Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Now we KNOW Indymedia is an ENEMY of the People!!!!

In comment to an Indymedia article cadre published the Inner Party email contact from Portland Socialists:

 Email us at KeepKboo9@gmail.com with your name, email address and phone number.
This comment by Comrade Contact used to be at this URL:


But as cadre can now see, its been CENSORED, keeping cadre from connecting to the REVOLUTION:

Our Glorious Leader has obviously abandoned Indymedia as an ENEMY of the People.

(Boy, this enemy list is getting long.)


It's time to MARCH on the RED and BLACK CAFE, clearly the new headquarters of the OPPRESSORS!


-Meresa Titchell


  1. We have conquered Indymedia - we have cut off all channels of communication between the Inner Party and the Outer Party (a one-way channel of communication, of course)!

    Soon, the forces of Fitchism will triumph, and we will convert KBOO into an easy-listing AOR station!

    KBOOs new political slogan:

    "Light rock, less talk!"

    Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!

  2. Lynn Fitch wants to turn KBOO into an all-sports station catering to males in the 18-34 demographic!

  3. Okay,

    Whoever is doing this blog.. You were funny at first, but now its getting old. It's just one personal attack on Theresa after another. YAWN!!! An argument can be made that she deserves this because of her attacks on Lynn and other KBOO volunteers, but she has not posted in several days, and at this point your posts (2-3 times a day) are making little sense and are starting to grasp for straws. We have serious problems at KBOO. If you want to continue to hide behind a pseudonym and joke about them then be my guest, but I am not sure how much you are helping us move forward.

    1. Comrade Red PantsJune 11, 2013 at 10:31 PM

      You're certainly entitled to you opinion, comrade. Not sure how we're stopping anyone from moving forward. The TM crowd can move forward anytime they feel like when they:

      1: retracts the lies
      2: stops trying to rewrite history
      3: walks it's talk about democracy, etc.

      "but she has not posted in several days,"

      That you know of. Their super secret Google Group that's supposed to be representing ALL KBOO members, but is probably the same cabal doing their shit is secret, is not visible to the public. The way to bet, based on past behavior, is they're still spreading lies like crazy.

      We only keep posting stuff, because we keep finding weird shit, and the TM gang refuses to take any responsibility.

      Not sure what you were trying to accomplish. It sounds like you're another reasonable lefty who wants to believe this is a simple misunderstanding. That ship sailed when TM and gang stooped to lies and impersonation.


    2. One of the reasons the blogs keep coming, as CRP says, is we keep finding weird shit. We really are mystified at why the TM club is so fucking crazy. They aren't misunderstood or radical radicals, THEY ARE BUGFUCK CRAZY! How the hell did they ever get the influence over KBOO they have today?

      And imho calling a post(this one) a "personal attack" is disingenuous. There's a habit of stuff disappearing from the PDXIMC newwire. It's a little convenient this last disappearance is an email contact to the group TM wanted promoted. What's that about? They don't want it promoted? Or they don't want anyone knowing they're promoting it? While they demand transparency?

      That's pointing out hypocrisy. Not a "personal attack".

    3. "We have serious problems at KBOO."

      Crazy people running the station.
      Looming insolvency.
      Crazy people running the station.

      There's a connection

  4. Your not stopping anything. But is this blog helping? I agree with all your concerns. The craziness from folks fighting change is all the more reason we need to band together and show the crazies that they are not being as inclusive as they claim to be. Lynn needs as much support as she can get. Its tough to do that if you are hiding online behind "anonymous" and "pseudonyms." I have talked to many volunteers who want to see KBOO evolve, but most do not want to go public about it. Not counting board members, I know less than a handful of volunteers who are speaking out publicly. If you are one of those folks, and this is just a creative outlet, then I offer my apologies.. Otherwise.. Come out of the closet..

    1. "I have talked to many volunteers who want to see KBOO evolve, but most do not want to go public about it. "

      Gee, wonder why? Oh yeah:


      "If you are one of those folks, and this is just a creative outlet, then I offer my apologies.. Otherwise.. Come out of the closet.."

      Stop fishing. It's sad. You can tell from comments there's more that "one" folk. I'll bet my entire collection of Grateful Dead LPs the second any one of us "comes out of the closet" the Mitchel crowd will return in force with a viciousness to rival Mussolini, blaming that person for everything from the NSA to bad breath. That tactic is a matter of historical record. Why you want to put someone in the line of fire is a mystery.

    2. "Your not stopping anything. "

      LOL! Maybe not stopping, but sure as fuck slowing down the crazy!
      Say, where's the video of the June 24th board meeting Glorious Leader attended? It's as if things aren't going so well for Team Bat Ass Crazy!

      "I agree with all your concerns."

      Be more specific. Which ones do you agree with? What have you done to confront TM and company in the past? And not just when you had an audience?

  5. "Otherwise.. Come out of the closet.."

    Thanks, but I prefer that my mugshots, and any other derogatory information TM can dredge up about me, not be spread across Indymedia.

    Given the scorched earth tactics that the Inner Party uses, it's not surprising that people want to stay anonymous.

  6. I agree here with Rebecca. What I'd suggest is somewhere in the middle. I've really enjoyed the posts at this blog but also would suggest it's not productive to post several times a day when there is nothing terribly new.

    The board candidates will be public at the end of this month, the process will grind on. The SaveKBOO folks will either attempt a general meeting and try to override decisions of the board as they have stated they would like to ... or that effort will fail. There is a membership drive in the fall followed by elections. Any of these events will no doubt provide plenty of fodder for ridicule and sattire.

    I agree here with Rebecca ... how about keeping this blog effective by knowing when not to post? Silence is an important part of good music.

    This soap opera has only just started. Keep your powder dry is my advice. I'd rather turn my attention to the larger issues than just look for more examples of Theresa and Grace's bad behavior. The issues are larger than these two personalities.

    1. "What I'd suggest is somewhere in the middle. I've really enjoyed the posts at this blog but also would suggest it's not productive to post several times a day when there is nothing terribly new."

      You bring wisdom to the conversation, Comrade!!!!!

      Generally we agree. It's been dead a couple of days. Which is news itself, btw. But this didn't happen in a vacuum. There's a history.

      As we learn the history of crazimaking nutsoness is so massive and relevant, we think publishing what we have while we have time to is the best plan. It's important for context. The evidence doesn't point to just a couple people's bad behavior. It points to a group's pattern of deliberate bad behavior. This group has been influencing KBOO for years. WHY? Why is KBOO so broken they can't just put their foot down and show them the door? That's the real question. And why this blog makes the TM crowd more uncomfortable than any "reasonable" rebuttal. Compared to the stuff those people pull, we're fluffy bunnies. They would shit bricks if they saw our daily visitor traffic numbers!!!

      We publish when we find shit. And when it's funny. There's stuff that doesn't make the cut. Imagine what hasn't been put up!!!

      Comrade Rebbecca would have come of better had she NOT
      tried to fish for personal details exactly like the TM crowd.
      (we won't forget that) Or strongly implied we should stop blogging cold. Not only are both those behaviors weird, but she's talking to the wrong people. This blog wouldn't exist without the TM crowd's antics. Maybe she should talk to them. Ask them to "come out" with their Google Group. Hey, there's even an email she can use: KeepKboo9@gmail.com

      For some reason these people don't want that email on Indymedia. Why is a very good question. That was the point of this blog post. That and the TM's crowd possibly incestuous relationship with Indybees. In a supposed democracy, nepotism is always news. Rebecca conflating that with "person attacks" was dishonest. A personal attack would be like making irreverent remarks about "her" once being a "him" as if that was a bad thing.

      Though we may disagree on points of tactics, sir, we do appreciate your insights.


    2. I'll point out that at the last Board meeting Rebecca stood up in front of everyone and said Ani is the problem with KBOO (or something to that effect), I'm sure she could clarify. She has been employed at KBOO temporarily through Jenka's lengthy maternity leave last year and her recent sabbatical. She kissed any chance of re-employment under current staff goodbye. She has become an enemy of the people for sure. She took a more courageous stand that myself that's for sure. She risked future earnings by speaking out for what she believes.
      No need to attack her.

    3. We're not attacking her. We are pointing out her inconstant message in her comments. She's a big girl. Let her explain herself.

      It's great to hear she's been speaking out. But then she should be more aware then we are that by itself is not going to work.

    4. Are you referring to the newest blog? She should consider that a complement, sir. She's an "enemy of the people" in the same way you are. :)

  7. Speaking of the Board Election, I hope folks are not afraid of running for a seat on the board. It is a big time commitment yes, but without a solid board of rational folks who are not there to promote a certain agenda or the needs of staff, kboo will fail. Presently, there are 7 seats open on the board (which is its own indictment). Not sure if all of those will be filled by the election, but its possible.
    Last election I struggled to find 4 people to vote for, I hope that is not the case this election. I urge you to throw your hat in the ring, I'm taking the leap.
    7 seats is a board majority by itself. I don't think I'm overreaching when I say this election will likely determine the fate of KBOO as we know it, for better or for worse. I hope folks can band together and stand up for a true "community" radio station that serves the needs of our community.
    Thank you to this blog for providing some humor in an otherwise humorless situation.

    1. "but without a solid board of rational folks who are not there to promote a certain agenda or the needs of staff, kboo will fail."


      We're working on a blog(check back later comrade RN!!)examining the probable real world consequences of this situation. It's grim, and not cool like in the TV show. Check out the KBOO threads at http://feedback.pdxradio.com/tags/kboo.
      If sane competent people don't take the reins ASAP KBOO is probably dead. That the TM crowd doesn't see this or doesn't care is scary. They shouldn't be involved coordinating a church bake sale, much less a community radio station.

      "Thank you to this blog for providing some humor in an otherwise humorless situation."

      You're welcome, sir. As they say, we gotta laugh or we would cry!

    2. I'd love to hear more about the blog you're working on, if you'll communicate with an enemy of the people. Drop me a line at radiodagema at yahoo dot com

    3. IT'S A TRICK!!!!
      Don't fall for it comrades!!!
      Open Dialog is an ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!!

    4. I'm pretty tricky, what with my openness and all. Just that it seems like lots of folks are coming out of the woodwork in support of change. Might be helpful if we had some kind of communication to discuss how to help folks connect so that there actually is a community radio station around for us all to enjoy.
      Really I'd love to chat with you all. If you don't want to email me, hit me up on facebook.

    5. Yes, you know me and my trickiness of being open and transparent. Really, I'd love to connect with you all doing a new blog, folks on this blog, whomever. There are lots of people coming out of the woodwork advocating for change at KBOO, but they don't know where to turn. I think some communication between ourselves could be beneficial. I won't disclose your identify, I can appreciate you wanting to keep it under wraps. If you don't want to email me, then hit me up on facebook, that is obviously me.

    6. or you can contact me at http://kboo.fm/users/benjamin/contact
      but that goes through kboo, so who knows who sees it

    7. Thanks. We'll pass it along.

  8. We continue developing our Zombie KBOO programming for when we defeat the Inner Party, and the long dark night of fascism finally falls on KBOO.

    We are thinking of replacing "Democracy Now!" with "The Dick Cheney Hour" - a warm, wonderful hour of speeches, writings, stories, and reminiscences of America's most beloved retired politician.

    Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!