Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Comrade Jade: As God is my witness, I'll never fund KBOO again!!!!

If Thom Hartmann  has a show on KBOO, that is.

Comrade Jade's logic is unassailable:  FITCH = EVIL = HARTMANN


I just heard the Navigator express her view that progressive radio is missing from Portland and KBOO. If Thom Hartman is going to replace local programming I will never support this station again with my time or money
Then some traitor to the Cause pipes up:

  • Ron Fowler Sorry you feel that way. Thom's show is very informative, everyone should get a chance to hear him.

  • Jade Pekkala I dunno, it is more than just Thom Hartman, it is the corporation behind him backing his endeavors that I don't want to support.

Again, logic impeccable:  FITCH = EVIL = HARTMANN = CORPORATIONS

From that we can deduce:  FITCH = CORPORATIONS

Thanks you Comrade Jade for that insight!!!!  Because clearly Hartman is just a front for some nebulous unnamed corporate entity.  DOWN WITH HARTMAN!!!!  DOWN WITH CORPORATIONS!

The next step of course is to stop supporting the KBOO foundation ALSO a CORPORATION.

But Comrade Jade has that covered: 
"I will never support this station again with my time or money"
Looks like she's sticking to her guns no matter what KBOO decides!!!


-Meresa Titchell

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  1. Cadre CheerleederJune 19, 2013 at 10:27 AM

    Great Work Comrades!

    With all this HARTMANN=CORPORATIONS blogging and Facebooking, we might just get the evil Thom to refuse to allow KBOO to air his show! That'll show the EVIL FITCH when she has the audacity to ask listeners what they might want to hear!

    Way to go! Make KBOO toxic! Great Job Cadre!