Friday, June 28, 2013

Traitor Hadrian sells out Board to FCC, calls members "Unstable"!

From forwarded email leak!  We get them just like Glorious Leader

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Hadrian Micciche <>
Date: Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 10:42 AM
Subject: Board turnover: Implications for license renewal and a possible solution to Board instability.
To: Sue Bartlett <>, Hadrian Micciche <>, Jeff Kipilman <>, Lisa Loving <>, Lyn Moelich <>, Mark Sherman <>, Matthew Bristow <>, MichaelP <>, Paula Small <>, Rabia Yeaman <>, "S. W. Conser" <>, Timothy Welp <>

1. Sending a FCC document related to Board turn-over and a petition to deny one of our broadcasting licences based on that turn-over.

Document name: DA-11-1605A1

The basis of the petition to deny: a claim that there was a greater than 50 percent change in KBOO's governing board which is generally considered a "major change" prohibited by Section 73.3573 of the Commission's Rules.

2. Sending a KBOO document with the Board Member election and appointment history. Three new Board members elected in September: Jeff Kipilman, John Mackey, Damon Isiah Turner. Three new Board members appointed in June. That is a 50% change in KBOO's governing board. Our current license renewal can be challenged on these grounds.

Document name: board appts 2013.pdf
From: KBOO web site.

The solution to this long history of instability on the Board? Do an active recruitment from outside of the KBOO community of stable, skilled and committed people who can represent segments of the unserved and underserved communities we seek to serve. It will be a hard sell given our current situation, but it must be attempted. The benefits of such a Board are many. The problems resulting from the status quo could be fatal.

This is the basis of my motion to the Board to request the Nomination Committee to do all that is required of it by the by-laws. Actually, we need to do all that, and more.  I can provide many resources needed for Board recruitment. It involves more than recording a spot, going to KBOO special events and putting up a notice on our web page.
And then he leaked the super sekrit board appointments that should be on the impossible to navigate KBOO website currently being maintained by chimpanzees:

[revised May 7, 2013]

New Three-Year Terms (October 2012 – September 2015)
Jeff Kipilman
John Mackey (removed, open seat)
Michael Papadopoulos
Damon Isiah Turner

New Three-Year Terms (October 2011 – September 2014)
Marc David Brown (resigned, open seat)
SW Conser
Lyn Moelich
Alicia Olson (resigned, replaced by Matthew Bristow)

New Three-Year Terms (October 2010 – September 2013)
Chris Andreae (resigned, replaced by Lisa Loving)
Paula Small
Devin Russo (resigned, replaced by Hadrian Micciche)
Keller Henry (resigned, replaced by Rabia Yeaman)

Jay Thiemeyer resigned, November 2008
Louis Sowa appointed, November 2008 (to September 2010)
Scott Forrester removed by the Board, February 2009
Nia Lewis appointed, April 2009 (to September 2009)
Anthony Petchel resigned, March 2009
Marty Soehrman appointed, May 2009 (to September 2009)
Eric Robinson resigned, April 2009
Paula Small appointed, August 2009 (to September 2009)
jamilah bourdon resigned, September 2009
Deena Barnwell appointed, February 2010 (to September 2010)
Michael Papadopoulos removed from Board, October 2009
Nia Lewis appointed, October 2009 (to September 2012)
Genevieve Matthews resigned, January 2010
Jim Craven appointed, February 2010 (to September 2011)
Marc Allyn resigned, February 2010
OPEN SEAT (to September 2010)
Joe Azavedo resigned, March 2010
Kurt Lauer appointed, May 2010 (to September 2011)
Jim Craven resigned, December 2010
Mimi Villarqui appointed, March 2011 (to September 2011)
Devin Russo resigned, January 2011
Hadrian Micciche appointed, March 2011 (to September 2013)
Marty Soehrman died, February 2011
Pete Meyers appointed, April 2011 (to September 2012)
Michael Papadopoulos appointed by court-order, May 2011
Nia Lewis resigned, August 2011
(Board now reduced to Bylaws limit of 12 members; no appointment made)
Pete Meyers resigned, September 2011
Kate McCourt appointed to Pete’s seat, March 2012 (to September 2012)
Maire Cullen-Gilmore removed by the Board, October 2011
Benjamin Hoyne appointed to Maire’s seat, March 2012 (to September 2012)
Chris Andreae removed by the Board, April 2012
Lisa Loving appointed to Chris’ seat, August 2012 (to September 2013)
Keller Henry resigned, September 2012
Rabia Yeaman appointed to Keller’s seat, October 2012 (to September 2013)
Alicia Olson resigned, October 2012
Matthew Bristow appointed to Alicia’s seat, October 2012 (to September 2014)
John Mackey removed by the Board, November 2012
OPEN SEAT (to September 2015)
Marc Brown resigned, May 2013
OPEN SEAT (to September 2014)

Traitor Hadrian doesn't understand the high turnover is to drive out traitors to the Inner Party after their treachery is discovered via calls to act like a responsible non-profit or something.  (Nothing will be said of the times an Inner Party member is forcibly removed after being caught acting on Inner Party orders.  NOTHING. And almost nothing will be said of individual board member's instability.)

Anyway, who cares what the FCC thinks?  KBOO is a MEMBER run non-profit, non-corporation!  It's the MEMBERSHIP that decides which laws KBOO is going to follow, if any!   Broadcasting licences are a form of Top Down Corporate State controlled control!

Down with the FCC!  Down with broadcasting licences!

Look for our new 26,500-btu  smoke signal repeater station in the west hills at [puff] [puff][ *pause* [steam] FM.  (KBOO now accepts donations in firewood!)



  1. The FCC report is about a 2011 challenge by the Chehalis Valley Educational Foundation to the KBOO application for a new, noncommercial educational FM station at Chehalis, Washington. The challenge lost, as the Board turn-over was shown to be a result of our yearly election of four Directors. However, it appears that with a 50% turn-over since the last election puts us at risk.

    However, if folks want to make our situation worse, they will go ahead with plans for a special membership meeting to bring about an apocalyptic level of Board turn-over. To quote proto-punk Arnold Schaubroeck, "KILL ME MOTHERF*CKER, AIN'T EVER DIED BEFORE!"

    Metaphorically speaking that is.

    1. "However, if folks want to make our situation worse, they will go ahead with plans for a special membership meeting to bring about an apocalyptic level of Board turn-over."

      What Traitor Hadrian fails to realize is that as anti-Party activities move beyond mere individual resistance (which can be dealt with by singling out the anti-Party individuals one by one for elimination) to a nascent anti-Party organization (as symbolized by this utterly counter-revolutionary blog), the necessity for regularly purging the leadership becomes more pressing, not less!

      We need to change the by-laws to allow for election of a new board every week, so that we can purge anti-Party individuals on the board, before they are even aware of their counter-revolutionary thoughts!

      Suspicion Breeds Confidence, Comrades!

  2. "Traitor Hadrian doesn't understand the high turnover is to drive out traitors to the Inner Party after their treachery is discovered via calls to act like a responsible non-profit or something."

    Frequently purging the leadership is an important part of maintaining Inner Party control, Comrades!

    The KBOO Inner Party are a bunch of pikers, compared to truly transformative purges, like I.V. Stalin's in 1937!

    Look what Stalin did to the Soviet Army!


    T}he purge of the Red Army and Military Maritime Fleet removed three of five marshals (then equivalent to five-star generals), 13 of 15 army commanders (then equivalent to three- and four-star generals), eight of nine admirals (the purge fell heavily on the Navy, who were suspected of exploiting their opportunities for foreign contacts),[28] 50 of 57 army corps commanders, 154 out of 186 division commanders, 16 of 16 army commissars, and 25 of 28 army corps commissars.[29]"

    As traitors and class enemies reveal themselves, the Inner Party is under an obligation to remove them, Comrades!

    Renewal of the Inner Party is a never-ending process!

  3. Bubbles the ChimpJune 28, 2013 at 12:44 PM

    KBOO's website is not run by Chimpanzees! We are much more intelligent than whoever is running that website. Chimps have been to outer space, can anyone from KBOO say that?! while Sober?

  4. The Iron Rice BowlJune 28, 2013 at 12:51 PM

    Board members come and go, but the staff remains, Comrades!

    1. Comrade, you failed to refer to staff as "the award-winning staff", per Inner Party orders!

      Report to the Powers Rehabilitation Facility!

    2. How many reeducation/rehabilitation/work camp/Gulags in Oregon are there?

    3. As many as we need, Comrade. As many as we need.

    4. I love that "award-winning" staff shite.

      Jenka has certainly earned some credible awards, including a fellowship at Stanford (I wonder how much corporate money goes to that school).

      Other staff to win awards... gotta go back to last century.

      As George Costanza says, it's not a lie if you believe it.

  5. Anyone wonder why the Inner Party, with the exception of a cameo from Glorious Leader, almost never leave comments here? They can't shut up on Facebook. You'd think if there were really lies and defamation and stuff here they'd want to rebut it.

  6. What happened to the porn Studio in KBOO's basement???

  7. Seems that the " Studio P" is the KBOO inner party's main concern. That is why nothing truly changes at the station. The whole non-profit thing is just a cover for their role in the Illegal Porn Industry.

  8. "AnonymousNovember 6, 2013 at 4:06 PM

    What happened to the porn Studio in KBOO's basement??? "

    If it ever existed they got rid of it before Fitch arrived. No way would be keep her mouth shut about something like that.

    Remember, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.