Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Comrade Lisa Loving Wants to Hack Blogspot

Well, this is a surprise!!!!

Careful cadre that's friendly fire!!!  It's not Greg's fault he fell for Inner Party propaganda!!!

That's the Inner Party's fault!   Also Jade isn't mentioned there.

But she is mentioned here:

She seems confused about WHY she's not supporting Hartmann.  [Quick comrades!   The propaganda is wearing off!!!!]  And again the Inner Party's fault.

But keep spinning comrade Loving!  It's what we do best!!!!



PS: pretty sure asking people to hack on Facebook is illegal and against FB tou.  FYI.  But YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!  Your sacrifice for the Cause will be remembered!!!!

UPDATE:  Loving claims people she helped dupe by Inner Party propaganda are being  "trashed";

  • Noah Hibiscus Eaton You mean that SaveKBOOFromSaveKBOO one, right?

  • Noah Hibiscus Eaton If so, I too am curious who is assuming the alias "Meresa Titchell".

    Honestly, if the blog were retooled in refraining from not-quite-disguised personal attacks and name-dropping..........I would appreciate it a lot more as some online faux-journalism
    answer to "The UBU Hour". Because while I don't like the caustic tone behind a lot of the content there, I nonetheless understand the need for a counterpart from all the maligning of the Station Navigator (as much as I do strongly disagree with some of her decisions) and the need not to diminish the fact the station has long grappled with financial issues.

    But as it sits right now, the blog is just too menacing for me. It lacks a constructive purpose. There are some points made here and there that I consider well-taken, but they are dampened by the messanger.

  • Lisa Loving Yup. Yellow type? Dude it's unreadable. Plus mean to completely innocent people. Go ahead and trash board members and even staff people I guess. But the folks who just come in and answer phones during the drive? Hell naw.

 Last we checked, (a thing called reading comprehension) the only thing "trashed" is the propaganda the Inner Party is feeding these people.   Saying they're repeating incorrect things is not "trashing" them.

 If anyone is at fault it's the Inner Party for spreading lies in the first place.  Maybe the Inner party would like to stop setting people up?  Like Joe Uris?

Oh wait, we want to do that.



  1. It is time for the Inner Party hacker brigade to shut down this blog, Comrades!

    It is Evil, and the yellow type is unreadable! (Why is she objecting to the blog being unreadable when she hates the blog? Never mind, Comrades...)

    I wonder if the Skanner News Group is aware that Lisa is advocating "hacking into" blogs she doesn't like?

    1. Someone should tell them. If they don't know now, they'll find out soon!

    2. Get your kids to help like Comrade Gwen!

      "Gwendolyn Rose Tracking the ISP can be several levels or almost no level of difficulty. It depends on how they are set up. My son may be interested in assisting an NPO. Would you like me to ask? If he agrees I will give him your contact info. Please pm me."

    3. Traitors Need To Be Identified And Rooted Out, Comrades!

    4. We need to prove that this blog is secretly funded by the Koch Brothers, Comrades!

    5. Inner Party PatsyJune 20, 2013 at 10:32 AM

      Curse you! How did you find out?

    6. They said "spinning"! DUH!!!

      "But keep spinning comrade Loving!"

      Spinning = FOX news = Tea Party = Koch brothers

      Like: KBOO = Corporation = EVIL = FITCH
      Or: T-SHIRTS = COMMIE Pinko = black serial killers
      Or: increase members = stuffing ballots
      Or: mainstream leftists = right-wing trolls
      Or: political satire = "attacking my friends"

      It all makes sense once you get the hang of it.

  2. "Honestly, if the blog were retooled in refraining from not-quite-disguised personal attacks..."

    Let us not forget the words of Our Prophet, Saul Alinsky, Comrades!

    "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage."

    1. These are the same people who accuse Ben Hoyne of "stuffing ballots" because he's encouraging new members. What's depressing is that people like Greg are falling for it. They aren't checking facts for themselves.

  3. Now if you go to the URL Lisa posted on Facebook, the blog has been updated to include other pages she read before deciding her friend was "attacked":

    Notice she's not outraged that Fitch and Kraus are "attacked"?

    1. Yet another Inner Party embarrassment. Oops!

  4. There is a real concern the "Inner Party" is using this to "rally the troops". But it takes a certain kind of denseness to interpret mocking bullshit as an attack, but not to see TM and Ani's history of real personal attacks.

    But they were always going to do something like this, brainwash people by being nice to them, then manipulate them with scare tactics. Just have to hope enough people at KBOO are smart enough to see through this facade eventually.

    1. "Just have to hope enough people at KBOO are smart enough to see through this facade eventually."

      HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

      Dude, seriously, this shit has been going on since 2005, 2006. The smart people have mostly left.

  5. Comrade Red PantsJune 19, 2013 at 10:11 PM

    Glorious Leader returns!

    "Press Watch I'm quite flattered by the "savekboofromsavekboo" attention, and particularly proud of the "Bulldog Mitchell" appellation. I've refrained from public comment for a week or so, though, and I haven't had anything to say about Thom Hartmann. So: I think he's awesome. I don't necessarily share all of his ideology, but he is not a knee-jerk Obama supporter, as some have implied. Note his call for impeachment: ...His programs would be a great addition to KBOO, though I don't think it's right to wipe out the Tuesday Spanish-language programming, especially since that programming has already been cut back over the years."

  6. "and I haven't had anything to say about Thom Hartmann. So: I think he's awesome."

    Glorious Leader is showing disturbing signs of moderation, Comrades!

    Doesn't Glorious Leader realize that the Evil Fitch wants Hartmann, and that makes Hartmann, by definition, Evil, Evil, Evil!

    Obviously, there will have to be a settling of accounts within the Inner Party, Comrades!


    2. "Glorious Leader is showing disturbing signs of moderation, Comrades! "

      Yet Glorious Leader continues to display typical hypocrisy of those demanding accountability and free speech from the board, but failing to walk their talk.

      So far TM hasn't rebuked Lisa. Not just for trying to shut down free speech, but encouraging members to do something illegal. WTF. If TM does say something bets it will be after reading these comments.

      Remember, these people want to run KBOO. Be afraid.

    3. "Remember, these people want to run KBOO. Be afraid."

      Slander, Comrade!

      These people already run KBOO!

  7. Anyone check indy? It's breaking news and hasn't been censored yet:

    author: supporter
    Breaking News: KBOO board member Lisa Loving calls for hacking of blog which "insults pals". Presswatch apparently supports call to hack critic's websites.

    1. The link works but it is not on the home page.

    2. That's weird. It's not deleted but it's not in the feed?

  8. Kinda sad to see Eddie dismiss a call for possibly felonious activity as unimportant Facebook comments. If this isn't a scandal, what is?

  9. I don't see this as the core issue, people with computer skills do this all the time. It's not legal but smoking pot also is not legal. You have to know what's worth putting out there, and what's noise.

    1. Board member goes nuts asking for help to commit a felony is not an issue? Excuse me while I disagree. This is their core values on display. And why someone needs to give them the boot.

      I'm not against the concept btw. For real social justice causes. But just because KeepKBOO is feeling the heat from a fire they started? Remember this next time they say anything about free speech.

    2. With all due respect, you have a naive take on events, sir. This 'noise' is part of the same problem as ignoring a responsible debate. How the fuck do you think they keep doing this shit year after year after year? All the level headed people(like you) handwave attacks, defamation,unprofessionalism, etc as 'noise' and try to pretend they can productively get your message out if they just ignore it. All evidence to contrary.

      We know you know better. That's why it's weird. Theresa Mitchell can impersonate you and put words in you mouth, and you called her out, but a BOARD MEMBER conspiring with KBOO members to do something illegal that could hurt KBOO is "noise"? And what about "Winston Smith" she outed? It's only a problem when you're the target?

      Sorry to sound harsh. You've been honest, so I'll be too. I'll even sign it, heh. This is part of the Inner Party tactic: dishonest self serving propaganda combined with aggressive toxic behavior to drive people away. You can't ignore the toxic behavior if you want to fix the station. It's by definition a "core issue". I suspect the reason you down play it is it scares the shit out of you because you're just beginning to see how bad it is.

      The four of us at this blog are generally in agreement about one thing: if the Board knows about Lisa's little hacking campaign, and either cannot or will not remove Lisa from the board, KBOO is too broken to fix.
      No one, I mean NO ONE, not part of this crazy club will support an organization that has board members running around soliciting kids to hack websites they don't like.

      That's just the facts, ma', sir.


  10. I've appended some more comments to the previous Indymedia blog regarding Thom Hartmann on KBOO. FWIW, I'm astounded folks at KBOO aren't picking up that we don't have to do three hours, we can have one hour of Hartmann and can run it when we like.

    1. "FWIW, I'm astounded folks at KBOO aren't picking up that we don't have to do three hours"

      Not surprised at all. Look at the amount energy they're spending on FB obfuscating the details. Business as usual.

  11. Why not listen to and transcribe today's Presswatch, where Theresa forgets that it's a programmer requirement to play carts without comment? She opens her show with a segment about the cart (PSA) played earlier. Then callers talk about Hartmann (got no problem there but there are attitudes for sure) and then at the end, Theresa tells that when she was on the board, when times were tight KBOO ran to the bank for money! Ya want material, just look there!

    1. And how did that work? Did KBO have a rainy day fund? Take out a loan? Wear a ski mask and pass the teller a note?

    2. She mentions she gets her news from Economic Collapse blog. If this is the one

      Foil Hat Overload!
      Stock of on Survival Gear while supplies last!!

    3. Another quote from Glorious Leader:

      "For one thing we really don't care if we're close to the wire on money."


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