Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Viewing: More on Comrade Loving! Plus KBOO Turmoil!

Do we have a treat for loyal comrades today!   Lisa Loving Live!  From a Youtube video last month two years ago! Remember during this same time KeepKBOO was being formed to remake KBOO into the Inner Party's image difficulties with ADD reading comprehension are rampant in the Inner Party!

[Note:  She doesn't sound crazy here. The Skanner doesn't sound like a bad organization either.  But Lisa's proved she IS crazy.  It took a while to show.  It's our opinion The Skanner could do better]
Uploaded on May 25, 2011
Lisa Loving, @lisaloving, Skanner News - "Race, The Web & Social Change"

Two years later, Comrade Loving would post to her Facebook wall, to be viewed by her 1,891 friends plus anyone logged in, her call to hack this blog:

Apparently she's now implying this writing is "fake" or at least an email about it:

Does anybody know how to hack into a Blogspot blog to find out who is doing it? I have come across a particularly cruel blog that is trashing people at KBOO and I would like to know who's doing it. Lemme know, thank you.

We expect the next move will be claiming she was victim of a Facebook hack of her account and the blame of the usual suspects:

Traitors Hadrian, Hoyne, Kraus, Fitch, the FCC, etc
all AKA "Richard Smith".


That was the sekrit code of the sekrit cabal that only the Inner Party was invited to[Clarification:  this was from the Inner Party cabal of April 26th, possibly the first one ever].   Only 19 people showed up.  We hope everyone else had a good excuse!  Report to your squad leader stat!

Leaking image of KeepKboo Blood Pact below, minus blood[who forgot the blood THIS time?]:

The Inner Party should be nicer to defectors when blogs they hate finally have a contact email.



  1. "From a Youtube video last month!"

    The Youtube video was two years old, Comrade!

    Watch what you do, lest you become today's suspect...

    1. "Watch what you do, lest you become today's suspect..."

      Have you ever been in Happy Valley, Comrade?

    2. Lol that was corrected in one place, but not the other!

      On it.

    3. "The Youtube video was two years old"

      It says two years ago.
      It has always said two years ago.

  2. Why was a CWA union organizer at this meeting? Is there anyone out there that doesn't support the staff's right to unionize? If so, I have not heard them. The union is moving forward, this is not an issue for CWA.

    1. This wasn't the recent cabal. It was from April. Blog has been updated:

      [Clarification: this was from the Inner Party cabal of April 26th, possibly the first one ever]

    2. Still a good question. Surely he noticed he was surrounded by loopy loonies...

  3. Now that Snowden is safely in Moscow, we can move on to Phase Two of our campaign, Comrades!

  4. On the bright side, given how things are shaping up for tomorrow's board meeting, KBOO can do a fundraiser by selling tickets to the board meeting!

    To insure a harmonious, productive board meeting, trained Inner Party interrogators will be screening board meeting attendees upon arrival. They will be asking the following questions:

    Have you ever been to Happy Valley?

    Have you ever been to Christmas Valley?

    Do you possess the technical ability to post Evil Lies on somebody else's Facebook account?

    Do you possess knowledge of other sooper-sekrit hacking techniques, like the ability to "cut and paste" an e-mail list?

    Have you ever posted anything unflattering about the Inner Party on Indymedia? (Interrogators will have a list of names and IP addresses of dissidents, kindly provided by our Comrades at Indymedia.)

    Have you ever doubted the Inner Party?

    Are you willing to either a) support or b) oppose putting the Thom Hartmann show on KBOO, depending on the final decision of the Inner Party?

    Was Lynn Fitch responsible for the Evil T-Shirt?

    Has Lynn Fitch always been responsible for the Evil T-Shirt?

    Loyal Comrades will instinctively know the correct answers!