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KBOO Strategic Plan: Chapter 2

Part of our ongoing educational series for loyal Inner Party cadre.  POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!
-Meresa Titchell

CHAPTER 2: Market Demographics

KBOO’s market is broadly defined within the organization’s Program Charter, which states:
“KBOO shall be a model of programming, filling needs that other media do not, providing
programming to diverse communities and unserved or underserved groups.” KBOO
accomplishes this objective within its primary market, which is the Portland Metro Area and
includes the City of Vancouver, WA. KBOO also transmits via a translator to Corvallis and in
the Columbia Gorge to the Hood River area. These secondary markets represent a very small
portion of KBOO’s market share.

KBOO encourages programming for and by the specific segments of the population as stated
herein. However, the potential listenership is not limited to any particular group within the
service areas. Further, the potential for significant increases in listenership and membership
within all of these markets is strong.

The following chart shows the breakdown of population figures by race from within KBOO’s
primary market area from the 2010 Census. It is important to note that Census respondents elect
whether or not to declare their race, which means that these numbers are approximate. Also,
some respondents may check multiple boxes. This skews the population figures slightly.
Most importantly, this discrepancy is important for KBOO as it moves to implement the
strategies for organizational sustainability that are outlined in this plan. It is vital to KBOO’s
marketing efforts and community outreach to understand that many new or returning listeners
and members identify as multi-ethnic and therefore must be approached with this understanding
so as not to offend, misunderstand or wrongly identify potential stakeholders.

Market Demographics: Portland Metro Area

The Portland Metro Area includes both the City of Portland and the City of Vancouver, WA.
According to the Population Research Center at Portland State University, the 2010 Census
reveals that the total population of the City of Portland is 583,776 people and the population of
Vancouver is 161,791, which means that the total population of the Metro Area is 745,567.
Based on the figures below, the total numbers of independent responses to the Census request for
ethnicity is 638,616 responses for Portland. For Vancouver the number is 178,547.

Market Demographics: Online and Apps

KBOO Website

KBOO’s web presence is active and generates an important amount of traffic. From March 28,
2010 to March 28, 2011, the most current data available shows that received
748,411 unique page views, which is a 2.08% increase from the same dates one year earlier.
This is a moderate gain; however it does indicate an increasing use of the organization’s website.
The average visitor to the website spends approximately two minutes on each page, compared to
1 minute 45 seconds during the same time period one year earlier. This indicates that the content
is retaining visitors, which is positive for KBOO.

The majority of visitors emanate from either Oregon or Washington. From Oregon, visitors from
292 cities sent 194,136 visits, which is up 10.93% percent from one year earlier. Significant to
note is that from Portland alone, the number of hits increased 761.9 % percent during this oneyear
period. From Washington, 24,488 people visited from 332 cities, which is significant
growth of 34.85% since one year earlier. Seattle, Washington’s biggest city, saw a 943.4%
increase in web traffic during this one-year period.

Facebook Demographics

In this modern era of social networking, the use of Facebook can be a valuable source for
determining community or global interest in KBOO. However, this information does not
provide a clear sense of membership numbers and financial contributions that are made to
support the station. Further, this data does not indicate whether or not the persons who “like”
KBOO on Facebook are regular listeners. However, this data is included herein because it gives
an indication of a range of people who are aware of KBOO.

According to Facebook demographics, 49% of those who are fans of KBOO on Facebook are
female and 46% are male. The largest number of fans is from the United States, with Canada,
United Kingdom and Mexico in subsequent positions. Countries in Europe, Asia, South
America, as well as New Zealand, Puerto Rico are all represented among KBOO fans on
Facebook. Also, of those fans in the United States, the majorities are from regional cities. The
greatest numbers are from Portland, followed by Beaverton, Warren, Seattle and Troutdale.
Also, all major American cities are represented among the fan base.

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