Friday, June 7, 2013


As per Our Glorious leader's instructions June 4th:

(I was unable to retrieve my recording of the Meeting and thus had to compose this report from memory. I apologize in advance for errors, and I hope that they are minimal.)
My overall impression of the event was that, first, the era of ignoring the determination of KBOO members, to move forward as a transparent and participatory institution, is beginning to end. There was no confusion among the vast majority of attendees, that the Station's culture has been upended in order to force an unwanted and disastrous mutation, nor that there is any consideration for the will of the members among the perpetrators (chiefly Board members Paula, Hadrian, and Rabia, with their Navigator Lynn Fitch). Despite the "silent majority" posturing by this group, the will of the Members is clear. Effective action will now be taken to reverse these changes, and to revitalize KBOO in the right way. However, the fight has just begun.
The KeepKBOOasKBOO meeting will be Friday at the 35th Place and Hawthorne location. Details soon.
 An Enemy of the People whines at Indymedia:

Guess no one's invited unless they know the Mitchell gang 04.Jun.2013 14:04


One line at the SAVE KBOO website missing from this article:

"The KeepKBOOasKBOO meeting will be Friday at the 35th Place and Hawthorne location. Details soon."

Long way from 20 SE 8th Ave. Had no idea KBOO had a 35th Place and Hawthorne location.

With the help of Google this seems to be the place,:!topic/LaborRadioCollective/QyF7cgXeAyk

From Bill Resnick -- and a reminder:

Keep KBOO as KBOO committee meeting this Friday, 6pm at home of Bill and Johanna, 1615 SE 35th pl.(just s. of Hawthorne) 
 Mitchell and company are organizing something that's supposed to be for ALL of KBOO membership, but it's held in secret at a private residence, few people outside of Mitchell's circle would actually be able to find, unless the were on the PUBLIC(wtf?) email list this address was published on.

That's cute.

What was that about transparency and secrecy Mitchell was trying to stick on Fitch? Looks like projection, baby. 

This Traitor of the Great Working class struggle must still believe  in capitalist fairytales like Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny!

 OF COURSE the secret cabal to take over KBOO isn't going to  include all of KBOO members!  Otherwise Kraus Raus and Teflon Fitch would show up and learn our secret plans to continue spreading lies and smears on Indymedia--OH DOUBLE DAMN!  Forget I said that!!!!

1. Get rid of Fitch
2. Get rid of Fitch
3. Bitch and moan about Fitch
4.Whine about Kraus
5.Whine about Hoyne
6. Get rid of Fitch

It'll be a busy meeting!

Where to go:  Reminder: Committee to Keep KBOO as KBOO meeting this Friday, 6 – 7:30pm, at the home of Bill and Johanna, 1615 SE 35th place, s. of Hawthorne.  

May change if Enemies of the People crash in great numbers, maybe exactly like what happened at the KBOO offices Monday.  Gosh that would be horrible.  HORRIBLE.

Just remember:  Nothing says transparent democratic membership participation like a secret meeting at a secret location most members don't know about!

And if you miss it?  Don't sweat comrade!  Rice Junkies is nearby!   Just go light on the vodka and they probably won't throw you out.

-Meresa Titchell


  1. Security CommitteeJune 7, 2013 at 8:22 AM

    Secrecy in the Defense of the Revolution is no vice, Comrades!

    Remember, KBOO is the only thing standing between you and a "false-flag" dirty bomb attack on Portland!

    Your life depends on keeping the group currently controlling KBOO in power!

  2. The instructions are hidden with a black background on the savekboo page, just highlight the field and you can easily decode the secret message.

    Please go right now to, and sign up your entire family and friends for $10 and $20 memberships, and MAKE SURE THEY VOTE in the August Board elections! And don’t be fooled by all the extra requirements for running for the Board. They aren’t legally required. The official Bylaws, as registered with the State of Oregon, simply require that you be a member, and that you put in your statement/application by June 28th.

    Reminder: Committee to Keep KBOO as KBOO meeting this Friday, 6 – 7:30pm, at the home of Bill and Johanna, 1615 SE 35th place, s. of Hawthorne

  3. Ghost Troop will be at the meeting in spirit, Comrades!

  4. Thank you, Comrade Security Committee for that timely message! We're working on how to pin this on, er, what Fitch's connections to a FALSE FLAG ATTACK on membership might be. SOLIDARITY!!!!

  5. Ghost troop was busy protecting Portland from another FALSE FLAG ATTACK:

    "Officials say it's the largest such exercise undertaken since 2007, when a drill known as TOPOFF tested a simulated response to a dirty bomb explosion in Portland."

    It's a testament to their efforts that NOTHING HAPPENED even though NO ONE did anything to stop the drill this time. That we could see.

    They don't call it Ghost Troop for nothing.

  6. Everybody in America is too quick to find enemies. Is it possible that all those who care about KBOO could find common ground? What if we allow Thom Harmann to replace the second airing of Democracy Now?

    1. Poor Vernon. Yes, it is possible. It's been tried for years. The only people "quick to find enemies" are the KeepKBOO crowd who labels anyone not radical enough a right wing troll. The people doing this aren't rational.

      You ideas about Hartmann have merit. But according to the folks with a strangle hold on KBOO, Hartmann is a symbol of corporate oppression. Welcome to Bizarro World.