Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Confirmation by Kraus: Mitchell Disconnected From Reality

 Excuse me while I down another shot of vodka. It's barely noon and I have 29 more to go.

It's obvious now. But Kraus Raus has to rub it in:

Are you really that disconnected from reality? 04.Jun.2013 12:11

Ed Kraus

God, I hate IndyMedia. I'll try though. I'm replying to a post that is 04.June.2013 11:37 ... posted by someone who claims they are Theresa Mitchell. Who knows? Too bad each post is not individually serialized and accountable.

My challenge to you was to provide some proof of my being an "anti-Palestinian" internet commentator.

Anyone want to wade thru the volume of spam that was in this prior post, and see where in any of this "proof" where I am being "anti-palestinian"?

Hint: You can't use the fake post attributed to me earlier on Indymedia. And the lovely picture of a flag and airplane were posted by Theresa, not me.

If you can't win a simple point, baffle them with volumes of bullshit.

Who leaked our super sekrit "baffle bullshit" plans? 

Heads will roll! 

After I finish this bottle...

-Meresa Titchell

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