Thursday, June 6, 2013

Teflon Fitch Speaks!!!!!!

In a cheap bid to sway KBOO membership, Teflon Fitch highjacks the air waves for 15 MINUTES to spread her nefarious screed of outreach and awareness:

It's the June 2 Special Announcement from KBOO Station Navigator
This past Sunday, KBOO's Station Navigator, Lynn Fitch pre-empted regular programming for 15 minutes to deliver an address to all listeners which contained an ambitious membership, outreach and awareness building campaign for this Summer.
If you care about KBOO, please give a listen, especially if you missed hearing it live. And share this link with your fellow KBOO fans.
Navigator 6-2-13.mp39.56 MB

Let's not forget what Teflon Fitch REALLY stands for.  Her agenda EXPOSED :


-Meresa Titchell


  1. Look closely on that Save KBOO page for the secret code, they try to hide it with a black background...

    Please go right now to, and sign up your entire family and friends for $10 and $20 memberships, and MAKE SURE THEY VOTE in the August Board elections! And don’t be fooled by all the extra requirements for running for the Board. They aren’t legally required. The official Bylaws, as registered with the State of Oregon, simply require that you be a member, and that you put in your statement/application by June 28th.

    Reminder: Committee to Keep KBOO as KBOO meeting this Friday, 6 – 7:30pm, at the home of Bill and Johanna, 1615 SE 35th place, s. of Hawthorne

  2. Let us be clear, Comrades!

    Joining an organization does not give you the right to question the policies of that organization!

    Let Glorious Leader do your thinking for you!

  3. We have NEVER questioned the Glorious Leadership of Comrade Theresa!!!!! What more thinking do we need besides FITCH = EVIL INCARNATE? Only an Enemy of the People would question Comrade Theresa's plan to SAVE KBOO by driving it into the ground!!!! Have faith cadre!!! Solidarity!!!!

  4. All Out for the sekrit meeting today, Comrades!

    The award-winning, brilliant, and charming KBOO paid staff has made KBOO what it is today - the least listened-to radio station in the greater Portland area.

    Why tamper with success?