Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kraus throws down the Gauntlet! Plus CAPS!!!!!!

That wacky Jew Ed Kraus is in a snit because of some lies or something Theresa probably really did say  at some point.  Maybe last night.....who knows!!!!  Actually we're not even sure if Kraus is Jewish, but we find it handy to imply our opponents are Zionist agents(aka Jews) whenever the opportunist presents itself. 

ANYWAY, Eddie calls out Our Glorious Leader at Indy AND KBOO:

Lies and Defamation 04.Jun.2013 10:12

Ed Kraus

Again Theresa, Stop The Lies

Theresa Mitchell.  I DEFY YOU to find and reproduce actual evidence of "anti-Palestinian" rehetoric from me, either in writing or in any audio I've produced.  I've certainly interviewed people whom I disagree with on certain points, and have used that opportunity to challenge their views ... but I defy you to back up your statement that I am "anti-Palestinian".
In fact, I'm pro-Palestine as I see the survival of Israel depending on having a stable, viable, peacefull, soverign partner nation next door.  I've dedicated countless hours of my time to working to move the political center of the Jewish community to be ready to accept that this is the best path.  I've made personal visits in the last 2 years lobbying on behalf of J Street perhaps five or six times, meeting with our representatives in Congress, asking them to resist the urge to pile onto stupid letters that are sponsored by reactionary elements in the Jewish community.  In fact, after one particular lobbying push J Street was directly credited with blocking an attempt to close the Palestinian offices in DC after the recent UN vote to make Palestine an observer state.  I was directly involved at the state level lobbying to block that AIPAC letter, and to ensure that payments to the PA were not interupted.
Lies, Lies, Lies.  This is defamation.  This is character assasination.   This is bullshit.   Your behaviour is horrible and I'm calling you out for it.
BTW, as you don't listen very well ... I'll clarify for those who think you're still credible.  I said that on the sidewalk outside KBOO I'm viewed by most of the world as a left wing peacenik ... but when I come into the building KBOO treats ME like I'm Rush Limbaugh.  I said KBOO is intolerant.  I did not say that KBOO is Rush Limbaugh.
Ed Kraus

Crap.  This isn't covered in the cadre handbook.  

Doesn't Eddie know that when you're a target of a smear campaign you're not supposed to fight back with FACTS?  You're supposed to quietly disappear and consider yourself lucky we didn't give your personal information to deranged internet wackos who want to burn your house down.  And then live forever in fear we MIGHT be back.  Get with it!

First Teflon Fitch, now the Kraus Raus fighting back...WILL THIS OPPRESSION NEVER END?

-Meresa Titchell

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