Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Glorious Leader Bounces Back!

It helps we cadre are as gullible as fuck!

Showing how gracious she can be after spreading lies, innuendo and getting cadre to impersonate Kraus, Mitchell replies:

sorry Ed 04.Jun.2013 12:50

Theresa Mitchell

You have an excellent point: in fact, thinking of what you had said that was anti-Palestinian, I went back to that post and didn't look at the denial beneath it. That is in fact one of the confusing points about posting on Indymedia, that you --or anyone--can be so easily spoofed. It's been done to me a couple of times. I think it's worth the risk, though, because commenters can be relatively sure of their anonymity as Indymedia attempts to enforce it. So, I accept that the post was not you, and I used it improperly. Bullshit, as you say. Character defamation! Why, you would never do that, would you?

However, I think your position, as you express it, is anti-Palestinian, because to be pro-Palestinian is to go a lot further: Palestinians need a complete cessation of occupation and aggression from US-backed Israel, and that means no more US funds for the Israeli war effort. It means war reparations. Gaza is the world's largest open-air prison, where even medical and building supplies have to be smuggled in via tunnels. It's true that they fight back, but that doesn't change the moral onus for US citizens. So, to be a "moderate" pro-Israeli, you have to sign on to an untenable and immoral paradigm. We hear enough of that sort of liberalism on NPR.

By the way, when you get this far down a string of posts, as we all know from long experience, only a few people are actually reading it, as it tends to devolve into recriminations. So, I think it is unlikely that your character is much besmirched, nor that I have "lost credibility," as one poster continually asserts. I try to respond to the posts that actually raise a relevant question.
Notice The Cadre Dogwhistle Akido? 

Things go our way, there are legions of comrades hanging on our every word.

Things get embarrassing, ah never mind, no one's reading anyway.

Remember, cadre: spreading lies, innuendo and malicious impersonation is okay...if you can claim no one read it anyway!!!

And see how adroitly Our Leader dodged the fact she was responsible for the impersonation in the first place?    THAT'S TALENT!

Baby, the Glorious Leader is BACK!  And we're ready to spread any lies she comes up with.  

But can I finish the vodka first?

-Meresa Titchell

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