Thursday, June 6, 2013

Comrade Marian Grace calls out Kraus Raus at KBOO!!!!

Yes Virginia, Let's Dredge up again this Pack Of Lies

It's ironic this is being paraded around again.  Anyone who cares should make sure they read the op ed written by Arthur Davis, and then read my most recent post on IndyMedia dated June 5 2013.
The hack reporter at WWeek who contacted me after another KBOO volunteer "leaked" the "story" no longer works at WWeek.  Perhaps the last straw was the blowback when his efforts were labeled "Flabby Journalism" when he decided to label Oregon Jewish Museum as a "Flabby Charity"?  And after having the "Rouge of the Week" column blasted by readers as irresponsobile and poorly handled, WWeek dropped the column perhaps a year ago?  At least WWeek can learn.  I spoke with the publisher of WWeek regarding a different story a few months ago, I should have asked him if he remembered who I was.
Let sleeping dogs lie.  There was no story, no one was prevented from having any program time by anyone else.  Lies, Lies, Lies.

As usual, the Jew thinks he can defend himself with FACTS.  As anyone knows FACTS are an ENEMY of the People!!!!

Honorary shout out to comrade in the glorious struggle, JAMES PITKIN most most outrageous hack piece in the line of duty AND  his eagle eyed skewering of  FLABBY JEWISH CHARITIES:

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December 22nd, 2010 JAMES PITKIN | News
 Flabby Charities

Ten Portland nonprofits that spend more than average on overhead.



 1. Charity: The Oregon Jewish Museum
Mission Statement: “To preserve history as it relates to the Jewish people.”
Program Spending: 48 percent
What They Said: Museum director Judy Margles says an accountant put the entire $60,000 salary for the director of development and programming under fundraising, when some of that money should have been listed as providing services. “We’re sort of the model of fiscal caution and conservatism,” Margles says.


Enemies of the people weigh in:

  • Earl 2 years ago

    This article should have been called "Flabby Journalism." I was a CASA for several years, and continue to volunteer for the organization. The author failed to understand that the group doesn't give money away, but uses almost all of it's funds to recruit, train and supervise citizen volunteers who advocate for children who are under the protection of the juvenile court, mostly in foster care. And those 100s of volunteers contributed 84,000 hours of free service to the children in Multnomah and Washington county last year! The author of this article does a real disservice to charities by rushing to print with half-information about such wonderful organizations. It literally could hurt children.

  • anatta 2 years ago

    Are you kidding, James Pitkin? Did you do any actual research on non-profit management at all? I find it hard to believe you might have. These are not all "charities", nor do they claim to be. They are NON or (NOT-FOR) PROFIT organizations. And this demonstrates a shocking lock of familiarity with fundraising practices and standards. It seems you don't even understand the basic language and concepts that Charity Navigator (an excellent resource, BTW) employs.
    You should do your homework, belatedly, and then print a retraction. And an apology to the organizations you've harmed through your carelessness. You might consider apologizing to your employer too, for perpetuating the widespread impression that WW's journalistic standards are "flabby."
Hmmm...this was over 2 and a half years ago.  There's gotta be a way to blame Teflon Fitch!  Think people, THINK!

If Pitkin was still around, we could have taken over Willamette Week years ago and not be bogged down in this KBOO mess!!!

-Meresa Titchell


  1. What's more, Comrade Kraus went on to say:

    "In case you don’t know, before KBOO finally dropped the service due to lack of funds Arbitron consistently put KBOO in last place in total listenership in the metro area (lower than internet only business news ... lower than low power AM stations from down the valley)."


    How dare this rootless cosmopolitan claim that practically speaking, nobody listens to KBOO?

    How dare Kraus contradict Our Glorious Leader, who memorably said:

    "In fact, KBOO had a bright future before these changes were pushed through. We had lost some audience for morning public affairs to KPOJ, which has now been wiped out by its own top-down corporate management; that audience is returning. Our substantial public affairs and journalism strength continue to draw audience, even in the Internet age."

    Pay no attention to the carping complainers, Comrades, who will be thrown on the Dustbin of History!


    Virginia Furr is Marian Grace? Virginia is Grace? Grace is deep underground inside KBOO! If we cant' even keep our own comrades secret, how will we be able to keep KBOO KBOO?

    DOWN WITH ... um ... WWeek ... no ... FITCH! DOWN WITH FITCH!

  3. It's understandable comrades get confused about who to denounce in the Glorious Struggle! Why, last week I accidentally denounced myself before breakfast! It was an embarrassing moment I can tell you!!!