Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kraus talks about Hours, Math and Hartmann at Indymedia

MATH is an Enemy of the People!  That is ALL cadre need to know!!!

But  he's been a good sport lately, if a little dense about Comrade Loving's attempt to recruit KBOO members to collectively commit felony.  [HELLO...most Outer Party members think this is a BAD idea and might stop donating to KBOO if this gets out].  So we'll throw him a bone.

And some Outer Party members might be SEDUCED my Kraus; use of LOGIC and REASON, so we should cover it to tell remind cadre exactly what to think.[EVIL]

At a scurrilous article shockingly still not purged from Indymedia:

Kraus has this to say:

Wish everyone would calm down 20.Jun.2013 11:27

Ed Kraus

I don't care about comments gleaned from Facebook, and a lot of people have been wondering who is behind SaveKBOOfromSaveKBOO. It's been entertaining, but as I've posted a few times, a bit over the top and a bit too mean for my tastes. It's a fine line between sattire and mean, sometimes less is more. We all would benefit from stopping the lefty firing squad, you know the joke? All with weapons stand in a circle.

I've been looking into some of the details and have been told that KBOO can run one hour, two hours, three, or edit what it wants from the Hartmann feed every day. It also doesn't have to run live, but can be put into the schedule when it works for KBOO. I'm surprised this information hasn't yet been put out as public as it would do a lot to defuse the current lynch mob mentality.

If I were at the next program committee meeting, I'd suggest immediately replacing Hard Knock or the unneccesary repeat of Democracy Now with an hour (or two if both are replaced) of Thom Hartmann. Let it run thru the next membership drive and see if it brings in new members. There is no reason to have to pre-empt three hours a day of local music programs, and as the short survey tried to explain ... this was advisory and you could vote yes or no to the three hour format. Too bad it wasn't explained right up front that there could be Hartmann on KBOO with other schedule options, but there you go.

I won't be able to attend the next board meeting but I hope that 1) It will actually do board business (KBOO could grind to a halt if the necessary governance does not occur) 2) People will put their issues before board members beforehand and remember that only board members can directly make motions or discuss motions 3) Those attending understand that big decisions won't happen all at once or at all in a climate of fear and anger.

Instead of being at the "party", I'll be helping J Street present the award winning documentary "The Law In These Parts" at the Art Museum, as part of the Jewish Film Festival (7pm Monday the 24th). This movie looks at the legal issues of the 45 years of occupation and if you want a break from the screaming and yelling at KBOO come out to the film, and talk with Jewish peace activists afterwards about how we can make a difference in the world.


Some traitor makes a complaint about illegal stuff and stuff. the Inner Party might be doing.   Then Kraus hogs the mike:

And responding to TM's comments 20.Jun.2013 12:36

Ed Kraus

Quoting from Theresa Mitchell ... "And one more thing: there is constant chatter on Indymedia claiming that radicals like myself are intolerant of other views. I am sharply critical of other views, but that isn't the same as intolerance, and I haven't tried to purge anyone from KBOO air, ever, for not agreeing with my ideology; nor has Ani; it simply has never happened. That's an example of pure projection by the claimants. I do say that KBOO must be retained as a last and only haven for radical dissent, and that is because the remainder of the ideological spectrum is better represented everywhere else on the dial. Calling for fairness for my own community's views is not the same as denying fairness for all others." "

Boy is this well worded. But let me explain why it falls short. Theresa, Ani and the like in the "radical" crowd haven't had to "purge" anyone from KBOO air, because those who would disagree on sensitive issues don't get on the air in the first place. The iron lock of the inside crowd ensures that only people who won't contradict the inner circle get on air. And I for example could be on air as much as I like, so long as I were to report on the environment, on immigrant rights ... just so long as I don't use KBOO air to advocate that not all forms of capitalism are evil, or that Israel needs reform and to end occupation, not replacement of Israel with a single Palestinian state.

And it's slick writing to imply that KBOO must remain for radicals, as some sort of mitigation for the lack of radical views on other media outlets. In the KBOO I'd like to see develop, there would be time for radicals, and also time for those who aren't as radical. Just because progressive views are often represented by OPB doesn't mean that individual citizens can participate directly in creating and producing the news there.

Community Radio is for citizens to directly participate in media, not just the radical in crowd at KBOO. The definition of community today at KBOO is too narrow to survive financially, or to continue to be relevant to a region even as progressive as Portland Oregon.

Read this fast, you can be sure it's not radical enough for the censors at Indymedia.

Ouch!   Is that the Gulag wagon outside Kraus' door?   See you in the salt mines!!



  1. Ed and I seem to see eye to eye on lots of things, and we've never actually met. Yes, we've exchanged a few emails. I look forward to meeting you Ed, sorry you won't be at the "party" on Monday.
    There is no doubt I'm slacking on keeping my blog, current. I'd love some help. If anyone out there has time to provide content to campaign4kboo, I'd welcome it. If SKFSK can post a new entry with this, I'd be grateful. Seems like folks around here are able to post multiple times a day, perhaps multiple folks are involved. What I'm looking for is factual based blog posts that steer clear of name calling, etc. Sorry for the random comment. Do what you well. I'm off to the Christmas Valley Gulag, where at least I hear it's being run by Solar power, so that is a step in the right direction, yeah Oregon!
    If you want to help email, radiodagema arroba(that's @ en español) yahoo punto com

    1. We think it's better to let people find your comment here? Fans click on the post urls pretty regularly. After what Comrade Lisa did with defector "Winston Smith", we're wary of making a blog that looks like you have close working relationship with us.

    2. I hear you. Of course, since we don't have a close working relationship (or any relationship=, I wouldn't be too worried. You could do the typical "Enemy of the People Ben Hoyne asks for Help!" or something like that. I'm sure you can make fun of me while at the same time bringing my concerns to the forefront. But if you don't actually want to promote any change, but rather just ridicule, don't worry about it. Thanks.

    3. "Of course, since we don't have a close working relationship (or any relationship=, I wouldn't be too worried. "

      These people don't think logically. Just saying.

      "But if you don't actually want to promote any change, but rather just ridicule, don't worry about it."

      Hmmm. This could be read as a pushy dig. Or a backhanded acknowledgement we're promoting change. The possibilities!

    4. "But if you don't actually want to promote any change, but rather just ridicule, don't worry about it."

      Wow. That didn't sound passive aggressive at all. /sarc

      1. All the people you might be interested in helping you are reading comments. Trust me. We could prove it, but that would be rude.

      2. Excuse us for wanting to shield the few sane people from Our Leader's wrath.

      3. WTF? This started as a pressure valve for those of us sick of the 'Inner Party' getting away with shit. But, contrary to RN's bs, it existence is has been more of a check on Inner Party excess than any polite reasonable attempts to talk to these nuts. Ironically we're bringing concerns to the forefront because they can't afford to ignore us. Mostly b/c they're worried what we might have found out. You know this, that's why you read.

      4.But if you insist, we can throw something together. Just don't say we didn't warn you.

      Aside, I've been saying for a couple weeks now we should have a contact email. After the the Richard Smith thing, maybe it'll happen. Having a way to deliver anonymous tips could open the flood gates so to speak.

    5. Thanks. Sorry for the snark, yesterday was a long day. I've been putting myself and my name out front, so I think I've been dealing with any wrath for a while. It is what it is. What you all are doing is valuable, but there needs to be another vehicle that actually has names behind it, I'm not afraid to be that. If you all were able to send folks my way, that'd be great. I don't post anything anonymous on my blog however. Thanks.

    6. K. It's all good! We'll try to throw something together when we're on chat. Agree there should be a less snarky, but equally devastating, vehicle out there. We'll look for it.

    7. Comrade Red PantsJune 21, 2013 at 9:37 AM

      "Aside, I've been saying for a couple weeks now we should have a contact email."

      Oh shut up.

  2. "Do what you well. I'm off to the Christmas Valley Gulag"

    You will enjoy the Christmas Valley Motivational Camp, Comrade!

    It has sun. Lots and lots and lots of sun. Sun. Sun, sun, sun.

    Did I mention sun?

  3. Inner Party Hacking BrigadeJune 20, 2013 at 5:31 PM

    Comrades, we used our sooper-sekrit blog hacking techniques (i.e. reading the HTML code) to determine who is behind this blog!

    However, the name of the Traitor did not immediately leap out at us, even though we used advanced techie-type techniques (like "reading") and stuff!

    Curses! Where is the NSA when you need them!

    1. Sure it's not Josh Peterson?

    2. That's the designer.

    3. I'm Josh Peterson. We're all Josh Peterson.

    4. Political OfficerJune 21, 2013 at 9:22 AM

      Comrades! Glorious Leader has finally issued a statement after her well-deserved break, and a glorious statement it is too!

      Here is the key part:

      "There will be another crowd there [the KBOO board meeting] Monday night at 6, and another the month after that, and so on, until that boilerplate corporate "Board Procedures Manual" is voted into the catbox of history, and actual member control is restored. Until then, no amount of anti-Left, anti-Labor rhetoric will suffice to stop KBOO members from exercising their rights."

      Note the subtlety of Glorious Leader's new political line, Comrades! She is willing to put the corporate, syndicated, East Coast Thom Hartmann show into KBOO's lineup, because all that requires is throwing some volunteer radio hosts to the wolves (who nobody listens to anyways).

      Where Glorious Leader properly refuses to compromise is on the issue of Board Procedures Manual, and the Iron Rice Bowl!

      All of KBOO's principles can be compromised, except for the key principle - that KBOO's paid staff be guaranteed lifetime employment, with no diminution of paid staff benefits, ever!

      It is the genius of Glorious Leader to determine which principles can be compromised, and the bedrock principle, which can never, never be compromised!

      For those Comrades who can not understand the genius and subtlety of Glorious Leader's new political line, and Glorious Leader's mastery of the dialectic, please report to your Political Officer - you will be reassigned to Happy Valley.

  4. ReEducation CadreJune 21, 2013 at 3:31 PM

    Mantra is - Staff if PURRFECT! Staff is PURRFECT!

    Except of course when we're running KBOO as a staff collective in lieu of any other accountability then we FIRE staff we don't like.

    But when a MANAGER fires staff we go ballistic, why?

    Because (repeat mantra here until no one is listening). Optional: insert liberally (no strike that, radically) the phrase "award winning" before mantra text.