of radio, along with community support, has suffered."

    "In addition to losing democratic participation, KBOO has been losing members annually, down to just over 5,000 presently."

    ..and worst of all:

    "If you’ve never had the pleasure of living in a town with a great community radio station, you’re missing out."

    The fact is, if it simply continued to be up to paid staff to run things, KBOO would be absolutely perfect! Who cares that no one listens to KBOO?

    Traitor Hoyne's evil plan to broaden the membership and make KBOO more relevant to Portland should be fought fiercely! He should only be allowed to recruit new members, if those members pledge to help fire the evil Fitch, and never, never, never, challenge the status quo.

    After all, the important people at KBOO have been associated with the station for decades! Newish interlopers should know their place, and not suggest any changes for twenty years or so!

    1. Democratic CadreJune 7, 2013 at 12:32 PM


      1) Take control of KBOO by secret meeting
      2) Plan special meeting to take KBOO away from board
      3) Create special class of member (new member)
      4) Only members who voted in last election get a ballot
      5) Don't tell anyone about secret plan
      6) Get rid of EVIL FITCH and all her minions
      7) Create new PSA's extolling the virtue of KBOO

      Just don't let anyone see the secret plan

    2. Great idea, Comrade!

      Obviously, we need to impose a six month membership requirement before allowing new members to vote, to keep these new evil interlopers from taking control of ***our*** radio station!

  2. Party Finance AdviserJune 9, 2013 at 9:20 AM

    Comrade, UAMWRONG. You wrote :
    Theresa's vision is SWEEPING in it's simplicity!! Instead of 5,000 KBOO members, we could have 2,500! Or 1,666.66! MORE donations mean LESS members! We could save kboo MORE paperwork if EACH member gave $1000!!!!! That would only be FIVE(5) members!!! Without losing on cent of our current revenue!!!!!

    Five members giving $1,000 would only be $5,000. KBOO's 2010 revenue was $617,000. Estimating downwards for falling donations, gives a nice round working figure of $500,000. Meaning five(5) members would have to donate $100,000 each to fund KBOO.

    The good news is we learned from the Fitch Lynch Mob Meeting that we have at least 200 loyal cadre. They need to immediately pony up $2,500. Then we can take over the Party, er..station AND barely keep it on financial life support indefinitely.