Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Dear Cadre;

We'd like to call attention to some so called KBOO supporters spreading lies about the cadre's successful board confrontation Monday which will release the KBOO membership from their oppressive bonds they didn't know they had until we spammed about it for almost 8 weeks straight.

This comment in particular shows the moral turpitude to which the enemy has sunk, blatant treachery to our cause:

You mean the entitled 1% of members 04.Jun.2013 15:17


The people yelling and shouting and bullying last night DO NOT represent the membership. 99% of the membership is very satisfied with KBOO or they would have been there yelling and shouting too. Looks like your bullies are 1 percenters.

The first order of business: to protect our glorious revolution, I call on all cadre to hunt this "-" down.   "-" will not confuse The People implying a possibly accurate Occupy Wall Street comparison.  We will not rest until we know "-"  REAL NAME, address, phone number, library fines, donor card, spouse, pets, tax history and espresso preferences.  The ENEMIES of the People will be shown NO MERCY. As we know, MERCY and REASON are also ENEMIES of the People.

Let's put this defamatory rumor to rest:

KBOO has just over 5,000 paid members(‎)

Our Glorious Leader informed us 75 cadre showed up to protest the bourgeois board meeting.

75  divided by 5,000 = .015

That IS NOT one percent.  That's one and a HALF percent.(1.5%)


Remember cadre, be always on the watch for those who would derail you from fulfilling our glorious vision:   the reasonable, the logical, that ubiquitous tempter "common sense".  The Enemy will be known by their insistence on FACTS and provable knowledge.

The revolution as we know it exists only in our minds.  But, by spreading the message like Ebola, we can change that.  Through the sheer power of repetition, things that aren't real can become real if only we have the will to fertilize the Internet as much as humanly possibly.

Pick up a spade, comrade and get to work!

SAVE KBOO!!!!  Viva La Revolution!!!!!!

-Meresa Titchell

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