Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Keep Saving KBOO to Storm Barricades Monday June 24th!!!!

Inner Party Memo reads:

Subject: Re: KBOO Bd mtg this Monday - please RSVP
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2013 12:56:36 -0700
From: Keep Kboo
To: Keep Kboo

The following motions are being presented at the KBOO Board meeting on

Monday, June 24, 6pm at 20 SE 8th

Please show up to support!

*** Please RSVP to

From: Keep KBOO as KBOO

To: KBOO Board

RE: Motions for the KBOO Board June 24, 2013 Meeting


Two motions are listed below within the context of KBOO as a participatory-members radio station. It is our belief that a critical mass of the current board also supports the importance of membership participation in the workings of KBOO. Top down governance, a corporate style station, with an Executive Director with total power contradicts both the by-laws and the strategic plan while at the same time alienating a large portion of the current membership. In addition, sanitizing programming to make KBOO more attractive to corporate and foundation grantors, thus moving towards less controversial and "confrontational" programing by more mainstream voices is also offensive to a critical mass of KBOO's membership. There is no doubt that current board members understand the history and the present reality at KBOO, and like the KBOO members, the board understands that the democratic ethos of the station, with evident ebbs and flows, has attracted a membership that wants to be involved and a staff that is creative as it and volunteer programmers present a real alternative to commercial and public radio in Oregon. We truly fear that the recent movement away from our democratic history will be the downfall of KBOO. Corresponding to that belief, we propose two motions that will help KBOO remain a membership centered station.


1. . Move to place the board policy manual in abeyance and refer it to the Personnel Committee as it violates the spirit of both the KBOO by-laws and strategic plan as well as the core values of KBOO. The committee would report its findings and recommendations to the board.

Outcomes: Passing this motion would provide the opportunity for the board and staff to actually work with the membership in constructing a policy manual through healthy membership participation in both membership/board meetings and through the KBOO committee structure. It would also provide the board with the opportunity to explain the rationale of their changes and allow questions and feedback from concerned members. All former policies would be re-instated in compliance to KBOO policies in effect prior to January 2013 during this time of abeyance with the Interim Executive Director becoming the Interim Station Manager, re-installation of just cause policy, re-institution of past staff benefits, and many other changes that have occurred through the new policy manual that are not supported by the by-laws or strategic plan. The board should issue a statement encouraging open communication between members, staff and the Board, and reaffirming the collaborative spirit at the heart of KBOO Community Radio.

2. In camaraderie with the KBOO membership, move for the KBOO board to commence good faith negotiations with the CWA.

Outcomes: Both the membership and members of the board have responded positively to the staff voting to unionize. It is important noting KBOO's history, culture, and most importantly mission; for negotiations to be conducted quickly in the spirit of KBOO. This is essential for the health of the board leading the participatory-membership. 

 Could be get some outer cadre to work a spin on this part?
Top down governance, a corporate style station, with an Executive Director with total power contradicts both the by-laws and the strategic plan
Actually, from the survey results, one of the criticisms from KBOO membership was NOT having an Executive Director:

1. What is the single most important improvement you would like to see happen at KBOO?
  Internet streaming
  Better, more consistent music programming …for programmers to recognize that doing
radio is a privilege, not a right.
  To continue to broadcast out to the gorge
  Hire a real executive director who can lead the organization
  Financial sustainability if coupled with sustainable leadership
  Better communication with staff and volunteers
  Bring new faces to talk radio in the mornings

The strategic plan seems to be pushing for, not against an executive director.  This is so cadre can have someone to blame when things don't go its way.

ANYWAY, it's amazing the Board get's any regular KBOO business done at all! Of course that's part of the plan Comrades.



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