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Count Down to KBOOM Board Meeting! Part 4: Lisa "Hacker" Loving Gets Josh Chiles to "Flush Blog"

 Regarding  agenda item:

 I'm a Board member of the KBOO Foundation. I invite you to attend the next KBOO Board meeting, where we will be discussing:

1. A Board member soliciting people to engage in illegal behavior.

It was a slow week for KeepKBOO.  No one expected anything but the usual Inner Party incompetences and dissembling up to the Board Meeting.  But with one stroke of her keyboard Comrade Lisa Loving changed all that when she sent out a call on Facebook to her KBOO associates to hack this blogspot:

She soon followed this up by outing a Party Member uncomfortable with the illegality of this plan:

And in a couple of days she was accusing people left and right of being either behind this blog or being Richard Smith:

Our Glorious Leader not only new about this scheme, but didn't object, while "calling for fairness" in her community:

  • Press Watch I'm quite flattered by the "savekboofromsavekboo" attention, and particularly proud of the "Bulldog Mitchell" appellation. I've refrained from public comment for a week or so, though, and I haven't had anything to say about Thom Hartmann. So: I think he's awesome. I don't necessarily share all of his ideology, but he is not a knee-jerk Obama supporter, as some have implied. Note his call for impeachment: ...His programs would be a great addition to KBOO, though I don't think it's right to wipe out the Tuesday Spanish-language programming, especially since that programming has already been cut back over the years.
  • Press Watch There are other things to ponder, too, before bringing in more non-local programming. Hartmann has the name recognition to draw listeners on the Web. So, though as I said, he'd be a great addition, we should probably hold off. As to whether the Tuesday Latino programming is up to snuff (mentioned on pdxIndy), the question should be what Latino programming should replace it, not whether to wipe it out, without input from the Latino community. So the proposal from the Navigator seems typically tone-deaf, in that regard. And one more thing: there is constant chatter on Indymedia claiming that radicals like myself are intolerant of other views. I am sharply critical of other views, but that isn't the same as intolerance, and I haven't tried to purge anyone from KBOO air, ever, for not agreeing with my ideology; nor has Ani; it simply has never happened. That's an example of pure projection by the claimants. I do say that KBOO must be retained as a last and only haven for radical dissent, and that is because the remainder of the ideological spectrum is better represented everywhere else on the dial. Calling for fairness for my own community's views is not the same as denying fairness for all others.

Later she tried to down play it as just wanting to know the bloggers identities, glossing over the call for felonious activity:

answering the other accusations 21.Jun.2013 12:22


The first accusation refers to an attempt to discover an anonymous blogger. If that's illegal activity, then all journalists are criminals.

As a result Comrade Loving claims to have retained a lawyer.   We can only hope he or she can talk sense into Comrade Loving where everyone else had failed.

At Facebook the hacking comments keep coming:

[ if you don't have Facebook, read here for previous comments    ]
  • Kimberly Culbertson What about the carrier of the blog? Defamation is a thing and it is their concern.
  • Steve Nassar I didn't think they were mean to my Mom. In fact, they quoted her, verbatim, and, I must say, in an appropriately sophomoric manner for a blog site designed by an intellectual neophyte..

    Oh, did I say neophyte? I am so sorry. I meant Neanderthal.
  • Steve Nassar They did get one thing right over there. Fitch is serving at the Pleasure of the BOD. THey hired her, and are the *only* ones that can fire her.

    Her job, therefor, is to Parrot whatever the BOD wants to hear, regardless of whether it's good or bad f
    ...See More
  • Greg Bye Are there any members of the BOD who are not on board with the "New Agenda"?
  • Yaney Lee Ann MacIver From what I see/hear there are a few. Lisa Loving can you comment?
  • Greg Bye Is this a gag? This comment has been hidden.
    Block Steve
    Give Steve feedback
  • Yaney Lee Ann MacIver Now Steve let's not go be-rating our fellow humans.
  • Greg Bye Any friend of T.O. is a friend of mine.
  • Greg Bye Hartmann is just alright with me....;D
  • Yaney Lee Ann MacIver However according to this the blogger(s) are not singling out just one person:

    "material that seeks to single-out another person for threat of serious harm or malicious attack is not allowed on Blogger."

    The blogger(s) is doing this collectively.
  • Noah Hibiscus Eaton I was honestly rather critical of "Democracy Now" becoming syndicated on KBOO years ago when I was volunteering in the PM News Department. The basis of my positioning was that, while I agree the content fits hand in glove with KBOO's Programming Charter in the sense that Goodman's program represents points of view that are not represented in the traditional media landscape.........I nonetheless also thought it violated the Programming Charter in that it is not locally-produced and home-grown content. Coupled with that was my concern that it would open a floodgate of subsequent syndicated programming transitioning. The interesting thing regarding Hartman is that, while he's a suitable candidate to the extent he is a native son, he is nonetheless at considerable odds with the Programming Charter's appeal to neglected viewpoints (his views are decidedly favored by the likes of MSNBC and Daily Kos despite the aforementioned call for Obama's impeachment)
  • Greg Bye Hartmann Saves!
  • Steve Nassar Yes, if anything, it IS an Equal Opportunity Blog, singling out both no one and everyone at the same time. Bwaaahahahahah!!! I wonder how many times I'm in there. If I had the time, I'd go look and see.
  • Greg Bye Make a flippant comment about TH on KBOO's Facebook page and become notorious.
  • Josh Chiles If ya want I could try to flush them out. If you want me to give me the blog address.
  • Steve Nassar Yeah, what Noah said.

    I was the Board Op for the AM News that got cut for Democracy Now, and my job changed from Live Engineering Local Content, to downloading/editing East Coast Content for broadcast in Portland.

    I start work at 6:00 AM to put Amy on the air 4 days per week. Don't get me wrong, I love Amy Goodman, but *not* more than Locally Produced Content...
  • Steve Nassar Thanks, Greg and Josh, but if it's not worth MY time, it *certainly* isn't worth yours. Bwaaahahahahahah!!! I have more respect for your time than to send you off chasing references to me that I probly don't want to read.
  • Noah Hibiscus Eaton I mean, when you really stop and think about it............much of KBOO's roster Monday through Friday consists of considerable syndicated content as is.

    "Democracy Now" alone makes up one-twelfth of the pie chart weekdays. Then you have Free Speech R
    adio News, Palestine Today and other pre-recorded, non-local content making up a large chunk of the newscasts. And as much as I honestly love the show like I immensely respect "Democracy Now", "Hard Knock Radio" has to be called as it is regardless of how great a program it is: syndicated, non-local content.

    If KBOO does indeed add Hartman to the roster, then where is the marker in the sand drawn? Ed Schultz? Rachel Maddow? Krystal Ball?
  • Greg Bye Hey, don't the liberals have MSNBC? Let Tyger Thom go there.
  • Steve Nassar If it's Good Enough for Clear Channel, it's Good Enough for KBOO, apparently. This is how even Community Media gets consolidated into the homogenized Amurka fold...
  • Greg Bye I remember when people in Portland were pissed because KPOJ replaced Morning Sedition with a local show hosted by Hartmann. Morning Seditionists Unite!
  • Greg Bye As for me and my local cell, we want Malloy.
  • Steve Nassar I'll take Joe Anybody, from off the streets of Portland, trained at KBOO, on KBOO Equipment, by KBOO Staff and Volunteers, to produce Local Content relevant to Rampant Hipsterism in Portlandia, my own self.

    But that's just me. I'm quirky that way.
    I'd rather see us *use* our FOUR (count 'em: 4!) Production Rooms to actually *make *radio, rather than ignore ALL of that stuff and just go with Syndication. WTF is a Community Radio Station FOR, if not to train and broadcast the COMMUNITY?!?!?
  • Greg Bye But have you forgotten the need for mammon? Can the station survive without a mainstream cash cow?
  • Steve Nassar Well, I guess 45 years of History says, what? Yes? No? Yes? No?
  • Greg Bye Hey. Get with the program. TINA! Capitulate or die!
  • Yaney Lee Ann MacIver Well from the YellowBlog it seems that whoever it is is a friend of Lisa Loving's and/or Steve Nassar's on FaceBook. Should we be calling them/him/her the Yellow Meanieohs? I mean really Yellow People come out and be open. The rest of us are able to at least respectfully (with some passion) disagree with each other.
  • Greg Bye Let them trolls have their fun. Does anyone take them seriously?
  • Steve Nassar It's not me, and I don't know who it is, or whether they're on my Friends list or not. They prefer to remain anonymous, so A) I really don't care who they are, and B.) Their Credibility is vastly reduced if they don't have the guts to name themselves.

    At least *I* _claim_ my drivel.

    My posts are quite public. For instance, many of the people on this thread are not on my friends list, and can still read my posts.

    *ANYone* can cut and paste us onto that blog. Be Advised, tho, that *I* personally have never commented over there. Any time my name is mentioned over there, someone else dragged it over, not me.
  • Steve Nassar As long as we're on the topic of Insulting Behavior, here's a Prime Example of what *I* consider to be Insulting Behavior...

    Another thing I do for KBOO is Board Op Talk Radio 4 days per week. This week, on 3 out of 4 of them, I had to play a recordi
    ng of our Station Manager telling us that we have "...No Access To Progressive Talk Radio In Portland..."

    Wait for it...

    As INTRO to KBOO's Locally Produced, Live, Progressive Talk Radio Shows. On the fourth show, I played it as OUTRO, rather than Intro.

    Now, THAT is Rude and Insulting Behavior.
  • Steve Nassar Here's my prediction... If we allow Hartman to replace 15 hours of Locally Produced Programing, soon thereafter, our 8:00 AM Local Talk Radio Shows, all of 'em, will be declared "Redundant" and replaced. So, we're *really* talkin' 'bout 20 hours, not 15 hours, of Local Programing getting trashed. Sneaky, eh wot?

    Replaced With What, one might ask? Why, with more Syndicated Clear Channel Claptrap, and each iteration will be milder than the last. The First Step in taming Little Beirut is to tame the only truly Progressive Community Radio Station Little Beirut has to offer. Ho Hum.

    Once we've replaced all or most of our Locally Produced Content with stuff that is either Downloaded or Automated, we'll *Finally* be able to fire all them pesky Staff Persons that keep getting in the way of "Progress." Progressive, yes?

Let's see what the Inner Party's got:

-Google support:

That will go far.

 -An answer"material that seeks to single-out another person for threat of serious harm or malicious attack is not allowed on Blogger."

We're sure that as soon as anyone can prove a  "threat of serious harm or malicious attack", Google will be all over that.   Laughing at people doing and saying stupid things, quoting their own words,  is not "serious harm" or a "malicious attack". 

-Josh Chiles 

" If ya want I could try to flush them out. If you want me to give me the blog address."

OMG!!!!!  LOOK OUT!! It's JOSH CHILES!!!!  
Who the fuck is Josh Chiles?

But speaking of "malicious attacks" or at least malicious outings of Party Members,  Comrade Loving STILL has her "Winston Smith" post up at Facebook, with more comments from her delusional fanclub:

  • Hi everybody!!! Now someone named Richard Smith has sent a screenie of my post about hacking into the anonymous bully blog to all the media in Portland, and a link to an Indymedia page and the Yellow Type blog. They are calling me out for trying to hire a child to hack a website. Awesome. Have a nice day. Thank you.
    • 11 people like this.
    • Richard Lindsay While I think the good folks who admin and maintain Indymedia have the best intentions and generally rock hard, it's become a turd-infested mote of mendacity, illogic and trolldrum.
      There should be some kind of unit of measure to determine the amount of time a post degenerates into a poo-slinging free for all.
    • Benno Lyon once a fight goes public... anything you say publicly can (and will) be twisted. So keep speaking truth to power, but also measure and consider words carefully? The word "hack" is pretty loaded...
    • Michelle Loving Betz You should take the hacking comment as a compliment and ignore the child statement. They are scared (and scarred) or they wouldn't be making a fuss. They hope the bluster will create such a storm cloud as so people won't notice the pig farm it's fall on.
    • Laurel Jones What David said.
    • Bonnie King Hang in there Lisa, it's all a plan to sabotage your productivity. Don't let em get to you.
    • Shannon Mallory Lisa, don't let this idiot bother you--just another internet troll out to stir the pot.....
    • Larry Mendoza Be flattered, girl - the Bad Guys only try to take down The Good Guys when you're makin' a difference... they don't pay attention when they're not threatened! Keep on shoutin' the Truth from the rooftops, stare 'em down when necessary, and know that we love you for your courage!
    • Harriet Fasenfest Your request came from a sense of impropriety regarding an anonymous bloggers talking smack. You were not anonymous about your opinion nor your request. All above board. Seemed reasoned and fair and I think that's what counts. So stay with your intention and let the rest go by. I have nothing but respect for you and your intentions. Def.
    • Yaney Lee Ann MacIver Well at least you were up front about it. I think I recall a staff member at KBOO finding out about another anonymous posting going on around a decade ago. Turns out the anon poster was Jack Danger (aka Linda Shirley). She lost her job because they found out she was posting from work.
    • Robin D Ryan Hey there, Miss Lisa...internet dialogue can indeed be a bumpy jaunt, never know who's gonna claim what or why the arguments made get so...tactical. Fortunately, you know a quirky bird that might shed a little light on the dynamics. Remember sweets, just cuz they say it don't make it so. As to more tools for the deciphering? Check this out:
    • Lois Blair Roberts so sorry people can be so mean!

Comrade Loving hasn't bothered  correcting anyone here that she herself asked for help hacking:

Michelle Loving Betz You should take the hacking comment as a compliment and ignore the child statement. They are scared (and scarred) or they wouldn't be making a fuss. They hope the bluster will create such a storm cloud as so people won't notice the pig farm it's fall on.
To quote the following comment, "Huh?"

Don't worry, comrades.  No one really cares if a KBOO Board member  who  claims to be a media professional encourages criminal activity has access to KBOO's financial records and other confidential information.  

Or said person creates a liability for KBOO that could bankrupt the station with a real lawsuit.

What could possibly go wrong with Comrade Loving on the board?  Let's keep her there and find out!!!!!

Lisa Loving:

"I am a media professional"

Can you say awkward board meeting?

UPDATE: Breaking...Comrade Loving sends IMPORTANT PARTY MEMO to Glorious Leader:

What is Glorious Leader agreeing about?  We'll find out soon!!!


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