Thursday, June 27, 2013

Comrade Yaney makes obvious observation about Traitor Hadrian

More tips from tripping Comrades!

Comrade Yaney makes shrewed obsevation about savekboofromsavekboo:

  • Interesting, the savekboofromsavekboo blog has comments from Hadrian, but when you click on the Hadrian blog link, it says it's private. Wonder what that means? And it's yellow rip of the savekboo site. KBOOsters what do you think?

    • Steve Nassar Fuck them assholes.

    • Steve Nassar They selectively quote me over there. For instance, they quoted me up to, but NOT including this, from June 20th:

      Here's my prediction... If we allow Hartman to replace 15 hours of Locally Produced Programing, soon thereafter, our 8:00 AM Local Talk
      Radio Shows, all of 'em, will be declared "Redundant" and replaced. So, we're *really* talkin' 'bout 20 hours, not 15 hours, of Local Programing getting trashed. Sneaky, eh wot?

      Replaced With What, one might ask? Why, with more Syndicated Clear Channel Claptrap, and each iteration will be milder than the last. The First Step in taming Little Beirut is to tame the only truly Progressive Community Radio Station Little Beirut has to offer. Ho Hum.

      Once we've replaced all or most of our Locally Produced Content with stuff that is either Downloaded or Automated, we'll *Finally* be able to fire all them pesky Staff Persons that keep getting in the way of "Progress." Progressive, yes?
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    • Steve Nassar Apparently, tho, KBOO Management DOES pay attention to it, however... After they quoted me complaining about having to play our Station Manager tell Portland there is no Progressive Talk Radio in Portland as intro to KBOO's Talk Radio Shows, that shit stopped this week.

      I had to insult all 4 of my talk radio hosts last week in that manner. Not this week.

      Thanks, Lynn, for letting me STOP being a KBOO Asshole, Live, On the Air, every day!!!
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 Now, now, Comrade Yaney, don't try to steal Comrade Nassar's thunder.  He already proved Traitor Rabia is responsible for Glorious Leader's blog design and the parody of the same.  Traitor Rabia gets around!

This is more interesting:  traitor Hadrian's Blogger profile IS private!  WHAT IS HE HIDING?

Another observation:  the only person to click on the exit links to Hadrian's profile during the time before Yaney's comment was someone using the same ISP Rebecca Nay used for leaving comments two weeks ago.

[logs available on request]

Clearly Comrade Yaney has HACKED Rebecca Nay's  ISP!!!!

Don't worry cadre, it's probably all for a very good reason...any action for the Cause is a Good Reason.

At a guess we think Hadrian's blogger profile being private means Hadrian has set his profile to being private.   But reality must be murkier than that because a true inner party loyalist has NOTHING to hide.  

On that note, see latest Party memo:

We'll be installing streaming cameras inside all party member bathrooms at the end of the month.    Objections WILL be noted.


UPDATE:  Comrade Steve Nassar HE MAD!

  • Vernon Huffman I'd like to see everybody at KBOO acknowledge that they can disagree without accusing each other of attempting to destroy community radio. On the Hartmann question, I see a simple compromise. Instead of replacing local programming, put Thom on in place of the second airing of Democracy Now! This will draw his loyal listeners to hear other KBOO programming and save local programming. Air time is too precious to air the same exact show twice each weekday.

  • Steve Nassar That's not what the Station Manager proposed. She proposed 3 hours per day, 5 days per week. That won't fit in a one hour DN! time slot.

    AND... Part of her proposal was the statement that Portland just doesn't have access to Progressive Talk Radio
    since the demise of Hartman.. That was an outright lie, and insulting to 5 Volunteer Talk Radio Hosts.

    I agree that everyone at KBOO should be able to identify themselves and have an Open Discourse, and not resort to Fighting Nasty from behind Anonymous Yellow Press Web Sites, like some Asshats that want to destroy KBOO do.

    There. I tacked that last phrase on the end just for YOU, Vernon. Bwaaahahahahahahah!!!!
  • Vernon Huffman It's Conflict Resolution 101. First, find common ground. On what key principles do you agree? Look for the element of truth in the other's position and acknowledge it to their face. After the other person knows you have heard, succinctly state your position, tying it to common interests. Negotiate with a future focus, free of blame and accusations, in an effort to allow everyone to win. These methods work! Try them.
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  • Steve Nassar It's hard to find common ground with someone that won't identify themselves. In fact, I would add that it's not worth the trouble trying.
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  • Vernon Huffman Presumably, Steve, anyone who takes time to write about the situation cares about KBOO. That's a big chunk of common ground. Seems like the Mission Statement might be a place to find common values. It's terribly hard to have a conversation with somebody who's decided you're not worth listening to. BTW, how's Sky?

That crazy dreamer Vernon!   He's in a complicated relationship with Yaney!
 In a complicated relationship with Yaney Lee Ann MacIver
He's got a complicated relationship with everyone!  For instance he's one of Lisa "Hacker" Loving's over 1,000 friends who did not call her out for soliciting a felony or outing a party member!

 Nothing says solidarity like co-dependency!!!!

For more on Vernon's thoughts go to comments here.

For historical record, Traitor Kraus has already proposed a "reasonable" Hartman schedule.   Beware, Vernon, lest you become a traitor too!!

UPDATE:  And more...

  • Steve Nassar Sky is doing wonderful. THanks for asking!

    Anyone that doesn't have the Guts and Conviction to stand behind their words is NOT worth listening to. Sorry, but that's just me. Your mileage may vary.

  • Steve Nassar I don't post at the savekboofromsavekboo Yellow Blog, and only read it when someone interesting, like Yaney or Lisa send me there. From the few times I've read it, I can't recall ever seeing anything positive posted there. It appears that the sole purpose of that site is to insult and inflame an already volatile situation. That the owner of the Blog remains anonymous speaks Legions of his or her intentions and honesty.

    So, fuck 'em. They're just another Irrelevant Troll Trap.
Yaney and Lisa send Comrade Nassar to read an "Irrelevant Troll Trap"?  The things you learn on Facebook!


  1. Communications OfficerJune 27, 2013 at 11:27 AM

    Memo to Comrade Steve Nassar:

    When unhappy with text of Station Navigator PSA, perhaps best way to obtain change of text is to go to Station Navigator and explain why it's a problem. Yes we know, it the EVIL FITCH but perhaps the PSA could have been pulled earlier had your objections been expressed directly rather than thrown out in Facebook with expletives. You might want to find out why the PSA was actually pulled.


    1. "Yes we know, it the EVIL FITCH but perhaps the PSA could have been pulled earlier had your objections been expressed directly"

      Doing that risks proving Fitch is not quite as EVIL as Glorious Leader has told us. KINDA SORTA EVIL FITCH just doesn't have the same ring as EVIL FITCH. Let's not sabotage the message Comrade!

  2. Steve Nassar: "Fuck them assholes."

    Comrade Nassar is the Inner Party's specialist in ideology and dialectics, Comrades!

    We are putting him in charge of our propaganda efforts!

  3. Post Updated with new Facebook comments and commentary.

  4. "and not resort to Fighting Nasty from behind Anonymous Yellow Press Web Sites, like some Asshats that want to destroy KBOO do."

    Stop trying to "destroy" KBOO, Traitors, by continuing to point out inconvenient and irrelevant financial facts!

    Instead, simply keep quiet as KBOO goes over the financial falls into bankruptcy, guided by our "Great Helmsman", Glorious Leader!

    Shut up and follow orders!

  5. " It's hard to find common ground with someone that won't identify themselves."

    Identify Yourselves, Traitors!

    After all, Glorious Leader was able to figure out that Traitor Hadrian is engaged in a conspiracy to destroy KBOO, because he had a radio show on radio station KRAB in 1978!

    Just imagine what Glorious Leader can find out about ***you***, Traitor!

  6. Yaney didn't hack my ISP. She conjured up a spell with voodoo magic that possessed by mind, body, and spirit. This FORCED me to visit this site and click on Hadrian's profile after reading hilarious speculation on Facebook that he just might be one of the top secret troll bloggers on here.

    It's OK Hadrian.. Your secret is safe with me... :)

    1. You can't fool us, Comrade Yaney! Hacking RN was a dry run!

      BTW when is someone going to hack this blog? We're betting Lisa's getting mighty impatient....

    2. I'm one of the few people not hiding who I am here.

      I'm also not a loser who has a Blogger blog or a Blogger profile (apologizes to the Lolzers running this place). At least not now. I once had a Bloggity Blog Blog, but after briefly trying it out, I decided to take part in some other sites which offered more visibility. Can't find me on loser Blogger blogs or see my empty Blogger profile? That's a shame. Somehow 18,000 people have found me and circled me on Google Plus. (Ha! I bet you folks still use Facebook!) :)

      For the Google impaired:

      Profiles abound! Enjoy the posts and the music.

    3. See the shameful secret I was hiding: that I was a Bloggity blog blogger back in 2009.

      I expect to be blackmailed about that now, as I hear some other board members are, and perhaps successfully. However, I never negotiate with errorists!

      But seriously. What were you hoping to see? My unique birthmark?


  7. by = my

    dammit it won't let me edit after publishing.
    I blame the Enemies of the People!!

  8. It's ironic that Steve Nasser seems so concerned about insulting "his hosts" when he is so casual to insult everyone else everywhere else every chance he can get.

    Great role model. I'm sure a great guy. Remind me to steer clear of him in the station, point him out to me anyone.