Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ben Hoyne Denies Saying Stuff He Didn't Actually Say

Not this shit again.....

From comments at Our Glorious Leader's blog:

Ben Hoyne says:
Just to clarify, I never said “pack the members.” What I’ve done is ask people to gift memberships to family members, the same request is made on-air at every pledge drive. By all means you should buy your sisters a membership, I would ask why you haven’t done so before. A membership gift will help get your sisters involved at KBOO, have them vote in the election, more members, more participation. A win-win. Why is this some sort of competition? An us vs. them? There is no need for a strawman here, we all want great community radio. Why are you seemingly distraught that I’m trying to bring more people into the KBOO family and more democratic participation. As for Blue Oregon, I don’t care who runs the site, I care who reads it. I read it, you obviously read it, I’ve seen Grace Marian post on there before. I know I’m no democrat and I would guess you two are not either. I chose BlueOregon because LOTS of people read it and you cannot post anonymously there. Certainly some “democrats” will read it too, maybe even join, oh the horror. Are we discriminating against democrats? I must have missed that in the mission statement.

Can't we just be left alone to lie about Enemies of the People in peace?

In related news, Our Glorious Leader deletes Ben Hoyne's comment and redates blog post 2 days after it was published:

Forgetting to delete comment archives at the side:


Hey, it could happen to any deranged revolutionary fanatic. 


-Meresa Titchell


  1. Our Glorious Leader returns to Indymedia in this time of crisis!

  2. Comrade!

    Clearly the way to more democracy at KBOO is to have fewer Democrats. I'm glad you show the way.

  3. Thanks for catching that, I noticed Theresa deleted it, nice to see it lives on