Monday, June 3, 2013

Full FUBAR Ahead!!!!!

In seconds we'll be crashing the board meeting--LOOK!  Our glorious leader Theresa has arrived!

We've gotta go get her autograph.  Stay tuned for more salacious innuendo about Lyn Fitch, the antichrist of the progressive radio personified!

Meanwhile, to get pumped up, read some the highlights of our best and brightest demagogues on IMC!  Misinformed defamation , innuendo, cherry picking and personal attacks aren't just a strategy with's a lifestyle!

KBOO Executive Director: A nefarious union buster! 23.Apr.2013 21:16

Buster Bluster

How nefarious a union buster is the KBOO "station manager"? Nefarious enough to suggest to KBOO staff that they unionize -- so she could bust it! Hahaha. What an idiot! Helping start a union at KBOO, just so this "station manager" could stomp on it like it was a loathsome bug. Unfreakin' believable. To what depths of depraved wickedness will this "station manager" not descend? "Union organizer/buster". I didn't know that was a thing. 

kboo funding 25.Apr.2013 12:53

theresa mitchell

If funding is a problem, WHY DID the station manager cancel the Winter drive, sacrificing $50,000 in revenue?

But the problem isn't funding. It's a failure to recognize the true function and functionality of KBOO. Our strong community depends on the respectful treatment of the people who have dedicated a hundred plus work years to our institution. We owe them respect, gratitude and thanks. My partner Ani,for example, could be much wealthier by exploiting her other professional talents, yet she has devoted long years, stress, and ultra-effort to KBOO.

And as for the is left-lite working for KPOJ? 

Once again it must be noted 27.Apr.2013 21:32

fact checker

that most of the folks in an uproar have partial facts, but not all of them. that most of the folks in an uproar have been duped by a disgruntled staffer and her spouse.

No one has been fired. the staff just don't want a manager. on their own before they hired a manager, they ran the station into the ground financially. they wrote illegal personnel documents because they don't have experience, they only care about their reduced sick time and having to fill out time sheets.

it's a shame people who are angry don't think about what they have heard being accurate, because it's not a complete story. parts are conveniently omitted. i come to make radio at kboo not serve the personal interests of staff. i come to make radio, not to advocate for the staff's sick leave.

and if you have seen documents that back up their claims, make them public, cause i haven't seen any proof, only rumors and emails. no proof of what the staff or their family members have been saying. none, not on indymedia or anywhere else. there is zero evidence to back up their claims. and i challenge anyone out there to come up with any substantiating document. don't be a tool.
 [Oops.  Ignore that last one.  Obviously a super sekrit psyops troll!  Where's the delete button on this thing?]

@Blue 29.Apr.2013 11:59

theresa mitchell

We do have lawyers among us in the now-organized resistance.

I just wrote to the Board President, asking him to consider setting a special Board meeting, which he can do (with a couple more Directors) to rescind the Station Manager's union-busting powers, embrace the union, and restore the employees' rights. There are a majority of Board Directors who, I think, could be persuaded to do this. It would certainly give a chance to restoring Staff morale, and allowing us to get on with the business of dancing our way to a new society.
 Dancin'!  Yee haw!!!

Organizing Resistance or Rounding up the Cattle? 29.Apr.2013 15:54

If it quacks like a duck.. It's a duck

I think unionizing the staff would be a great idea and probably the only option left for KBOO to be able to get the bad staff out of the picture. With a union, the staff cannot run the station and the freedom to run KBOO in to the ground either through hostility or committees will be ended. The staff will have to start keeping time sheets for the union and can longer attack managers for proper record keeping. Maybe even having a time clock on the wall to punch. Many of the freedoms that the staff have enjoyed for decades, will soon be over. They will be employees of the Union and not 'guardians' of KBOO anymore. The union will be able to discredit those that need to be replaced. It will take longer, but will have the same result in the end.

There is no 'resistance', there is only vile mouthed, misinformed, half-truth telling dysfunctional misfits looking to create even more of a mess out of KBOO. The only Cause should be 'revitalizing KBOO' and not bankrupting it. There are also those that use their positions on staff or on the board to serve their personal relationships and not to serve the good of the station. So go ahead, organize, create a dysfunctional Resistance, take KBOO all the way down into the ground financially and lose her license this year while you're at it. You stay stuck on a winter membership drive, not caring if you state facts or fictions. You don't get the big picture. Membership drives will not feed us, membership continues to decline year after year because we are no longer valuable to the community. KBOO has to cut staff and staff perks or it needs to learn how to find a way to revive drives or find others ways to raise money. Beating up on those that are supposed to raise the money for KBOO is pretty smart! We can cut more jobs at KBOO now. You don't see the big picture because your sight is short and biased. Your information is incorrect and in some places, pure lies. 
[Aw heck!  Another psyops troll got through.   Guess I need to clean out the inter tubes.  They're under here somewhere...]

the "management" ploy failed 01.May.2013 02:22

theresa mitchell

KBOO Staff create news, aid youth, find local contributors, coordinate volunteers--but they're not "management," because only the management can direct, hire and fire. That's an ancient divide-and-conquer tactic by union busters: claim that half the proposed union is management. NLRB says no dice. Nice try. 01.May.2013 11:19 is the new website for the Resistance. Keep KBOO as KBOO!
 Viva La RESISTANCE!!!!!!

Union-busting letter sent to KBOO workers 03.May.2013 11:55

Theresa Mitchell

I have obtained a copy of a letter sent to KBOO workers. As many now know, KBOO workers organized last month, after the KBOO Board Of Directors launched a new top-down management paradigm at the radio station. Whereas KBOO has had managers in the past, the tone of relations with the Board and its hired manager has been one of cooperation, or at least, respect. Now KBOO workers have been stripped of sabbaticals, most of their compensatory time, most accrued sick pay, et cetera, and the new manager ("Station Navigator" Lynn Fitch) has attempted to fire all of them at once.

At a cost of thousands of dollars so far, Lynn Fitch has hired Bullard Law, a notorious union-busting firm. Here is the full text of the letter sent to KBOO workers. It gets really interesting in the sixth paragraph.

TO: All KBOO Employees
FROM: Lyn Fitch, Executive Director
DATE: April 26, 2013

Navigator? 04.May.2013 09:35


Wow!  That Theresa is one hard core filly!   Nevermind this has nothing to do with anything.   let's embarrass Fitch because you know, anti Christ!  Yee Haw!!!!

not what I want to hear 30.Apr.2013 21:30


This is very upsetting news. I am familiar with Lynn Fitch's penchant for drama. She sees herself as a change agent and has a checkered past career-wise. I won't be supporting KBOO while she is onboard buying ads from the Oregonian, of all places.

I hope cooler heads prevail, and this shake up becomes a folly of the past post-haste.
 We don't hold with ANYONE BUT US doing the drama thing!  it's in our new union contract.  Oh yeah!   And there's nothing more scurrilous then buying advertisement for our small struggling independent radio station someplace people might read them!  What was Fitch thinking?

Not a straw man 03.May.2013 17:44

A KBOO member

I am only saying "this is hearsay" because I am reading about this through Theresa Mitchell's and other anonymous posts (from staff?) on indymedia. Theresa is writing with some authority and seems to be quite knowledgeable about what is going on, but I always thought Theresa was a volunteer, not staff. How does she know about all these human resources details about benefits if she is only a volunteer? Since she is not experiencing these cuts first-hand, she is reporting what she hears from other staff -- hence "hearsay." Most of the postings are anonymous, so, since the reader cannot judge the credibility of the writer, it is all "hearsay," unless the author is posting his or her name.

Theresa's specific posts on indymedia over the last week or so mention issues about benefits (specifically indicating that maternity leave is being cut to 3 weeks from 6 weeks, sick leave is being cut from 80 hours to 40 hours, timecards are being requested, and sabbaticals are being cut). Theresa's and others' posts, including Station Manager Lynn Fitch's, report that KBOO is indeed changing its policy to "at-will employment" as opposed to firing being justified only "for cause." Station Manager Fitch reports in a posting that a new parent with an infant was allowed to bring their baby to work and this was in response to the cuts in paid maternity benefits. Station Manager Fitch and other postings indicate that the amount of accumulated sick leave is going to be limited.

As a KBOO member, I am trying to find out exactly what is going on here. The "hearsay" I am reporting comes from postings on indymedia, some from somewhat reliable sources (Theresa and Station Manager Fitch) and some anonymous (which have less credibility).

This entire situation reminds me of what went on with the Portland Alliance. A lot of "dirty laundry" was being aired on-line that really should have been attempted to be resolved "in-house" with the parties actually involved without freaking out the entire KBOO community. I would venture to say that most -- if not all -- of the KBOO community, including myself, is likely to back staff rather than management when it comes to working conditions.

However, if what Theresa says is true (and she certainly is repeating it often enough), that staff is up in arms about having to submit timecards, about not being able to stockpile large quantities of sick leave, about not having 2 weeks of paid sick leave every year, about not being able to take year-long (paid or unpaid) sabbaticals, about having to stay home with a new baby or find someone else to do so (with or without pay), well, welcome to the real world! The rest of us poor slobs -- some of whom are KBOO members and volunteers -- have been working that way (with and without pay) for a l-o-n-g time.

The threat to fire the entire staff and re-hire (or not) is very disturbing.

Since Theresa posted Station Manager Fitch's letter to staff on-line and it is now public, perhaps Theresa and/or Station Manager Fitch and/or staff could answer my questions.

They are legitimate questions and I'm not the only KBOO member asking them.

Answer the questions, instead of name-calling.
 Well!  That's all for now!   Let's just remind readers:


That's all you really need to know.

See you at the victory party!

-Meresa Titchell

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