Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Portland Indymedia: Inner Party Outpost Refuses to Compost Treacherous Article

Comrades, we wish to bring to your attention the laxity and  careless handling of Inner Party propaganda at Portland Indymedia.

This has been brought to our attention by our sooper sekrit sources(aka comments) on this blog:


Indymedia drones are Stalinist underachievers!

On June 21st, Glorious Leader issued her latest manifesto:

"destroying KBOO via the State".

Some comments were censored immediately, but eight comments were left up, some unflattering to Glorious Leader. Then, after a few days, a comment was censored, leaving seven comments.

Now, within the last day or two, three more comments have been censored - more than two weeks after the article was posted.

Indymedia Comrades! The Inner Party appreciates your untiring efforts to censor anti-Party comments on Indymedia, as part of our Stalinist policy of media control!

However, doing so more than too weeks after the treasonist comments are posted are away itbay ootay owslay, mmmay, OKWAY?

You Need To Better Maintain Revolutionary Vigilance, Comrades!
Fellow Indy Comrade Bees, why, oh why, is this so hard to grasp? 

Comments from Enemies of the People are TO BE DELETED WITHOUT MERCY.

Comments from Inner Party members are to be lauded, preferably withing 24 hours of visibility.

Comments from any one else are to have their IP addresses logged and sent directly to Glorious Leader or other trusted Inner Party members, so they can be identified for Party Assimilation, or Denouncement as circumstances dictate.  This process should take a couple of days at the most...not weeks!

And yet we see it again in this Indy thread, clearly started by an Enemy of the People:
KBOO Election Campiagns Derailed Amid Accusations of Malfesence by Board Members
In the wake of scandalous events a larger space to accommodate has been reserved for concerned parties, including members, staff, local media and possibly representatives from regulatory agencies: The KBOO Board of Director's Meeting will be held Monday, June 24th at 6:00 PM. The location will be held at the "Dream Box" meeting space at the Jupitor Hotel. The Jupitor Hotel is located at 800 E Burnside St Portland, OR
It goes on with a couple of emails from Traitor Hadrian and Comrade Lisa Loving, ending with:

It's shaping up to be one of the more exciting board meetings in recent KBOO history and that's saying something. Tensions are clearly running high. Increased press coverage and the expected involvement of law enforcement and regulatory agencies could be a recipe for an implosion in the alternative radio scene that could be the destruction of KBOO.

Whatever happens tonight, there's unlikely to be any winners.

That's what loyal Bees would have done by now.   Ahem.    Coos Bay.  Gulag.  HINT.

We know Comrade Bees can act because the first two comments by traitors have been deleted:

good article but use spell checker 24.Jun.2013 10:14


it's 'Campaigns' and 'Malfeasance'


Let's not forget what KBOO board member Lisa Loving wrote 24.Jun.2013 10:36

the beginning of the end


"Does anybody know how to hack into a Blogspot blog to find out who is doing it? I have come across a particularly cruel blog that is trashing people at KBOO and I would like to know who's doing it. Lemme know, thank you."

Talk about singlehandedly trying to sink KBOO. And, by association, the Skanner.

The funds thing was bad enough by itself. This meeting will probably make or break KBOO.

The comments before:

 Kudos for leaving Glorious Leader's inaccurate but LOYAL Party Manifesto up.  But the fact is this Trotsky piece of treacherous dogshit article should not just be composted, but wiped from the website.

Now apologists will say things like, "there's these Global Principles of Unity to think about". Like this comment:

Not sure about them giving anything to the "government", but I agree with everything else.

I've also read that Indy claims to not log IPs. But I think that's in context of all the indy collectives are supposed to not do that to protect activists if the state demands logs. Like the librarians wiping info after a certain time. Can't turn over what you don't have.
See wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_Media_Center

"The administrator of indymedia.us could not have provided the information because Indymedia sites generally do not keep IP address logs."

IMC collectives are semi-autonomous, but they're all supposed to adhere to some agreed things or they could loose their prefix, I guess. Maybe it's time to report portland.indymedia.org

More info principles of unity

"4. All IMCs, based upon the trust of their contributors and readers, shall utilize open web based publishing, allowing individuals, groups and organizations to express their views, anonymously if desired. To ensure privacy and anonymity, the logging of information about users shall be kept to the minimum. The logging of internet protocol (IP) information about users shall be kept to the minimum necessary to maintain control over the server (i.e. in the event of an attack). In the event that logging is necessary, details of the logging shall be made publicly accessible, including duration of logging, what information was stored, and actions taken as result of the logging. Collectives are encouraged to have a public policy on IP logging."

Well, it's not like Comrade Bees cared before.  Or anyone's going to bother complaining to the Indymedia.org as this comment suggests:

I'd add that if Indymedia drones are in fact passing IP addresses to third parties, for purposes of harassment, that said drones need to have a long, soulful talk with an attorney about the legal implications of doing so.

 Since it's confusing who exactly to complain to:

Email contact in whois?

 Domain ID:D11766162-LROR
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Indymedia.org  has made it so hard for The Man to find them,  people with a valid complaint can't contact them either, lol!   

Of course suckers can always use the Portland Indymedia Contact email:


[2013] backup email contact: pdx-imc@resist.ca

Just don't forget to forward these defector slanders to the Inner Party, ASAP!

So get deleting Comrade Bees! 

Here's some more to be wiped from the site so the Glorious Radio Workers paradise can bloom without calling attention to pesky inconvenient "facts" :


The People are counting on you, Comrade Bees! 

Censorship and Solidarity!

-Meresa Titchell

PS:  Very funny misinformation put out by Comrade Bees:

"AnonymousJuly 8, 2013 at 4:54 PM
"The bees "say" they never delete posts but put them in compost."

Aside from the minor problem that the compost bin currently doesn't work, Indymedia has frequently simply deleted posts that they really didn't like, without putting them in compost."


"Posts" could refer to comments or articles.  Everyone at Indy knows comments are NEVER composted.  Only articles are composted. When they're not deleted outright.

Comments are hidden or deleted at the whims of Comrade Bees!! 

Now get to that deleting or else.


  1. sum yummy copypasta

    AnonymousJuly 9, 2013 at 1:47 PM

    In response to criticism of Indymedia's glorious censorship policies, a probable Indymedia drone responds, in part:

    "the negative posts that contain social sabotage of Peoples' struggles are over the top lately on PIMC in a real negative way

    especially directed at original article posters / authors

    the website is for "read it, write it, your site, your news... for Oregon

    post or comments that are sabotaging others peoples struggles and efforts should be taken down, don't you agree?

    opinions, corporate news, non-reporting and blog/style-personal rant-posting are not news articles for PIMC and should be down

    don't you think that comments that are posted-up that rudely tear into the local authors, will destroy our collective community, and then the vehicle [PIMC] itself will suffer negatively over time due to this down-spin?

    and not due to lack of 'reporting or not-reporting', but to the overwhelming berating and belittling of the "authors" and the negative/draining comments, all that which works against those working for social change by using PIMC, including the readers."

    Do not "socially sabotage" the "peoples struggles" of the Inner Party, Comrades!

    Stop "the overwhelming berating and belittling" of Glorious Leader's posts on Indymedia!

  2. The anonymity of Indymedia drones is key to Indymedia's censorship process, Comrades!

    Draconian censorship is an art, not a science! Allowing identification of the people actually doing the censoring would disrupt Indymedia's glorious work, and could cause people to draw unjustified conclusions about who the censors were and were not friends with.

    Remember, "accountability" is an evil capitalist concept, not suitable for a revolutionary socialist organization!

    One malcontent on Indymedia is complaining that his comments were censored in response to an Indymedia article lauding the Glorious Syrian Leader Bashar Hafez al-Assad. The article correctly went on to point out that all deaths in Syria are the fault of the evil satanic United States, and that no blame for anything attaches to the Glorious Syrian Leader Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

    This malcontent actually posted a complaint that his comments did not violate stated Indymedia editorial policy, and whined that they were deleted without reason.

    As we know from KBOO, Comrades, "rules" and "policies" are always subordinate to the Larger Political Reality. Indymedia censors have no need to follow Indymedia's so-called "editorial policy", and no need to identify or explain themselves.

    Of course, the counter-revolutionary posting was soon deleted by Indymedia drones. The malcontent had the nerve to post the counter-revolutionary posting again.

    And here is the strange thing, Comrades. The reposted counter-revolutionary post is still up on Indymedia after six hours, and has accumulated six comments!

    Although I am sure that the reposted counter-revolutionary post will soon be deleted again, why are the Indymedia drones so lacking in their revolutionary duties?

    The only explanation is that there is a Trotskyite cell within Indymedia that allows such impermissible postings to stay up for extended periods of times!

    Indymedia Comrades, you know well that such concepts as "dialogue", "discussion", and "debate" have no place in revolutionary media! Do your duty and censor offensive posts and comments in a timely fashion!

    1. Saw that thread. Generally, IMHO, Fidelity(and Shaker for that matter)tend to be a clueless goon, excusing all kinds of batshit and Paultarditry. That doesn't mean his posts should be censored, assuming they're within PIMC's already lax guidelines.

      What's weird about this is Fidelity used to be protected. Seriously. I know people who had comments deleted refuting Fidelity(that fake gun toting 'sode comes to mind). If Fidelity's shit is getting deleted, then how the hell does IMC justify this spam probably written by Inner Party fan boy Fegel?


      And what's a "demoralizing opinion"?

      "No, of course not: he's fighting to the death, he'll bring his whole country down with him, and Shamus Cooke will cheer Assad all the way."

      = Shitty Lie (uncalled for demoralizing opinion)

      If it's a lie, just publish sources proving it's a lie. Jeez.

    2. From a comment there:

      "the comment[compost] section has been broken for quite a while and it seems (appears) like its not coming back to quickly if at all?

      i myself miss it, but over time it was, as it was after all aptly named: 'compost' "


      If you have the url, you can still see stuff in "compost". Example:


      "composted article commentary oregon & cascadia 30.Jun.2013 12:12
      alternative media
      Lost email exchange documents Glorious Leader sparring with Traitor Hadrian!!! "

      If you can SEE a composted article, they can be accessible from the front page.

      I'll send the blog owners a screenie in case it disappears by the time they see comments.

    3. It's a lie, but is it a "shitty lie"?

  3. Ministry Of TruthJuly 10, 2013 at 2:47 AM

    Thank Gaia, Indymedia finally censored the article complaining about Indymedia censorship!

    What took you so long, Comrades?