Thursday, June 27, 2013

Comrade Nassar outs Traitor Rabia as Enemy of the People

This breaking news comes from Comrade Lisa "Hacker" Loving's "hack this blog" Facebook post:

  • Steve Nassar As long as we're on the topic of Insulting Behavior, here's a Prime Example of what *I* consider to be Insulting Behavior...

    Another thing I do for KBOO is Board Op Talk Radio 4 days per week. This week, on 3 out of 4 of them, I had to play a recordi
    ng of our Station Manager telling us that we have "...No Access To Progressive Talk Radio In Portland..."

    Wait for it...

    As INTRO to KBOO's Locally Produced, Live, Progressive Talk Radio Shows. On the fourth show, I played it as OUTRO, rather than Intro.

    Now, THAT is Rude and Insulting Behavior.
  • Steve Nassar Here's my prediction... If we allow Hartman to replace 15 hours of Locally Produced Programing, soon thereafter, our 8:00 AM Local Talk Radio Shows, all of 'em, will be declared "Redundant" and replaced. So, we're *really* talkin' 'bout 20 hours, not 15 hours, of Local Programing getting trashed. Sneaky, eh wot?

    Replaced With What, one might ask? Why, with more Syndicated Clear Channel Claptrap, and each iteration will be milder than the last. The First Step in taming Little Beirut is to tame the only truly Progressive Community Radio Station Little Beirut has to offer. Ho Hum.

    Once we've replaced all or most of our Locally Produced Content with stuff that is either Downloaded or Automated, we'll *Finally* be able to fire all them pesky Staff Persons that keep getting in the way of "Progress." Progressive, yes?
  • Steve Nassar If I were to hazard a guess, based on color scheme, design elements, and overall presentation, I would guess this to be the HTML Coding Style of someone named Rabia.

Pics or didn't happen?  HAPPENED!

Questions arise about an impeding Inner Party Purge .  The deeper scandal is that Comrade Rabia is a Facebook friends with BOTH Glorious Leader and Ani:

Can no one be trusted in these troubled times?  Apparently NOT!

BTW, is it true Comrade Nassar is a kid of an Inner Party member?  If so he's a chip off the old Stalinist block!

Suspicions does indeed breed confidence, Comrades! 

Thank you Comrade Nassar for outing Traitor Rabia's color scheme, design elements and presentation swiped from Glorious Leader's blog! 

The logical conclusion that Traitor Rabia is also responsible for designing Glorious Leader's blog, of which this is a parody, is proof of how far the treachery goes!  

Down with Traitor Rabia!  Down with Yellow Blogs!  down with Glorious Leader, er...   ignore that last.

-Meresa Titchell


  1. You are not publicizing Glorious Leader's show, starting in fifteen minutes, Comrade!

    Report to the Cave Junction Isolation Camp!

    1. Reporting from Cave Junction:

      Boy is it isolated here! But we get to hear Glorious Leader's program played non-stop day and night! We are so privileged! And this comment is totally not written under duress!

    2. Glorious Leader:

      "Back when I was a guy, I got married to a dyke to bamboozle the corporations because we might need to...and as it turned out we really did need to... just in the last couple years it really came in handy...."

      Sticking it to the "Man" over Gay marriage rights is one thing. But maybe Glorious Leader shouldn't be making a public record of "bamboozling" organizations with deep packets. Just saying.

    3. Presswatch rambles about Global Warming around 8:10 "

      "The global warming disaster that time forgot!...
      it was just this week calgary alberta canada hello?
      but it seems to have fallen off the face of the earth as far as US media is concerned. I say that because at least 100, 000 people have been evacuated....this is a sampling of news article along with my confusion this is not a story...
      could it be because that it really points to global warming?........ And the lack of priority US news coverage."

      No US coverage?

      Hey,someone tell Theresa to check CNN and USA Today:

      THAT WAS 5-6 DAYS AGO!

      It's time the so called "journalists" be kept to a standard.

  2. The Rabia comments aren't there now.

    Clearly Rabia is Hadrian. NO Hadrian is Rabia. No Rabia is Winston/Richard Smith no Merisa is Ben Hadrian/Rabia Smith no wait I'm so confused.

    Clearly this website is yellow journalism.