Wednesday, June 12, 2013

KBOO Strategic Plan: more Proof of Pre-Fitch Perfidy

Tell us this doesn't sound like more Top Down Corporate Cultural Insidiousness!!!!
[read it yourself here: ]
2011 to 2016
Prepared in Spring 2011 by:
PARC Resources
64644 Cook Avenue
Bend, Oregon 97701

KBOO Community Radio Station
Strategic Plan 2011-2016
Overview/ Executive Summary
This document is the result of a strategic planning process that has enabled KBOO to plan for its
future. The process of arriving at this point has been instructional and insightful for all involved.
The main goals for the organization that have emerged from this process are delineated herein
and include the following broad goals and correlated key action steps:
Goal # 1 – Board Development
 Strengthen the effectiveness of the Board of Directors through more training and
developing policies of personal accountability.
Goal # 2 – Staff Development
Improve professionalism through training, policy development, and personal
Increase and broaden the training and support needed for staff to perform the duties and functions to ensure the successful operation of the overall organization.
Goal # 3 – Volunteer Development
 The board and staff will increase and broaden the volunteer base of support to KBOO by providing for positive opportunities for enhancement of meaningful volunteer
experiences within the organization.
Goal # 4 – Membership Education
 The board and staff will empower the membership by creating clear and comprehensive information flow between the organization and the membership.
Goal # 5 – Community Development
 The board and staff will participate in regional efforts that forward KBOO’s mission.
 As KBOO sustains a prominent and highly visible regional presence, opportunities for
the organization to grow, educate and deepen its effectiveness in the community are
Programming Improvements
 The heart of KBOO is programming, which is the face KBOO presents to the listening
public. Basic protocols and procedures will be developed and implemented in order to
create a more favorable experience for volunteer programmers that create and
disseminate content on the airwaves and online.
Engineering Improvements
Upgrade engineering equipment and develop correlated training, staff positions, and use and attrition policies for equipment.
 Determine feasibility of maintaining towers in Corvallis and Hood River, while
improving signal and web streaming resources for outlying supporters.
Resource Development
Goal # 1 – Marketing and Community Outreach
Strengthen community partnerships to better reflect the diversity of the Portland Metro area and to reach potential listeners (youth, racial and ethnic minorities, and other
Create a more relevant presence for KBOO in the local media market. Develop new branding to promote the services and resources of the KBOO community.
Goal # 2 – Media Center
 Improve and enhance the web presence of KBOO programming with appropriate
applications for modern media tools.
 Create a KBOO media center that improves programming through more training,
improved policies, and increased personal accountability for follow-through.
Goal # 3 – Secondary Product Development – Planning
 Determine a sustainable plan for diversification of secondary products for the
organization’s service area.
 Create studio space rental model that assists the community in the production
of meaningful new media for the area.

Financial Sustainability
Goal # 1 – Membership
 Increase community support through training, education, and outreach.
Increase memberships from approximately 6,000 members to 7,500 members by the end of year three.
Goal # 2 – Grant Writing
 Diversify the fundraising plan to reach more listeners and to seek additional grant
 Initiate a consistent grant writing effort to increase revenue for training, outreach,
education, and support to the diverse communities of the metro area.

Just who is the PARC and why do they want to undermine our Glorious Cause of running KBOO into financial insolvency?  And why is their plan full of Fitchisms  BEFORE FITCH WAS HIRED?

And what's this about 6,000 members in 2011?   Is that a round figure?  Did KBOO LOSE 500+/- members in two years?    Oh crap, this is that math stuff again, isn't it?

Our Leader has much to say about THE PLAN at Indymedia

Where she conflates the Strategic Plan of 2011 (The 2011-2016 KBOO Strategic Plan (finalized 6-6-2011
with a board meeting in 2012 ( Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2012/07/23 )
"When KBOO Station Manager Lynn Fitch attempted to fire the entire Staff in the April "Friday Morning Massacre,", it became clear that some of the euphemisms in the "Strategic Plan" meant a loss of community oversight."
 As any Comrade can see reading the outline above, The STRATEGIC PLAN was a road map to deprive members of Community Oversight.

If this is NOT what you see, look closer

Closer than that, comrades. 

Remember , agree with the Inner Party on very detail or be marked as an ENEMY of the People.


We will prevail.

-Meresa Titchell


  1. "Goal # 2 – Staff Development
     Improve professionalism through training, policy development, and personal accountability."

    TRAITORS! KBOO's award-winning paid staff is already as "professional" as humanly possible! It is an insult to suggest that their "professionalism" could be improved!

    And notice, Comrades, the use of the evil code phrase "personal accountability"! That implies that the station could do something to a paid staffer who failed to demonstrate "personal accountability"! Evil!

    The whole point of KBOO is to provide an "iron rice bowl" to paid staff - any suggestion that they are less than perfect, or that they might be less than perfect in doing their jobs needs to be fought by any means necessary!

    It gets worse, Comrades!

    "3. Action Step: Develop and implement a process for staff reviews.
     Training for manager(s) and board on how to administer personnel reviews.
     Development of a proactive review process for paid staff, paid contractors.
     Once review process is in place, they will take place once every 12 months."

    Since paid staff is perfect, there is no need for a "staff review"! Staff performance reviews are the sort of things that they have at evil corporations, where they crush the soul out of their workers, and have explicit policies against taking drugs on the job!

    Who are the "manager and board" to "judge" the performance of paid KBOO staff? Huh? Huh? Who made them so special? Solidarity, Comrades!

  2. PARC Resources is a corporation and all corporations are EVIL. That's all loyal cadre need to know.

  3. The strategic plan was made in 2011 and only now is staff getting around to demonizing it. You have to understand they needed to wait until they hired the perfect scapegoat to pin it on: FITCH!

    Kinda like that T-shirt staff designed and approved that was also FITCH's fault.

    Scapegoats are handy.

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