Sunday, June 9, 2013


Brought to our attention in comments are comrades who on May 4th, perhaps without knowing, undermine the CAUSE by drifting into the past discussing past problems and other past-y things that should stay IN THE PAST.     

Hint: anything BEFORE Fitch's hiring is IN THE PAST.  Anything that happened AFTER Fitch's hiring, however minor or tangential,  is probably her fault, and a result of her plotting against the People and can be treated as if it happened RIGHT NOW.  Remember: FITCH =  EVIL INCARNATE

Many comrades executed themselves well at this meeting:

We don't want to dwell on the shortcomings of cadre acting like treacherous moles trying to undermine the Glorious Revolution of the Radio Workers Paradise, and who, if they don't shape up smartly ASAP will be shipped out to the Sauvie Island Reeducation Training Gulag. 

Let's not dwell on that.

Instead, now let's shine our light of praise on those who braved Fitch herself, standing up to her tyranny at Tabor Space on May 4th, 2013:

Crystal Elinsky:

Crystal Elinsky: Hello my name is Crystal Elinsky. And I love you all very much. I'm so glad to see her today. This is about communication and that's always control thank you. I used to record the board meetings for short time and I really suggest that you open that up somehow. But it is online you can listen to them and like the other half of the Corvallis translator lady said, we should have some kind of a forum where we can communicate these things at least online and then other things later. I'd also like to bring back, wow, the thing I used to be really passionate about, community calendar because it truly represents the underrepresented as opposed to the underwriting. There are other events that cost money but these events don't cost money and it kind represents everything else is out there and we don't have it anymore. I have a question for clarification. A question for detail and a question I'm just curious about. The question for clarification is earlier Lynn Fitch was mentioning something about how we don't need to have an election anymore and I don't understand what that was about.

Walt: That's BS.

Crystal Elinsky: What was that about? I don't know. Second question. Was this meeting that were going to have, is that what was mentioned in the flier about the special meeting? I don't know what this meeting is.(Audience member says board meeting). Okay, so after that question and then a third question, I'm just curious if we've had this talk of unionization before, and if we have had it why didn't it work and why is it suddenly happening again now? Thank you

Moderator: Lynn, can you answer the question?

Lynn Fitch; what I was talking about, when I contacted legal counsel I said that said KBOO was going to voluntarily recognize the union. The response back was fine, the election will probably not be necessary. That's what I meant. I don't know for sure. I am not the NLRB. It is in their court. All of this is in their court. We have said we are willing to recognize the union now and go into collective bargaining. It goes to the NLRB. They may say we still want to have the election on May 30. It is their prerogative not mine. So that's what I meant. And I will probably know Monday whether that's going to happen or not and then I will be more than happy to let people know because it will be posted because this is a federal legal process that were in.

Moderator: OK, thank you Lynn. And I just want to say that I just spoken to the father of the groom who asked me again to mention that this wedding is happening. It's starting at three. People are arriving right now and there is an invitation for us to be as expeditious as we can. I'm committed to you all being heard and also I just want to communicate what I heard from the father of the groom to ask us to move through this as quickly as you can to give them there space for their wedding. That was their request and we do hear that there's another meeting. So perhaps as we go through consider whether you can be, echo what's been said already and honor that it's been said and we can specifically focus on the key new information, new ideas that need to be offered. Number two.

Walt: Don't rush us.

Crystal Linsky; Can you answer the other two questions?

Moderator; number two go-ahead.

Unnamed audience member;  Am I number two?

Moderator: I don't know go-ahead

Comrade Crystal questions were so devastating Fitch's minions didn't dare pursue them, instead cutting comrade off.    STAY STRONG CRYSTAL!! We're right behind you.

 Lisa Loving:

Lisa Loving: And who controlled the programming? Is it you or is it the members? I'd really like to have it put out there.

Lynn Fitch: Who controls the programming. As you know Lisa being on the board, the board policies specifically state the Executive Director  has ultimate control over programming. However major changes in programming I have to go to the board with those changes. I haven't thought about programming, I don't have time to think about programming. First and foremost I believe it's important to do a open hire because we are not compliant currently with our regulation in regard to the FCC. I would like to do an open hire for the program director position which the board asked the collective to do. In that I would like to, whoever gets that job is going to having to look at the recommendations from the 2008 assessment and look at our programming. And I will be working with that person along with the program committee. However KBOO, according to FCC regulations, needs a community advisory committee.
 Notice how Comrade Loving was so rattled facing Fitch she forgot she was on the board?   That's the kind of courage we need in the Glorious Revolution!  Thank you Comrade for your sacrifice!!!!

Grace Marion :

Grace Marion: Hi my name is Grace Marion. I'm a member former volunteer from the early part of the last decade. And I really appreciate Lynn's decision to not fight the union. I think it's a good choice but I want to bring up an issue that really came up for me. I'm reading from a letter that was written to the staff on April 26 in which it's written KBOO is dedicated to continuously enhancing our relationship with our employees. We respect your right to support or not support unions. But the KBOO foundation does not agree that union representation is in the best interest of our employees or KBOO. And I'm kinda wondering who's representing the KBOO foundation in this letter, and why Lynn would say that when there was never a board vote to approve of the union. So Lynn will you answer that question please?

Lynn Fitch: Sure. I'd love to answer that question. So when the letter was presented by the union in the middle of the membership drive, and we were in the middle as well of working on the restructure and we were about to post jobs. And when I got that letter because I'm not a union specialist I went and sought legal counsel. So…

Grace Marion: Bullard right?

Lynn Fitch: What?

Grace Marion: Bullard, right?

Lynn Fitch: No Sussman Shanks.

 Curses and damn!  Fitch just revealed the we've known about Sussman Shanks since May 4th!!!   Nonetheless, Comrade Marion's action will live on in glory!


John: My name is John. It's my first time here. Member since 01. Thank you Lynn for voluntarily recognizing that workers right to organize. I have two questions to you essentially. I was hoping if you would be willing to take a pledge and put this pledge in writing to terminate the corporate freeloaders and consultants and ensure workers rights and transparency. In the last question is how much have you in the board paid these corporate consultants/attorneys in the past 18 months out of our funds.

Moderator: Okay thank you. Question about a pledge to stop working with consultants.

Paula Small's: Okay so very quickly, I'm Paula Smalls the treasurer. I'm going to answer for Lynn very quickly.

Unnamed audience member: Point of order. The question was asked of Lynn and it was before and you keep answering. Is your name Lynn? Point of order.

Moderator: I hear the concerned about wanting it to be from Lynn.

Unnamed audience member: She is the ultimate source of power here.


Find that unnamed comrade so we can award hir!!!  Continuing....:

Moderator: We'll let Paula answer. We'll just try to be brief. We're at the end here.  You're doing a great everybody.

Unnamed audience member: Lynn can you stand up? It'll help us here.

Lynn: I would defer to Paula on how much we've spent on lawyers, FCC lawyers, employment lawyers. I'm sorry but I really don't know how much money we have spent over the last 18 months. I haven't even been here that long. I came here on May 1st last year and I don't have all the financials in my head. If I did I would gladly give them to you but I don't. Paula probably has the best idea because she's on the finance committee and she's the board treasurer so I can't answer that.

John: More importantly would you take a pledge to terminate these freeloaders and move forward in a process that you're now voluntarily going to acknowledge the right to organize. You call an attorney for a question that you could answer by a Google and pay them to tell you that these guys can organize is…
Moderator: OK. Great. So quick question is would you take a pledge to to end the contract with consultants and lawyers?

Lynn Fitch: No. I answer to the board in that respect.

Exemplary maneuver Comrade John!!!!  He forced Fitch to HIDE behind the board!! WELL DONE!

Many cadre spoke out against oppression May 4th, but it was these who distinguished themselves, at least in the transcript, of going above and beyond the call of cadre duty.

With no further ado, the Awards Committee presents:

For bravery and steely nerve in the face of the Underwhelmed and Confused ENEMY, 

We Present 

The Tinfoil Star of the Heroic The Struggle

to the following:

Comrade Crystal Elinsky
Comrade  Lisa Loving
 Comrade Grace Marion
Comrade John
Comrade  Unnamed Audience Member

Display it on your webpage proudly.

-Meresa Titchell



    I'm no gonna recommend dis medal cuz if u wear wid the SAVE KBOO outside big hardware hurt body. I'd say wear medal feel "scre***" but we not be making truble with FCC?

    Can medal be thankyou prize for new $20 members?

    1. OOOPS

      Its other way now I see. So it hurt body if you not say SAVE KBOO? Verry klever.