Thursday, June 13, 2013

MANDATORY: Our Leader Speaks Today

9:00am - 9:30am
Hosted by: Theresa Mitchell
News You're Not Supposed to Know


Failure to attend will be met with swift censor and deportation to the Bend Gulag.


-Meresa Titchell


  1. Does anyone have an extra secret message decoder ring? I left mine at Red & Black :(

    How will I know the secret message?!

    1. 1.Record or download program
      2.Play backwards

    2. !tecfrep si OOBK

      !tecfrep si ffats diap OOBK

      !gnihtyrevE ediceD serdaC

  2. Let us not forget the martyrdom of Glorious Leader just seven years ago, when Glorious Leader magically transformed a minor incident of mouthing off after being caught parking illegally at Holman's restaurant on SE 28th, into a transformative moment in the struggle for gay liberation!

    All hail Glorious Leader!


    Theresa Mitchell convicted
    author: theresa mitchell
    public sentencing Friday
    Frequent Portland-Indy readers may recall that I reported an incident here in May, in which I was confronted by a sort of armed vigilante parking-patrol as I attempted to look in a shop window on East Burnside. One of them called my employer (because I was wearing my Tri-Met uniform between shifts)-- I bitched him out royally; then the woman said she had a gun. I attempted to provoke her to pull it (so that I could save my butt by executing a dodge-grab maneuver that I learned long ago). This frustrated the woman mightily. So they called the cops and said that they were threatened, and I left.

    The "parking patrol" (actually brother and sister Bill and Judy Craine, owners of Holman's Restaurant and Bar) actually filed charges. A week or so later, I was tricked into a "meeting with my manager" and tackled at work by the Portland cops--the arresting officer was Park (yes, Taser-death Park).

    This week I went to trial. The 9-11 tape had Bill and Judy merrily laughing that I was "big and ugly," and the cop text messages said they were going to arrest a "big transvestite--anyone wanna come?" The jury didn't believe the cops or Judy--so no Resisting Arrest charge, nor a rap for "threatening" Judy--but they bought Bill's complaint that he thought I was about to hit him, at some point.

    So this Friday, October 6th, at Multnomah County Courthouse, Room 330, I am to face sentencing for my crime. The original "Menacing" charge was changed (not due to plea bargain), and the actual charge is an obscure City misdemeanor ordinance evidently intended to reduce bar-fight confrontations downtown. Therefore, I do not face a year in jail, but rather only ten days, and a $500 fine.

    In my opinion, this whole proceeding has been bizarre and a waste of tax money. It has also stressed my family and myself, and cost me thousands in lawyer fees. I think it really boils down to this: can an uppity queer talk back to tormentors, or is that illegal now?

    Thanking you fo your time, I am

    Theresa Mitchell

  3. This has nothing to do with the issues facing KBOO, just like the stuff thrown at Lynn Fitch last month. How about we stick to the larger issues? SKFSK has been an important entry point to discussing (yes and sometimes ridiculing) what's going on, but this is making the same mistakes as Theresa, but in the opposite direction.

    How about the high ground ... with a bit of humor in the mix?

    1. "just like the stuff thrown at Lynn Fitch last month."

      I wasn't aware that Lynn Fitch had posted an account of her arrest on Indymedia, Comrade!

    2. From one blogger: we can appreciate Kraus' position. He's trying to call for reasonable discourse in an unreasonable situation. What he's trying to accomplish is admirable, and he is being fair and consistent in criticizing even people he may otherwise agree with. We respect this.

      Mr. Kraus: On the other hand, the fact is most people are sick of the dishonest bullshit being passed off by the TM crowd as "radical" or "revolutionary" activism.

      The above comment can be defended as proof Mitchell has a history of blowing up situations dishonestly for some weird agenda. It is exactly the same pattern of behaviour she repeated this year with Fitch, and this pattern dates from 2006. That was 7 years ago and she's still doing the same shit. Anyone trying to convince you this history is not relevant is trying to sell you something.

      Also, this was something TM published herself and promoted the hell out of. We don't think reviewing that is comparable to her "making up shit" activities.

      We agree it's not immediately relevant. That's why it's not a blog. Unless she starts pulling the exact same crazy shit again. Then it will be news.

      The comments are running free at this time. People are frustrated and this is a safe outlet. As long as it doesn't cross the line into irrelevant personal attacks or actual lies(as opposed to comic hyperbole).

    3. There is humor in nearly everything, but ya gotta know it's not all black and white. Just because Theresa chose to post something about herself AND chose to publicize someone else's problems, this doesn't change what's the best for KBOO.

      Actually, reading Theresa's post as shown above, although over the top and a little bit ... odd ... it shows me two things (one unintentional and one on point). First, Theresa showed really bad judgement once informed the other party had a gun. I guess she's thinking her kung-fu is top notch, but that's a difference between her and me ... why escalate a parking dispute? Weird.

      But the part that makes this interesting and "news" to her "following" and perhaps others is the part where PPD and the people making the complaint, in court are shown to have be laughing at her "transvestite"? status. I have friends who have been arrested for DWB (driving while black). So her personal story while weird, makes a point about discrimination attitude in some police in Portland. Seems to serve the purpose of media for the unpopular and underserved. Actually, as a story that would have been appropriate for her show on KBOO. Not that I'd really want to hear it, but it fits the mission statement.

      So this story tells us how both Theresa failed to use what I'd call good judgement, how some at PPD showed their prejudice, and that the courts seemed to sort it out and come up with a compromise. Maybe ten days and $500 have taught Theresa to watch her temper?

      But don't worry, there will be plenty to ridicule in the months ahead. But when people are just being odd, that's KBOO. Let's watch for when TM (and others at KBOO) spew something innappropriate at other people, that's when to take a stand.

    4. "Maybe ten days and $500 have taught Theresa to watch her temper? "

      TM's actions years later argue, "not likely". At best she's learned to pick her targets better. But there's no sign of insight or maturity. She's stuck in the same pattern: impulsive lashing out and evading responsibility under social justice rubric.

      Completely agree the PD tranny comments were unprofessional and out of line tho.

    5. "But the part that makes this interesting and "news" to her "following" and perhaps others is the part where PPD and the people making the complaint, in court are shown to have be laughing at her "transvestite"? "

      Ed, I'll follow your advice, and not post the two earlier postings TM made on this case on Indymedia (you can find them in Indymedia archives, if you are so inclined). However, you should read the physical descriptions of the owners of Holman's restaurant that TM posted - they are far more vicious than any comments TM reported regarding her transvestite status.

      If you want to be treated with civility, you should learn to be civil yourself.

    6. Obvious Traitor to the CauseJune 14, 2013 at 10:54 AM

      Why not future KBOO be aim at a higher level of than IndyMedia? Let IMC wallow in the gutter!

      That's something I can get behind 100%! That's not Zombie Facist KBOO, that's being a real radio station!

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  5. You do have to admire Glorious Leader's message discipline.

    Prior to the Sekrit Meeting a week ago, we were getting near-daily posts from Glorious Leader on Indymedia and Save KBOO.

    Since the Sekrit Meeting, nothing - no posts on Indymedia, and the Save KBOO website has apparently been abandoned.

    At the Sekrit Meeting, it was clearly decided that the Inner Party would quietly gather support, while doing nothing publicly to generate more opposition. (In particular, I'm sure that they hope to kill this blog by denying it new material.)

    It's a clever strategy, and the only one likely to succeed. It's just difficult to believe that Glorious Leader will be able to keep refraining from posting indefinitely, but we will see...

    1. Yes, this sudden self control argues against the poplar theory Our Leader doesn't know what she's doing.

      It's also amazing that people who otherwise showed no talent for rational discourse(T-shirts anyone?) were able to come up with a rational strategy, and execute it. Our Leader isn't the only one playing dumb.

      "(In particular, I'm sure that they hope to kill this blog by denying it new material.)"

      It's already too late in some ways. Google Save Kboo. They've lost the SEO battle. It's doubly devastating because criticisms of the Inner Party are based on those enemies of the people, provable facts. The Inner Party doesn't want to explain uncomfortable facts.

    2. Patience young grasshopper, the levee will burst, it is inevitable. As the pressure builds up over time, the destruction is sure to be more powerful than in the past. How exciting it will be.