Saturday, June 8, 2013

ATTENTION CADRE: Mercury Hit Piece Slighty Unflattering to KBOO


Airing of Grievances
Amid Culture Change, KBOO Votes for Union

As we all know, the only acceptable media coverage of Our Glorious Struggle are unqualified praise of the Cause, Our Leader and complete demonizing of FITCH.

The article fails on these points in many places:

"But a management push to shore up the station's finances—and impose some discipline on a station known for flouting it—has employees and supporters on edge."
Gives credence to financial "issues".

 "The vote is the latest development in a scuffle between station management and labor that began brewing last summer. That was about when KBOO's board hired a new station manager, Lynn Fitch, who has a 30-year background in nonprofit management. Fitch says KBOO has been losing money and members for years, a situation she wants to reverse."
Gives context to Fitch's actions.   FAIRNESS is an ENEMY of the People!

"KBOO hadn't filed its 2012 taxes yet, but its tax form for 2011 shows it running $105,000 in the red, slightly better from the previous year's deficit of $132,000."
Implies KBOO is runing in the red.  Hmm..guess we are.  Nevermind.

"Earlier this year, the board hired Paychex, a human resources firm, to evaluate its management and personnel policies. The company's recommendations paved the way for further changes that rankled staff and some station supporters."
 Gives more context to Fitch's actions.  Also proves Fitch and Board did NOT act in a vacuum.

"The revamp was meant to bring the station in line with policies seen at other businesses and nonprofits, and included some basic standards—like prohibiting drug use."
 Ahem...moving on....

"But members, the people who give money to the station and vote for its board of directors, are clearly worried the opposite is true. They've started an informal group called "Keep KBOO KBOO."" 
Exposes our secret group and code and stuff.  BTW, update on Secret Cabal soon.

"KBOO appeals to the 15 percent of Portlanders who are radicals and progressives and trying to change the world from the left coast," he says. "To go through these changes will lose that base."

 Dangerous waters.  Some one might check that 15% figure...

"With the board's backing, and keeping with the recommendations from Paychex, Fitch cut down on leave time, including a reduction in maternity leave; did away with sabbaticals; and reduced sick time. She also made it easier to fire or lay off employees, which had been difficult with the station's grievance process. She even floated the idea of laying off the entire staff and letting them reapply for their old jobs."

Reiterates plan was not Fitch's, but a consultant recommendation KBOO paid for.  Also clarifies the "firings" were not ever intended to be permanent for everyone. 

"Fitch says that after receiving notice that the station's staff was taking steps to unionize, she consulted KBOO's legal counsel, Sussman Shank LLP. Attorneys at the firm, according to Fitch, said management would be better served by Bullard Law, a labor-relations firm with a reputation for busting unions."
 Shows Bullard wasn't Fitch's idea, but the idea of KBOO's lawyer,  apparently still on retainer.

""Think about the target audience here for KBOO," says Elder. "They are a little bit left of center, so they are wondering why they are spending membership dues on a union-busting law firm.""

That KBOO's lawyer recommended.

 ""Some people found it hard to believe that KBOO needed a law firm that represented employers because KBOO has stood for workers' rights," says Fitch, who grew up in a Teamster household."

Proves Fitch has more labor DNA than many cadre.

"After the meeting, Elder says she sent a letter to Fitch seeking management's acknowledgment that employees wanted to organize and that bargaining would commence. But, Fitch found some parts of the letter "overreaching" and decided to allow, instead, a formal election."

Overreaching?   In the Glorious Struggle there can be no over reaching, comrades!!!!!

Who is this Jake Thomas flagrantly practicing an attempt at unbiased journalism?    In the Glorious Struggle you are either with us and Our Glorious Leader, or an Enemy of the People!

Down with unbiased journalism!  Down with the Mercury!  Cadre, send this Jake Thomas to a gulag in the middle of the Klamath basin!!!  Let him try his unbiased journalism there!!!

-Meresa Titchell


  1. ""KBOO hadn't filed its 2012 taxes yet, but its tax form for 2011 shows it running $105,000 in the red, slightly better from the previous year's deficit of $132,000."

    The work camps of the Klamath Basin aren't good enough for the likes of Traitor Thomas! Glorious Leader has informed us that if the winter membership drive hadn't been canceled, it would have raised (allegedly) $50-$70,000 in revenue, which would have been enough to solve all of KBOO's financial problems! Who is Traitor Thomas to disagree with this?

    ""The revamp was meant to bring the station in line with policies seen at other businesses and nonprofits, and included some basic standards—like prohibiting drug use."

    Hmmm... odd that Glorious Leader hasn't commented on the proposal to ban drug use on the job.

    Perhaps it is self evident that only corporate sweatshops ban drug use on the job!

    I look forward to the future union negotiations with KBOO management, where the right to continue to take drugs while working will be a central demand on the table!

  2. By the way, Comrades, KBOO's 2011 filing with the IRS shows how collective management and maintenance of the status quo is improving things, leading us into the Glorious Future:

    Contributions to KBOO:

    2006 $858,000
    2007 $676,000
    2008 $708,000
    2009 $635,000
    2010 $617,000

    All is well, my friends, all is well!

    KBOO still has $760,000 in assets (including the building), so KBOO still has five to seven years until it goes bankrupt! Why worry - that's an eternity!

    1. Of course, since these are 2010 numbers, and it is now the middle of 2013, make that three to five years until KBOO goes bankrupt!

      No need to worry!

    2. KBOO LOST $182,000 in contributions from 2006 to 2007?!?!?

      Curse that FITCH! Wait...she wasn't with KBOO then. How do we blame this on Fitch?

    3. Obviously, Comrade, people in 2007 began cutting their contributions to KBOO in anticipation of Fitch's hire!

      It's all her fault!

      Please report to your mandatory reeducation class, Comrade, where all this will be explained to you!

  3. I'm outrage KBOO's legal counsel, Sussman Shank LLP advised the Station Navigator to hire a Union Busting firm! Clearly KBOO needs to fire Sussman Shank LLP!! Hell, why does KBOO need legal counsel anyway? Legal counsel is just another top down corporate scheme of oppression!!!!!