Saturday, June 15, 2013

Thom Hartmann: Enemy of the People tries to infiltrate KBOO

Jim "Pinko commie = crazy radical black killers [actually said by Joe Uris]" Thompson weighs in:

Yep there was something this morning 15.Jun.2013 16:13

Jim Thompson

I do recall. Wonder where it went? This morning's note gave me reason go to KBOO.FM and participate in their online poll -- "NO", I said.

Apparently this was not an issue in the latest program committee meeting (this is hearsay, I was not there). From where did this idea come?

The devil in me wants to say, "Yes, but also bring in Randi Rhodes and the rest of the lefty talkers. Or perhaps Limbaugh and Savage just to be fair and balanced." But I won't. It does not pay to be sarcastic all the time...
 Comrade Walter Sobchak has the skinny on HOW  Hartman's nefarious plan would be implemented, details unknown to Outer Cadrer:

Thom Hartmann 15.Jun.2013 17:19

Walter Sobchak

This is an awful idea.
It will eliminate 15 hours of locally-produced programming, for this mainstream, centrist, Obama administration apologist.
While I have a knee-jerk reaction against the 'Keep KBOO KBOO' sentiment (firmly stuck in this hippy-dippy 80's quagmire), this is a really bad idea. This is an actual example of KBOO not being KBOO.
Also, Hartmann's virtually ignored KBOO up till now. It's really just about him getting his show in syndication and - one would presume - a big fat check from KBOO. He won't be on KBOO. Someone will just sit in the air-room and run a CD of his show, while hard-working programmers who occupied that time slot will get the boot.
Those programming hours will be lost forever. Even if some of those programmers are fortunate enough to be rescheduled, someone's show will have to end in order to accomodate them. That's fifteen hours of programming down the 'we wanna sound like NPR toilet', folks!
So, while some of KBOO's own local programming may be a little long in the tooth or rough around the edges, we don't need to be pummeled by Hartmann's slick, commercial sounding centrist political clap-trap.
I urge you to vote resoundingly NO on the survey on KBOO's website.
Mmmm food for thought.
But the best comment on this subject comes from  Comrade Redy 2 Dump Membership, who maintains unswerving loyalty to Our Leader:

Another Centrist Apologist 15.Jun.2013 18:17

Redy 2 Dump Membership

As a KBOO member, if I wanted to listen to centrist and apologists I would tune into OPB or NPR (National Propaganda Radio) to get my Democratic biased news and an commentary. Look, Amy Goodman is conservative enough. I prefer KBOO evening & morning news, Hard Knock Radio, Labor Radio, Prison Pipeline, Circle A Radio, KBOO Youth Collective, Right to Survive Radio, and Theresa Mitchell for news and commentary, from the people how have to deal with this dismal excuse of a modern industrialized nation that has been taken over by the military industrial congressional complex corporate insurgency. I am also very sorry to see the Tillicome Wawa (pardon phonetic spelling) indigenous peoples news vanish.

A sentiment that stands as an example for us all!  It is only through directives of Our Leader via a marginalized station no one listens to on the verge of bankruptcy that we can fight back the military industrial congressional complex corporate insurgency.


Meresa Titchell



    Host Lisa Loving interviews author and radio show host Thom Hartmann about the shift of power to corporations and the loss of power for the people who form the cornerstone of democracy.

    "Thom Hartmann speaks speaks on "Corporations Are Not People and Money is Not Speech" at the First Unitarian Church at SW 12th and Main St. in Portland on Friday, April 26th at 7pm."

    Why comrades! It came this close! The nefarious corporate hack TOM HARTMAN was on KBOO's air only LAST APRIL! Damned corporate media hack Hartman appeared to talk ... about ... hmm ... corporations are not people ... hmmm ... STILL A CORPORATE MEDIA HACK because he DARES to make a living and be heard by MORE THAN 50 persons when broadcasting!!!!

    DAMN that FITCH for sending out a survey! Imagine the people telling KBOO what they want and don't want!

    Add Hartman and 1st Unitarian Church (a well known center of corporate apologists) to the ENEMIES LIST! Lisa Loving clearly needs to go to the RE-EDUCATION CAMP in Boring Oregon !!!

    And someone disinfect whatever microphone he used. Eeeeewwwww ....

  2. WARNING COMRADES: We suspect Enemies of the People hacked this blog to hide it from view for HOURS! We suspect this because the only other explanation is one of the blog authors saved "as draft" instead of publishing. This is clearly not possible because ALL the blog authors, like most Inner Party cadre, are INFALLIBLE.

    Curse those inscrutable hackers for tampering with the VOICE of the People!!!!