Monday, June 17, 2013

Comrade Nassar expands on Fitch'e oppression, audio disappears!

 Fitch's Forces grind on, attempt to crush our spirits:
  • Today, I had to play the Station Manager's announcement that we just don't have any Progressive Talk Radio in Portland, so why don't we wipe out 12 hours of Local Programming and put that East Coast show, Thom Hartman on for 15 hours per week... I played this as... As... Wait for it...

    As intro to KBOO's Home-Brew Monday Morning Talk Radio Show...
    I had to watch our Talk Radio Host listen to our Station Manager talk as if he didn't exist, as intro to his show.

    Yay!!! What a Classy Joint we all work for!!!
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    • Richard Ullom I know KBOO has a money problem which needs to be resolved, however cutting local programing for Thom is to much...........Paz........
    • Steve Nassar Hey, we exist to Serve the Underserved. It says so, right in our Charter. And, Lord knows, the East Coast is *Way* Underserved out here in Portlandia. What better way to address the problem than to bring in a Clear Channel Qualified, Washington D.C. Talk Show, all afternoon, every afternoon, right here in Portland, Maine. Er, Orygun.
    • Christine Homitsu White If I never hear that fake morse code followed by that voice again it will be too soon. One programmer said diplomatically "My, she certainly has a lot of titles"
    • Old Mole Variety Hour w.t.f. Thanks for posting this. Do you have a link to the audio of the announcement or the text of it?
    • Steve Nassar There is no link to it that I can find...
It's bad when even cadre with an iron grip on KBOO's controls can't find the audio files.  We said the website design was a  nightmare!

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To show just how diabolical Fitch is, she disappeared the audio!!!

The only other explanation: the website is so fucked up not even a long time volunteer can find anything:

Quoting Wieder:

 Curse that Fitch!   Without hearing what she actually said, we'll just have to make up something.

Get to work, cadre!

-Meresa Titchell


  1. Uber Sekrit Sekrit Audio ComradeJune 17, 2013 at 10:05 PM

    I know sekrit way to get audio from website. But I won't tell. HA!

    1. Your name is down for the Happy Vally Reeducation Camp, comrade. It's up to you.

    2. No! Please! Anything but the HVRC!!!! Okay, here it is already

      Geez, put the thumbscrews away!!!