Saturday, June 8, 2013

Save KBOO from KGON!!! Liberate the Transmitter!!!

The enemies of the People lurk everywhere, comrades.  Like the other  nefarious right-wing forces we are fighting(NPR, OPB, DEMOCRATS) KBOO's purity has been tainted by an unholy alliance that has tainted KBOO for too long (NOTE:get lower rank cadre to edit that).  I speak of nothing less than the capitalist pigdogs that hold KBOO's transmitter hostage, the corporate lapdogs KGON.

From KBOO wikipedia page:
In the summer of 1991, KBOO moved its transmitter to a new location on the 600-foot (180 m) KGON tower on Portland's West Hills.
And from KGON's wiki page we know KGON to be the Top DOWN corporate enemy "Keep KBOO KBOO"  is fighting against:

KGON (92.3 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a classic rock format. The station also broadcasts in HD featuring live rock performances. Licensed to Portland, Oregon, USA, the station serves the Portland OR/Vancouver WA area. The station is currently owned by Entercom Portland License, LLC.[1]
According to KGON's suspiciously attractive, well designed and easy to navigate website(  )  anyone can contact them(   ) and ask them about this "devil's bargain" they've obviously lured KBOO into.

But we're not going to contact them because that would be opening dialog and dialog is dangerous.  Much better to safely entertain unfounded speculation from a safe distance, perhaps shaking our fists impotently at the heavens for dramatic effect.  

The POINT is, KBOO's transmitter is being held hostage by corporate KGON and we, comrades are going to liberate it!!!!  


-Meresa Titchell


  1. Confused ComradeJune 9, 2013 at 12:20 PM

    Dear Meresa,

    Now I'm even more confused. The tower is a symbol of oppression? Yes, it's phallic but isn't it necessary? And when we liberate it what do we then do with it?

    By the way, I still have a "Flower Tower" T-Shirt that I got for supporting KBOO in previous drives. Am I supposed to continue wearing it, or am I supposed to soak it with gasoline and burn it? I know ... not T-shirts again ...

  2. Confused Comrade: Once we LIBERATE the KBOO tower, the Glorious Radio Workers Paradise that will inevitability follow will figure something out.

    As for your T-shirt: that Tower needs to be LIBERATED from the corporate oppression of your T-shirt. Look into image transfer technologies. Next time don't so careless.