Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kurt Lauer: ENEMY of the People

 Fitch's Forces of DOOM are everywhere!  Especially on Facebook!

Replying to an article totally NOT leaked by Our Glorious Leader through sekrit cadre Steve Law:

Lauer continues to defy the Inner Party by keeping this treasonous post on his Facebook wall, clearly encouraging others to defy the Inner Party:

I'll keep pointing out (although NONE of you are listening) that NONE of you ever attend Board meetings or Committee meetings yet all of this has been discussed at length, already. You continue to report and regurgitate the same misinformation and refuse to listen to the truth. I'm so sick of arguing with people who should know better that I've given up all hope that KBOO will recover. Without management, you're just a clubhouse for your buddies and that's the last thing you should be wishing on a public company.

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  • Bruce Hornbuckle thats right. well it's too bad. i would be more involved like i used to but ani shut me out and teresah is a ... dominating jerk. i have been involved since the 80s as a kid and all of a sudden they dont want me near the mics. and the news anchors replace well written stories with garbage. this place has been handed to the dogs. i would be around more but i dont need the ulcers. id' rather mug them in the alley and get it over with. i have been too busy being homelss which is the POINT. i'm too smart, so big american keeps me homeless. them when shit like this happens i'm helpless to pitch in because i'm digging through the garbage for dinner. nazi's one, people zero.
  • Kathy Lauer PREACH it brother

We're certain the Loyalty Bureau sent Lauer a memo HOURS after this scandalous comment.  It has been over a MONTH.   This isn't just laziness, Lauer is defying the CAUSE.  Treat him like an ENEMY of the People, comrades, until he sees the error of his ways.

Remember Comrades, there is NO PLACE exempt from Inner Party loyalty checks, not the internet, not Party Headquarters, not even your bathroom.


-Meresa Titchell


  1. Censor of Glorius RevolutionJune 9, 2013 at 10:41 AM


    We really have to monitor the communications of the cadre. I found this lurking in the transcript of the membership meeting on May 4th.

    "I'm Jeremy Ginsberg. I joined KBOO within a month of moving here and I stopped contributing a couple of years ago and that's a long story which I'd like to share with people. I think the problems greatly precede this, and I'd like to talk about that too. This reminds me of Iran in whenever it was 78. Things were horrible and then they got worse. And that's really what I think is really going on here. I'm talking about in terms of hierarchy, of authoritarianism, you know, really not exactly welcoming anybody. I don't know of anybody else who has tried to go to a volunteer training, but it was an experience I'll never have again. I want to show you the shirt I was wearing. I thought this was the biggest news story in Portland a couple years ago. The Sam Adams recall T-shirt. And I was involved in the left-wing approach to that. I was treated at KBOO like I was a right-wing homophobe because I suggested that perhaps they could have a little more coverage which of course I then I got cursed out by a staff member and my complaint never got spoken to."

    Of course, comrade Ginsburg began his remarks the way he was supposed to ... by DENOUCNING FITCH but then he wandered into things we're not supposed to talk about, like the problems started BEFORE FITCH, Iranian Revolution, leftists being treated like right wing homophobes ... and even mentioned T-SHIRTS!

    We need to stay on MESSAGE. FITCH = EVIL INCARNATE! How can we accomplish our glorius goals when we can't stick with the script? STICK TO THE SCRIPT!!!!!!!

  2. You are correct, Comrade Censor. Cadre needs to STAY ON MESSAGE. At this moment that URL is being scanned for other nostalgia related information that might undermine the cause. On the other hand, medals of bravery will be issued to those who STOOD UP to Fitch and her goons. More later. SOLIDARITY!