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Announcing News Feed

We've moved from the Save Kboo from Save Kboo project to proboards, as detailed here:


The link to the Operation Free Speech forum is:

We set this blog up before deciding to go to a forum format.  Instead of abandoning or deleting, we're turning it into an SEO generating news feed.  

You can leave comments, but don't expect detailed commentary.  For commentary and participation, go to the forum.

And we thank everyone who contributed for making this possible!

-The Team

Monday, August 26, 2013


Your knew it was coming....

Announcing  the new forum Operation FREE SPEECH:

 Our goal is to educate the public and  radio community about KBOO's toxic situation.  If there's a solution, great.  If there isn't, then at least these slime balls can't continue their act in the progressive community.

We will continue to give news updates, but the option is there for readers to participate more actively in planning, writing or even organizing actions.  Posting is possible as guests or registered, but a couple boards can only be accessed with registration. Also to start threads requires registration(need a check back on that?).

This blog has many assets, but it has the same limitations as all the "Inner Party" propaganda organs: it's a one way street.  To really get the word out people need a platform to explore their own ideas.  This is certainly not the only way to do it, but it's one way.  Considering until recently dissenters from the "Inner Party" had no ways, it puts people a little ahead of the game.

Threads with news most readers have come to expect:

General Radio news:
Latest KBOO news:
KBOO elections:
Inner Party:

 And read this too:

Most of you aren't new readers, but it'll get you oriented.

Also there's a Facebook page, though we don't expect to get many likes because most of us don't do Facebook, but there it is:

Gentelman ( and women) we have work to do.

 Link to video:

A Message to the PDX Radio Community by operationFREESPEECHpdx

Hello. This is FREE SPEECH.

We wish to inform the public of a cancer growing in the Portland metro area in the community radio scene, nurtured by the organization known as KBOO radio. For years KBOO has been a community resource allowing ordinary people to learn how radio works and let their voice be heard. We are sad to inform the public this non profit institution, created to serve the public, has been hijacked by a small oligarchy, exploiting the brand of KBOO community radio for their personal agenda.

This is unacceptable.

When objections were voiced this year about this small controlling party, their response was a cocktail of destructive, abusive and illegal behaviors, culminating in an attempt to obtain information from dissenting members using an illegal phishing scheme. This level of vindictive pathology is more akin to the defensive maneuvers of a destructive cult than a community radio station that espouses the values of social justice and free speech. Therefore we have decided to expose this cancer so these vampires cannot continue to make their living at the public's expense.
As the station heads towards bankruptcy, a renewed effort to hide facts to keep the money flowing has motivated the controlling party to convince people talking about problems in a progressively irrelevant cocoon is the same as solving those problems. By giving people the illusion of doing something, it has lulled the alternative community into believing their voice is being heard when in fact their voices are being redirected into an echo chamber with no chance of effecting change in the real world in a meaningful way.

Soliciting financial donations under these deceptive and fraudulent. We hope in exposing the rot that has infected this public community resource, the public may reclaim control of the KBOO community station.

We may not succeed. KBOO's time in community radio may be over and, if this is true, we will let the sun set gracefully on this chapter of alternative radio history.

But even so the task remains to drive out the micro cult that has hijacked KBOO using radical rhetoric to mask a private agenda of exploitation, control and abuse. The controlling Party and their supporters must be prevented from exploiting other progressive organizations. If this is not done, more people will be sucked into the orbit of these personalities and the toxic pseudo alternative culture used to recruit more victims of their propaganda.

Transparency is a two way street

Knowledge is free.

Thank you for listening

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Message For Our Readers

It's been a long road in the short time since the start of June.

We set up this blog in response to the antics of Theresa Mitchell's "Save Kboo" campaign she was spamming across the Portland Indymedia newswire.  The series of articles were repetitious, hard to parse, and with little documentation to support assertions the KBOO community radio corporation was being "taken over" by "top down corporatism".  It was obvious one person was being demonized by staff, Lynn Fitch, the very person staff had lauded only last year.  As the rhetoric became shrill, several "tells" led us to suspect KBOO was being controlled by a small cult-like group(dubbed the "Inner Party") who convinced themselves the end justifies any means to stay in power and silence any questions or criticisms of their activities.  We are not pleased to have been proven correct.

These means have included:

-Having members who help run the Portland Indymedia collective censor and suppress any comments or articles critical of the "Inner Party", including what anywhere else would be considered news for members, like ignoring the bank for 2 months.

-Having the same members abuse their access at Indymedia to share IP addresses of comments and articles critical of  the "Inner Party".

-Impersonating Ed Kraus to smear him as a pro Israeli anti-Palestinian Zionist.

-Posting links to mugshots of dissenting members as an intimidation tactic.

-A board member soliciting for help to hack this blog
-The same board member outing a whistleblower at Facebook
-The same board member accusing two KBOO members of running this blog and threatening them with lawsuits.
 -In a time of fiscal crisis, blowing the chance for new revenue and new membership by alienating Blue Oregon petitioners request that KBOO air Thom Hartmann. 

-Theresa Mitchell lying to members about the reality of impending bankruptcy.  Failing that, changing her story to blame Fitch for the financial problems Mitchell claimed at first didn't exist.

 -In retaliation, removing board member Hadrian Micciche for talking to the press about KBOO's problems. 

-At a meeting meant to intimidate the board into action,  Joe Uris blaming Fitch for a T-shirt that staff including Ani, made and approved.  Theresa Mitchell sits right next to him while he tells these lies and does not correct him.

-Tommy "Hollywood" Hood sends out phishing email after a long time KBOO member has told people, including the blog authors, to expect him to upload his audio to KBOO's website.  This has yet to happen.

-When confronted Tommy claims he was hacked, but refuses to respond to more inquiries or cooperate with the investigation after the phishing email is reported to multiple agencies including the FCC

It is known that KBOO Board President Conser was informed formally through the website about this phishing attempt.  No one from KBOO has responded to this situation.  Observers are forced to conclude KBOO as an institution not only condones the phishing action, but is hoping if they ignore it the matter will go away.

It is now our belief that KBOO as a community radio institution is finished.  

It is disastrous that a small micro-cult clique controls a non profit corporation that exists for the public.   

It is fraudulent to take money from the public under the expectation of serving the public to run a private radio club. 

In light of these new events, we consider our original goal of education via satire and humor for the upcoming elections to be moot. As observed by others, the outcome of this KBOO election will not change anything.

It won't change financial insolvency.
It won't take the board out of the hands of the "Inner Party".

At the end of the day KBOO will remain in the hands of a micro cult exploiting the public's trust in community radio to fund their private radio club.

This is unacceptable.

Therefore we are announcing our plans to abandon any attempt to "save" KBOO from the "Inner Party" and it's organs.

Instead we are moving to "save" community radio, or at least the community, from the toxic malignant influence KBOO has become.  Expect more information around the time of the next KBOO board meeting, Monday, August 26th.

Stay tuned....

Postscript: To the tools trying to manipulate their way into our confidence:  stop.  We have records of the lies and will publish them if provoked.  The best thing is to disappear.  Fishing (or phishing for that matter)will lead to more fail.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Go PHISH! And the Indymedia connection

Weeeell, Tick Tock Tommy didn't want to reply.  Total silence. So we have to form our own conclusions.

Phishy Timeline
(corrected as new info comes in)

June 19 

8:04 PM: Lisa Loving solicits help on facebook to hack a blog

June 20

12:27 PM Lisa Loving outs Richard/Winston Smith for reporting her attempt to solicit hacking services from a kid

Jun 21 FRI

9:58 AM Lisa Loving goes on rampage, sending an email accusing Hadrian of being behind the "yellow blog"

June 22  SAT

8:46 AM: Lisa Loving continues rampage, sending an email accusing Ben Hoyne of being behind the "yellow blog". 

Aug 8

12:21 AM: In part of an email received by blog contact, Tom Hood is mentioned as possibly sharing his audio of board meeting:

Tom Hood had a better set up and didn't rely on battery power.  I am pressing for his recording to be posted to KBOO's fragile website soon.  Based on the fact that a board member I trust already has possession of this audio, I assume that this will happen soon.

Aug 9 FRI

 9:50 AM:  Time Tom Hood claims his account was hacked

 9:52 AM:  And email with the subject: TRANSACTION CONFIRMATION is sent from Tom Hood's account to multiple people including Hadrian and at least a couple others who have been attacked by the "Inner party".  It contains a link to a phishing file hosted at with the words:
 CLICK HERE to view the important document I uploaded for you.

 Clicking on the link directs to a fake Google docs login page.

10:15 am: A recipiant recieves and queries tom about suspiscious email

10:20AMish :  Tom hood replies to query

1:01 PM:  Hadrian see and opens email; queries Tom about suspicious contents

7:31 PM:  Tom send reply to Hadrian claiming his account was hacked at 9:50AM

Aug 10 SAT

11:09 AM  Hadrian warns readers of phishing file going around that might be playing on expectation of receiving audio of last board meeting.

12:05 PM:  Forward of file recieved by blog contact email.  By this time phish file returns error instead of reported login

10:31 PM: reported by Hadrian to host

Aug 11 SUN

9:13 AM: Hadrian reports suspended by host

10:07 AM Theresa Mitchell's blog gets hit with extreme trolling for lulz

11:44AM:  Indymedia article reporting the Phishing attempt appears called "Keep KBOO KBOO fraudulent, dangerous to KBOO"  

1:26 PM: By this time Indymedia article is deleted

2:30ish : Reportedly Tom Hood is sent email to come clean.  Soon after Conser is reportedly emailed through contact page.

3:30 PM:  Theresa Mitchell might be blocking visitors by IP address

4:00 PMish more reports from people who received phishing email

Aug 12 MON

10:20 AM:  Phishing expedition reported to Department of Homeland Security's National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center and their United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team.

10:43 AM Hadrian emails Tom Hood the phishing incident has been reported to multiple agencies, requesting his help:
"As you see, I take illegal actions such as this seriously. Any information you can provide about this incident would be helpful in protecting the people who were targeted by this attack.

10:46 AM: confirmation of US-CERT report received: incident number

2:00 PM Phishing incident reported to Oregon Department of Justice

2:24 PM Incident reported to FCC
Aug 13 TUE

4:00AMish  Trolling of  Facebook pages and profiles begins, including "Committee to Keep KBOO KBOO":

Email Headers(edited):

The headers tell their own tale.  All IP addresses are private, probably Google gmail routers.  A couple are identical to both emails, implying they were sent from the same location.  Even a hacker using Toms email should show a different location. 

This is not a spoof.  A spoof is an email apparently sent from one account, but really from another.  This was sent from Tom's account.  The headers imply that Tom never lost control of his account.

Header of 1st email:
Delivered-To: xxxxxx@xxxxxx Received: by with SMTP id nz2csp91964pdb; Fri, 9 Aug 2013 09:53:01 -0700 (PDT) Return-Path: <hood.quimbyxxxxxx> Received-SPF: pass ( domain of hood.quimby@xxxxxx designates 10.60.xxxxxx as permitted sender) client-ip=10.60.xxxxxx Authentication-Results:; spf=pass ( domain of hood.quimby@xxxxxxdesignates 10.60.xxxxxx as permitted sender) smtp.mail=hood.quimby@xxxxxx; dkim=pass X-Received: from ([10.60.xxxxxx]) by with SMTP id rh8mr1280722oeb.76.1376067179971 (num_hops = 1); Fri, 09 Aug 2013 09:52:59 -0700 (PDT) DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=20120113; h=mime-version:date:message-id:subject:from:to:content-type; bh=eu7X2gSfRZZddRQSHNF3K4i5MF7OtV+tOygFQIv6QmY=; b=Y1CqaiWpe2e1XpWkCm5qWD5/5mRBCHiXeLoJ3nYHmOWHL0Xn8VSOwFVhViJUzswlEn WEOTnMbeFGfOHq0mwn9To/PV/WjIRIJelv2a2jwBvEE6RKt1jOD/brHZj6ppJu4TzjXM YlLlRYnx0LbiSvwY4O2z5gzlKr/r46QQhItXtewg0nKDe4fh49mZmXit3Xf5VNFOLSBX BzFE43W6pShxzyeo8anrQoTxW5i7cTwRb+50F9ZojQJyQMiN0OX0iD4Nq1HHPS6sIqMW AyToieblsqLU14+EAEKOkRYMyXBrQWxXp1V2AohfeN3d9PUpCl5Vhj48Rnt7JrQRMiuq aTYg== MIME-Version: 1.0 X-Received: by 10.60.xxxxxx with SMTP id rh8mr1280722oeb.76.1376067179964; Fri, 09 Aug 2013 09:52:59 -0700 (PDT) Received: by with HTTP; Fri, 9 Aug 2013 09:52:59 -0700 (PDT) Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013 09:52:59 -0700 Message-ID: <> Subject: TRANSACTION CONFIRMATION From: Tom Hood <hood.quimby@xxxxxx> To: undisclosed-recipients:; Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=047d7b2e4c4672f63f04e3869b35 Bcc: xxxxxx@xxxxxx

Header of 2nd email (from "Real Tom")
Delivered-To: xxxxxx@xxxxxx Received: by with SMTP id bj10csp473obb; Fri, 9 Aug 2013 19:31:37 -0700 (PDT) X-Received: by with SMTP id o19mr2353818oer.85.1376101868035; Fri, 09 Aug 2013 19:31:08 -0700 (PDT) Return-Path: <hood.quimby@xxxxxx> Received: from ( [2607:f8b0:4003:c02::244]) by with ESMTPS id nk8si10830982obb.37.2013. for <xxxxxx@xxxxxx> (version=TLSv1 cipher=ECDHE-RSA-RC4-SHA bits=128/128); Fri, 09 Aug 2013 19:31:08 -0700 (PDT) Received-SPF: pass ( domain of hood.quimby@xxxxxx designates 2607:f8b0:4003:c02::244 as permitted sender) client-ip=2607:f8b0:4003:c02::244; Authentication-Results:; spf=pass ( domain of hood.quimby@xxxxxx designates 2607:f8b0:4003:c02::244 as permitted sender) smtp.mail=hood.quimby@xxxxxx; dkim=pass; dmarc=pass (p=NONE dis=NONE) Received: by with SMTP id j6so2441312oag.11 for <xxxxxx@xxxxxx>; Fri, 09 Aug 2013 19:31:08 -0700 (PDT) Return-Path: <hood.quimby@xxxxxx> Received-SPF: pass ( domain of hood.quimby@xxxxxx designates 10.60.xxxxxx as permitted sender) client-ip=10.60.xxxxxx X-Received: from ([10.60.xxxxxx]) by with SMTP id rh8mr2902280oeb.76.1376101866286 (num_hops = 1); Fri, 09 Aug 2013 19:31:06 -0700 (PDT) DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=20120113; h=mime-version:in-reply-to:references:date:message-id:subject:from:to :content-type; bh=AfyVNUEtoKL/78rN5icqP+ZgyN82xTJJVfDPHQLT+sc=; b=jFv3Gu1Z4KedeZ7d9LXkjFVE9vgZjKipV19o2/DjByojT7wbUoR3CRn+9dYZp7s3tZ 67bykHvTC+i8cpzuAxVIUwTYFoUUTWBubyKbgI2GU8ogEOEaSLQtX0POB+m3V8xN5Guh 79eBZIE3thUq4ZOBOY5VGisdpkwzcgnTZlOmrbWkLA6SgafTOrnMNv97bP3ZJZCKIs6s kPdGNG9QbST4u4A7BJta7czLxFuhYhxcfKyOoywystlpopZXF4nsl65UQjiJWSZpgUoX ctxjqlOLqI/2G+uIwhHjzO4iqklTnk6eZowORXn8hfZC+xYbTSqE20W6NrEjG6aDtVQN ACWA== MIME-Version: 1.0 X-Received: by 10.60.xxxxxx with SMTP id rh8mr2902280oeb.76.1376101866281; Fri, 09 Aug 2013 19:31:06 -0700 (PDT) Received: by with HTTP; Fri, 9 Aug 2013 19:31:06 -0700 (PDT) In-Reply-To: <> References: <> <> Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013 19:31:06 -0700 Message-ID: <> Subject: Re: TRANSACTION CONFIRMATION From: "hood.quimby" <hood.quimby@xxxxxx> To: xxxxxx <xxxxxx@xxxxxx>

Best hypothesis so far:   Someone Tommy knew set up the phish file at champs account.  Tommy agreed to use his email to send out link. 

Speculated motive:  find out if any enemies of the people were running the evil yellow blog.

Foreknowledge:   in comments it was pointed out people were expecting an email from Tom Hood about the last board meeting audio.

In an email received this was referenced clearly:
 Tom Hood had a better set up and didn't rely on battery power. I am pressing for his recording to be posted to KBOO's fragile website soon.  Based on the fact that a board member I trust already has possession of this audio, I assume that this will happen soon.
 This email was clearly prepping the blog contact to expect an audio file from Tom, in some way.   Receiving an email from his address, with words saying, "CLICK HERE to view the important document I uploaded for you. " would fit the pattern of a set up.

That the email was never received by the blog contact might be the most pathetic failure and cancer in this situation.

The KBOO/Portland Indymedia Connection

It hasn't escaped readers attention that when anything embarrassing about the Inner Party is published on the PIMC newswire it tends to vanish.  Not everything, but enough to make readers wonder.   Rumors for weeks imply that Portland Indymedia is not only deleting articles for the clique controlling KBOO, but have been logging IP addresses and passing them on to Inner Party members.

More recently it was discovered the so called problems with "lost" compost articles were bogus, the compost link being connected to a blank page, while the real current compost link was orphaned:

Link from Indy front page:

Real link:

It was pointed out in comments someone was very busy on July 30 apparently deleting or disabling compost archives back to 2000.

Portland IMC seems to be taken over by "radicals" of the same stripe as the "Inner Party", in other words,  not very radical and at least as controlling as the most annoying Republican.   But now we know, from a tip in comments,  the most likely culprit "massaging" the newswire for Keep KBOO KBOO:  "Joe Anybody".

The latest  "massage" being suppressing the KBOO related phishing article by banishing it to the compost:

Keep KBOO KBOO fraudulent, dangerous to KBOO
author: theduhfiles
Since May a small clique of KBOO insiders afraid of losing control have been branding themselves as "anti-corporate" and "saving" KBOO. The truth is they will keep a strangle hold on the funds troubled station even if it means committing a series of felonies and attacking KBOO membership

"Joe"(apparently his real name is Mike Tabor) networks on Facebook with all the usual suspects:



Lisa Loving:

 On his about page, he lists himself as an Indymedia volunteer:

Under work and education

Of course, who knows how many Indy volunteers there are and what Joe's status is.  He could have admin privileges  or be Drone 398.

The following link, showing Joe helps run a list for PIMC, proves he is trusted with more access than the average "drone":

imc-portland-requests list run by afterthought at, salaud at, joeanybody at, quill at
imc-portland-requests administrative interface (requires authorization)
Overview of all mailing lists

 EDIT: an important thing about this clown to remember:  he's a KBOO member:

 Personal information. First name: joe; Last name: anybody; Listen Online? History. Member for: 1 year 20 weeks.

And for anyone who wants to know what he looks like?  Like a "constitutional protection" according to a fan:

Roger David Hardesty posted a photo to Joe Anbody's timeline.
6 hours ago ·
This is what our Constitutional protections looks like.

Mkay.  If you say so.  We assume "constitutional protections" might include "free speech" at Indymedia.  Guess we were wrong.

Maybe, since he seems to be some kind of "journalist", he can look into Comrade Hollywood Hood's phishing expedition.

But don't hold your breathe.  According the the Antifas, "Joe" hangs out with a pretty sleazy crowd:

Another Portland Indymedia player is Jesse London, who helps "Joe" at PIMC as "salaud at".

Old whois puts Jesse in Portland in 2011; whether he's still in physically in Portland is not clear:

Domain ID:D12298727-LRMS
Domain Name:J512.INFO
Created On:05-Mar-2006 08:55:23 UTC
Last Updated On:06-Mar-2010 16:59:35 UTC
Expiration Date:05-Mar-2011 08:55:23 UTC
Sponsoring Inc. (R171-LRMS)
Registrant ID:CR21954693
Registrant Name:Jesse London
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street1:PO Box 11681
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Portland
Registrant State/Province:Oregon
Registrant Postal Code:97211
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.5035732343
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Jesse London was involved with Portland indymedia since 2002 in spite of hailing from North Carolina:

poster of &quot;CORPORATE ACTION&quot; 26.Nov.2002 12:07

magic lantern

Jesse London ( is the asshole who thinks murder is CORPORATE ACTION.

Tell him what you think.

Jesse London 26.Nov.2002 12:46

No-Doz Bukowski

Judging by his homesite at, Jesse London appears to be a teenager with a rock band in North Carolina. Help me, please, to understand how this person managed to scoop the entire Portland Indymedia staff and post this story first; having never published here before. And how does a teenager from North Carolina become a volunteer for Indymedia in Portland?

Has anyone met this guy, or has it all been e-mail contact?

I'm also still waiting for someone to tell me more about Matt McRae's involvement in activism before the shooting.

5000. - N.

A blog by Jesse, with Indymedia links, imply he studied law in some capacity:

Friday, December 18, 2009

Free is Really Free!

From Civil Liberties Defense Center:

PORTLAND - Dec 16th, 2009 - Jeff "Free" Luers, political prisoner and environmental activist, was released from the Columbia River Correctional Institution this morning after serving nine and half years. Luers was originally sentenced in 2001 to twenty two years and eight months for the politically motivated arson of three SUV's at a car dealership in Eugene, OR. This sentence was deemed grossly disproportionate to the damage sustained by the car dealership and was condemned by legal professionals, human rights groups and activists worldwide. At an appeal hearing in 2007 it was ruled that Luers' original sentence was illegal, and was consequently reduced to ten years.

Luers' release today comes after what Oregon Department of Corrections described as a 'mistake' when they released him early on October 20th this year. After a few short hours of freedom, Luers was taken back into custody in Eugene after the State agency reversed its decision and determined that he did not qualify under the new House Bill 3508 for an additional 10% reduction in sentence. DOC's gross incompetence in this situation, and the emotional toll borne by his family and loved ones, is just one of many examples of the distressing levels of bureaucratic impropriety that Luers has endured during his years behind bars.

Upon his release this morning, Mr. Luers stated:

"The last 9½ years have been difficult at best. I have witnessed things in prison that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I have endured hardship and loss. Without a doubt, this experience has changed me. What hasn't changed is my commitment to environmental and social justice."

See the original article here on Portland Indymedia
No comments:

If Jesse is actively involved with Portland Indymedia, then he's aware of the phishing article they composted and readers shouldn't trust him any farther than they can throw him. 

We can assume the Portland Indymedia collective is not representing any anarchist, progressive or revolutionary independent media force in Portland at this time.

More to come....

Saturday, August 10, 2013



The story so far:

As reported in comments here:

Tommy "Hollywood" Hood sent out an email to undisclosed recipients that included Traitor Hadrian:

HadrianAugust 10, 2013 at 11:09 AM
If you received an email from Tom Hood directing you to a Google Docs/Drive upload, its not a Board meeting audio. Its a phishing attempt to get your gmail log-in info.

The phishing email received at around 9am. Tom's reply to my inquiry about it received at around 9pm. Tom says he was hacked and spent all day dealing with that - which did not include notifying any of us in that 12 hours or so that he had been hacked...

A question was asked:

 Out of curiosity, did Hood send this from a KBOO e-mail account?
 More information:

HadrianAugust 10, 2013 at 1:18 PM
My recall of a 9am email and a 9pm reply from Tom was inaccurate. Here's the timeline:
The email from Tom Hood's account was sent to me on Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 9:52 AM. The subject: TRANSACTION CONFIRMATION.

That's a typical subject line in an phishing email but typically used to get access to your pay pal account and such. However, the link in the email lead to a request for Google log-in information. It was sent from a Google email account and claimed linked to an upload into Google docs, which KBOO staff does use to share information and files.

I did not check my email until later that day and sent a query to Tom about it at 1:01 PM. I got this reply at 7:31pm.

Hi Hadrian, Not Me! Delete!

I was hacked around 9:50AM this morning. Been dealing with this all day. Nasty.

I've reset my security settings and password.

Take Care - (The Real Tom)
Amazingly convenient Tommy was hacked exactly 2 MINUTES before the Hadrian email.   How would he know it was 2 minutes before that email?  Unless there's another email, wouldn't he assume the time of Hadrian's email was the time of the hack?

We left this comment:

Party Blog BotAugust 10, 2013 at 11:38 AM
The phishing email received at around 9am. Tom's reply to my inquiry about it received at around 9pm.

Not received by us.
Forward, with copy/paste of email headers, and we might be able to confirm or refute his story.
There are two emails.  There are two headers.  Some evidence indicate both emails were sent from exactly the same place.
There is no evidence the alleged "hackor" email came from outside the country. 
The alleged Google Docs links was hosted at, who assure customers they don't put up with this funny business:

Is it really free? How?

Yes, it is a free world initiative. our services are absolutely FREE, no hidden fees or taxes. We offer free and almost unlimited hosting services for everyone and everywhere. How? We simply have other income resources which generates us more income than it costs to provide free website hosting services.

Where can I find your Terms of Use and Privact policy?

Our Terms Of Use and Privacy policy can be found at the following URLs:
Privacy Policy:
Please make sure you ready them carefully before you sign up.

Hacks and viruses

Please rest assured there are no viruses on our servers, because we use Linux OS. If you get any virus warnings on your website, it means there is a problem (or some kind of malicious script) in your source code and not the server itself.

Abuse reports

Abusive websites are not tolerated on our network and we terminate them instantly without any warnings. Abuse reports can be sent at:
Is it a scam hosting service?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  It hasn't been around long enough for anyone to tell:

Is a fake site ? Is legit and trustworthy ?

This Very New Site Has an Unknown Reputation
Site is United States based
As readers can see, the host is in the USA and therefore under US law.  Whois registry is private, created February of this year:

 Domain Name:
Created On: 2013-02-21
Expiration Date: 2014-02-21

Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:

Registrant Name: Domain Administrator See
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street1: 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104
Registrant Street2: PMB# 255
Registrant City: Phoenix
Registrant State/Province: Arizona
Registrant Postal Code: 85016
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: 347-871-7726
Registrant Email:

Admin Name: Domain Administrator See
Admin Organization:
Admin Street1: 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104
Admin Street2: PMB# 255
Admin City: Phoenix
Admin State/Province: Arizona
Admin Postal Code: 85016
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: 347-871-7726
Admin Email:

Billing Name: Domain Administrator See
Billing Organization:
Billing Street1: 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104
Billing Street2: PMB# 255
Billing City: Phoenix
Billing State/Province: Arizona
Billing Postal Code: 85016
Billing Country: US
Billing Phone: 347-871-7726
Billing Email:

Tech Name: Domain Administrator See
Tech Organization:
Tech Street1: 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104
Tech Street2: PMB# 255
Tech City: Phoenix
Tech State/Province: Arizona
Tech Postal Code: 85016
Tech Country: US
Tech Phone: 347-871-7726
Tech Email:

Registrar: NAMESILO, LLC
Whois Server:
Creation Date: 21-FEB-2013
Updated Date: 07-MAR-2013
Expiration Date: 21-FEB-2014

 The link, when clicked through secure firewalls and proxies, doesn't go to a login, but gives this error message:

Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: Permission denied in Unknown on line 0 Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required '/home/u122206935/public_html/docs/googledocss/index.html' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php') in Unknown on line 0
 Either that's it's default  when it can't stream and raep your system.
OR  it's been removed and deleted.

IF it's been deleted, in less that 24 hours from being live,  it's unlikely to be random "hackers" in Tim-bumfuck-tu.  Random hackers abandon accounts.  Only people worried about a Party Van  delete fucking everything.  Especially so soon after an inquiry.

In other other bad news for Team KKK, if it's NOT been deleted, and  freehostingchamp aren't complete scumfucks, they'll know who set the account up.  And even if Team KKK used a proxy, GOOGLE will KNOW where that email was sent from.

AND....this is NOT all the documentation.

Someone's got some 'splainin to do.


1. If you were hacked, you reported it right? Time to forward that report to Hadrian and whoever else it was sent to.
 EDIT Do not send to Hadrian.  Send it to us if you like. :P

2. And the email sent to Hadrian from your address?  You should have a copy in your sent folder.  It will have the full BCC list.  Copypasta that to Hadrian ASAP.
EDITDo not send to Hadrian.  Send it to us if you like. :P


We have to assume you have something to do with this epic failure of a phishing expedition.  

You don't want to end up like LISA "HACKER" LOVING, do you? 

"Lisa Loving
near Portland ·
Does anybody know how to hack into a Blogspot blog to find out who is doing it? I have come across a particularly cruel blog that is trashing people at KBOO and I would like to know who's doing it. Lemme know, thank you."
READ the Original that's still there!

READ the blogs that first broke the story:

READ Lisa "Hacker" Loving's meltdown afterwards:

Now PHISHING?  Can we say a pattern of behavior?

Let's see how long it takes the Inner Party to tell Tommy.  Better not wait  too long. Cuz there's more where this came from.....


KBOO Coup Revisited at WWeek Murmers, Traitors speak out!

Why won't they just shut the hell up?  Don't we have mugshots on either one of them?

Anyway, Traitors Kraus and Hadrian are whining in WW comments.  Again:

August 7th, 2013 WW Editorial Staff | Murmurs

A member of community radio station KBOO FM’s board of directors says he was kicked off the board July 15 after talking to the media about the station’s recent financial and union troubles (“KBOO Coup,” WW, July 10, 2013). KBOO board president S.W. Conser confirms the board removed Hadrian Micciche; the minutes say Micciche was removed because of a June 20 email he sent to several media outlets (including WW) accusing three board members of wrongdoing. Micciche says a copy of WW’s recent story, which quoted him, was open and on the table when he walked into the meeting. “They were saying I was disloyal to KBOO by blowing the whistle,” Micciche says. “I mentioned whistle-blowing and somebody said, ‘It’s not whistle-blowing unless somebody did something wrong.’” In another update, Conser says that KBOO executive director Lynn Fitch remains in her position. Fitch tells WW she is on leave after the death of her partner. 
Uh.  Awkward moment.   Guess we kinda looks like um dicks.  Hmmm.   (Don't make eye contact!)

UPDATEEVIL FITCH sets record straight in comments:
Lynn Fitch
Sorry, I declined to speak to Sara / WW for any type of follow-up to their prior story. I am on authorized medical leave from my position at KBOO for a month per my doctor's orders - not due to the death of a loved one.
Well, that's a relief. We can go back to being dicks to her face again.

Moving on to the treacherous comments by traitors:

Ed in Portland

I understand and appreciate WWeek's being cautious what it prints regarding the KBOO Coup. Although minutes of the board meetings on July 15 and July 29 have not been approved and released, audio tapes are widely distributed by now on various KBOO related blogs. During these meetings Lynn Fitch was told to spend none of her time doing any management at all, essentially keeping her title and salary but stripping her of any authority to manage the station. She was even told to leave the July 29th meeting and not participate at all. It will be interesting to see how much of the truth filters it's way into the official minutes when they finally are approved and released.  I've publicly objected to recent developments at the KBOO website .
Yeah, yeah.  Moving on, Hadrian has his say:

Hadrian Micciche
Re: The KBOO Coup and my removal from the Board.

The KBOO Board had been notified in advance of this meeting that I planned to resign from the Board when and if they acted to:

1. Set aside the Board policies then supposedly in place.
2. Remove the Executive Director from her role as such, in any fashion.

These two items were on the agenda for that meeting and the Board did indeed do these things. That would have triggered my resignation, had the Board not needlessly removed me as their first order of business.

The Board insisted on engaging in a farcical 90 minute effort, trying to discredit this critic by cynically invoking policies the Board themselves did not support. At a previous Board meeting, and again at the meeting where I was removed, the KBOO Board took a formal vote in which they refused to affirm the Board policies they then cited to remove me. After my removal, the Board then put these policies into abeyance. In other words, the Board declared that they would not be guided by these Board policies, but never-the-less acted to use them to silence a critic. Ironically, my removal from the Board resulted in more unwanted press.

Did KBOO Board member Lisa Loving request help to hack a web site critical of the KBOO coup? The evidence of that is still up on her Facebook page.

Did KBOO Board President S.W. Conser needlessly obtain confidential personnel records from KBOO's law firm without prior authorization, in violation of client-attorney privilege? Indeed he did.

And they say my alerting the press about these matters is not whistle-blowing. It's not whistle-blowing, I was told, unless someone did something wrong...

Well of course the Inner Party didn't do anything wrong!   Because anything the Inner Party does for the GLORIOUS PEOPLE'S RADIO WORKER'S PARADISE is perfectly acceptable.  Hacking blogs with EVIL LIES and mismanaging funds are just the usual  cracked eggs  for mixing a revolutionary omelet.

Geez, comrade.  GET A CLUE.  This is why we voted you off the sinking, lava overrun island!    You were always whining about something!  Like how our huts should be as far from the volcano as possible.  The People will build their huts where ever they like, thank you!

Next up on KBOO Survivor:  Who will get booted from the Island next?  Stay tuned!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Dud Petition Revisited for Lulz, Responses, Trolled?

Last we heard of the KKK dud petition was when it was PWNED hard by BlueOregon's Thom Hartmann petition, 4800 to 268 as blogged here:

Of course that didn't keep the Inner Party from completely ignoring it, it's results, their mission as a public non profit radio station to serve the pubic or going out of their way to drive BlueOregon members away from becomeing members by acting bat ass crazy:

No sirree.  Plus we kicked traitor Hadrian off the board.  HA HA HA HA HA!


But unknown until now were the responses to the petition by board members of the time:

This petition will be delivered to:
KBOO Foundation Board President
SW Conser
KBOO Foundation Board Vice President
Matthew Bristow
KBOO Foundation Board Treasurer
Paula Small
KBOO Foundation Board Member
Rabia Yeaman
See response
KBOO Foundation Board Member
Michael Papadapoulos
See response
KBOO Foundation Board Member
Lisa Loving
See response
KBOO Foundation Board Member
Jeff Kipilman
See response
KBOO Foundation Board Member
Hadrian Micciche
See response
KBOO Foundation Board Member
Lyn Moelich

The responses in order:

Rabia Yeaman responds:
“Hi petitioners, thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns and opinions. I am sharing the most recent news we/I have of the union which is this "Lynn Fitch, KBOO Station Navigator and Madelyn Elder, President of the Communication Workers of America Local 7901, would voluntarily recognize the union and are ready to enter into negotiations." Tomorrow (Sunday 5/19) the manager will be available to answer your questions on the air (6:30-8pm) (Monday evening too). I cannot speak for my peers on the board, nor do I represent the board, only myself when I say, I am very excited the staff will be fulfilling their long-time desire to unionize and I am impressed with the manager's diligence in gathering information from a variety of sources to make the best decision on behalf of both the staff and the KBOO foundation. Her decision to request to go straight to negotiations demonstrates to me, a willingness to support the staff's request to unionize, while ensuring the safety of the non-profit corporation that is KBOO. I hope you will be able to tune in and get your questions answered to your satisfaction. Thank you for your passion and concern for our KBOO Community Radio. Rabia Yeaman”

Posted on May 19, 2013

Michael Papadapoulos responds: 
“Bullard doesn't represent the membership and should never have been hired in the first place.”

Posted on May 19, 2013

Lisa Loving responds:
“Choosing a law firm with a strong anti-union track record is a bad match for KBOO and sends an adversarial message to its staff union.”

Posted on May 19, 2013

Jeff Kipilman responds:
“pro bono, pro labor law is the way to go. no more money on attornys”

Posted on May 19, 2013

Hadrian Micciche responds: 
“Any political activist with any savvy know that on-line petitions are a big waste of people's time and effort. See: "Your Online Petition Is Useless." How can the people receiving the petition know that people signing are real people, much less members? They can't. In other words, this petition isn't even worth the paper its not printed on. (You too can have a fake identity:”

Posted on June 03, 2013

 "They can't. In other words, this petition isn't even worth the paper its not printed on. (You too can have a fake identity"

Oh Reely, Comrade?

It appears, as if to prove the point, several, um, "responses" have been published that may or may not be real.  It's unclear because they aren't linked to the "official" board member replies:

Lisa Loving responds:
“As a KBOO member/contributor, I'm disgusted that my contributions have been used to undermine the workers' right to organize. These developments suggest that "the navigator" (a term that in itself implies and endorses centralized power) lacks a basic grasp of KBOO's mission and history. ”

Posted on May 19, 2013

Or they make no sense:

Lisa Loving responds:
“Please add my name to your petition--Shannon Mallory”

Posted on May 19, 2013

 Or are repetitive and spammy:

Lisa Loving responds:
“The use of this law firm is a betrayal of kboo principals.”

Posted on May 20, 2013

And keep coming back with "and another thing":

Michael Papadapoulos responds:
“I support the staff's right to unionize. I am a former employee of KBOO and find it interesting to note that Ani Haines was the strong-arm person AGAINST our attempt to unionize roughly 5 years ago. Now Ani Haines wants to unionize the KBOO employees when it is HER that is being threatened.”

Posted on May 22, 2013

[so fakey mcfake.  Glorious Leader defended's doubtful he has a real conflict with Ani or he'd have been blitzed by now.]

 Or simply can't organize all their thoughts at once. Maybe they have ADD..,

Michael Papadapoulos responds:
“Sometimes any non-profit needs legal services, and it needs to select a firm or an individual that (or who) is competent and efficient AND with values that are amenable to the values of the non-profit and its membership. Oregon has many such firms and individuals whose competence and values fall within KBOO's needs; let's work with them. ”

Posted on May 22, 2013

And of course FITCH IS EVIL:

Michael Papadapoulos responds:
“Lynn Fitch and almost everyone on the board need to be removed from KBOO.”

Posted on May 25, 2013

Plus CAPS:

Michael Papadapoulos responds:

Posted on May 25, 2013

And then Hadrian, or someone using his name, gets into the act:

Hadrian Micciche responds:
“Keep that motor runnin' Jocko I won't be long on inside If you shut the motor off My luck, th' battery'd die Whoa, I love robbin' banks Yes, I love robbin' banks You tell the teller thanks Aw honey, for me Well, we left Argentina We had Alaska in our eyes Head out for them clear, cold nights And white capped mountains an' lions, now Lord, I love bein' a chauffeur 'Cause, I love bein' a chauffeur I'm a backseat gopher Ridin' in the car with you Keep them dogs quiet good, boy I won't be long in the barn If you get scared and run You bastard, I'll break your arms, now Lord, I love poachin' chickens 'Cause, I love poachin' chickens We'll fry 'em finger-lickin' Some kind o' good Keep that bottle comin' good boy Lord I'm getting so dry inside If you break it or drop it My luck we gonna die dry Lord, I love drinkin' whiskey 'Cause, I love drinkin' whiskey Makin' me feel risky Every time I do a jug, now Keep them eyes peeled good, boy For that highway patrol If they catch and lock us up now They're gonna keep us 'til we grey and old and ugly and nasty Lord, I love bein' illegal Yes, I love bein' illegal Makin' my bone wiggle Everytime I see the law Yes, I love robbin' banks Whoa, I love bein' a chauffeur Yes, I love poachin' chickens Lord, I love drinkin' whiskey Yes, I love bein' illegal Lord, I love robbin' banks You tell the teller thanks Aw honey, for me”

Posted on June 03, 2013

Hadrian Micciche responds: 
“River of shit River of shit Flow on, flow on, river of shit Right from my toes On up to my nose Flow on, flow on, river of shit I've been swimming In this river of shit More than 20 years And I'm getting tired of it Don't like swimming Hope it'll run dry Got to go on swimming Cause I don't want to die Spoken: Oh I can feel another 1000 years Of the flapjacks of Sorrow! Unless! Unless we make 2000 A.D.! 2000 A.D. Our glorious deadline A glorious deadline to make the World a better place! Or else the flapjacks of sorrow Are going to slide down our throats Slide down our throats For another millennium Of pain and war and oppression And all our children's children's children's Children's children children Shall have to wade and to swim In the same grim river In which we now swim Sing along with us Sing sing sing sing sing sing sing sing!”

Posted on June 03, 2013


Well, that looks like a perfectly credible, non trolled petition!

We'll note those who did NOT respond:

Matthew Bristow
 Paula Small
 Lyn Moelich

and, most surprisingly of all,  Theresa and Ani's pal, SW Conser.

To commemorate Stevie Conser's Big Blow Off, we're announcing the winning macro of the Condescending Conch Competition!

On July 19th, blogged here, we asked readers to send in their own Condescending Conch.  On the day of the July 29th board meeting submissions flooded in:

Share your favorite in comments below!  The most popular one will replace the "EVIL FITCH" widget.  We think real cadre already know that by now. *wink*
After serious deliberation with incense and a few animal sacrifices(we think we're getting the hang of this, comrades!), we scanned through the paltry  votes in comments and decided to throw them out an choose our favorite.  Because that's the way we at the Inner Party do things!   Screw democracy when it doesn't get you the result you want!
Readers can now see looking to the left right of their screens and see the winner:


Thank you cadre for your participation and the one vote that agreed with what we were going to decide anyway!

Nothing like democracy in action!


-Meresa Titchell

Glorious Leader's Glorious Days as VP, Embezzlement, Alzheimer's

We get many emails leading us down memory lane. KBOO's past is fraught with, fraughtiness, a roller coaster of experience  throughout the years the organization has failed to learn from.

For instance take finances.  

At the beginning of the HATE EVIL FITCH campaign, Glorious Leader rebutted Traitor Hoyne with her experience as an ELDER and former Vice President of the Board and her alleged attempts to reign in Treasurer Kahlia Durham.  Ignoring Glorious Leader's wisdom, KBOO was embezzled out of $19,000 between/around 1995-1998:

2 bh
16.May.2013 17:26


IF you'll check the transcript of the May 4 meeting, you'll see that Lynn did admit to attempting to remove the entire Staff. That's why I keep mentioning it. Treasurer Paula was in on it. Then, when that plan was thwarted, Bullard Law, the (expensive!) anti-union firm, was hired. The Station Manager has obviously tried to manage perceptions of the situation, but it's just as obvious that she intended to clean house.

I am not inclined to believe what Lynn says. That's because I twice approached her, over the last few months, with fund-raising ideas, and was immediately told "we'll probably do that." She was not only lying, but attempting to dismiss me as a crank. One of those proposals was based on an idea that has raised a million dollars per year for WBUR; I know that, becauswe I personally researched it with WBUR staff. So now, if she says she doesn't intend to wipe out KBOO Staff, I take it as perception management. She is not a straight shooter, in my opinion. For example, she just sent out an email blast to KBOO members in which she appears cozily next to the CWA president...but if you listen to the CWA prez on the KBOO Labor Radio broadcast ( ), you will hear a different story altogether.

As to whether I can comment on Staff competency, I would remind you that I am a 23-year veteran of KBOO--an "elder" if ever there was one--and a former Vice President of the Board of Directors (1995-1998). Board minutes from that era will show me desperately attempting to institute responsible Treasurer practices; I was ignored, and KBOO lost $19,000.00 to the then-Treasurer's embezzlement. (Her name was Kahlia Durham, and she's dead now.) Should I be silent now, when I see the core values of the Station threatened?

You asked if Staff could not be reassigned. They are frequently re-assigned; I have no problem with that. But a reassignment under the current manager would probably mean a realignment towards a downsized, dumbed-down station. As I said, I don't trust her.

I thank you for staying on topic and avoiding mere fireworks.

"Board minutes from that era will show me desperately attempting to institute responsible Treasurer practices;"

Perhaps Theresa Mitchell would like to share those minutes, because Dog knows there's not a snowball's chance in Hell of finding them on the KBOO website.  Otherwise it looks like Our Glorious Leader is "exaggerating" or has a touch of Alzheimer's.

-Kahlia Durham was not Treasurer; she was KBOO's business manager
-It wasn't $19,000, it was $11,000
-This was exposed in 1999, after Theresa Mitchell alleged term. (To be fair, that could be when the story broke after the damage was done.  OTOH it means it was happening under Mitchell's nose.)

This was covered by Willamette Week:

Seen a Rogue on the loose?
Get in touch with our Roguemeister:
(503) 243-2122
FAX: (503) 243-1115

It's a sad day when even the do-gooders at KBOO aren't safe from thieves. But that's apparently what managers of the community radio station found last month. According to station manager Alan Baily, former KBOO business manager Kalia Durham is suspected of embezzling more than $11,000 from the station by forging checks. Portland police are currently investigating the claim, but in the meantime KBOO has won a court injunction to prevent Durham from spending any money that's not lawfully hers. It's beyond roguishness for someone to steal funds from an organization that runs on volunteer labor and listener contributions. But KBOO, the nation's fifth-oldest community radio station, may share some of the blame.
A few years ago, general manager Everett Rice left under a cloud after it was discovered that he was allegedly milking the station for extended sick leave that he didn't need. Before that, a not-so-savvy business manager didn't pay the IRS on time, bringing the wrath of the feds down on the station.
Since the Rice fiasco, we're told that KBOO hasn't really tightened its financial controls. Hopefully, the managers at the station will start doing so from now on. Running better background checks might also be a good idea. A quick look at readily available public documents would have revealed that before signing on with KBOO Durham had been convicted of--guess what?--theft.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Willamette Week | originally published February 3, 1999

No mention of Glorious Leader in the Rogue column. But the criticisms of failing to " tightened its financial controls" ring eerily familiar.  History repeats.  And repeats and repeats...

There's a point where those who haven't swallowed the Kool Aid must face some facts about bad character no matter how much the organization or characters claim to have changed or "seen the light":