Friday, June 21, 2013

Enemy of the People Ben Hoyne asks for Help! PLUS NEW CONTACT EMAIL

Attention Comrades!  The traitor Hoyne defies the Inner Party so boldly, he tries to hijack comments for his dastardly platform!  Are there no depths the Enemies of the People will not sink to?

There is no doubt I'm slacking on keeping my blog, current. I'd love some help. If anyone out there has time to provide content to campaign4kboo, I'd welcome it. If SKFSK can post a new entry with this, I'd be grateful. Seems like folks around here are able to post multiple times a day, perhaps multiple folks are involved. What I'm looking for is factual based blog posts that steer clear of name calling, etc. Sorry for the random comment. Do what you well. I'm off to the Christmas Valley Gulag, where at least I hear it's being run by Solar power, so that is a step in the right direction, yeah Oregon!
If you want to help email, radiodagema arroba(that's @ en español) yahoo punto com
 Clearly Hoyne is looking for fact based, "respectable" blogging, with low to no snark, that will appeal to level headed, rational and informed KBOO audience that lately seems to be rarer than unicorn sightings.   No lolcats or 4chan refugees need apply.

In other news, defectors of the Inner Party now can contact the blog authors via our new contact email one of us kept whining that we needed.   With the recent outing of Defector Richard Smith by Comrade and KBOO board member Lisa "Hacker" Loving, we've agreed that comrade blogger was probably right and now offer this method of contact:

We've forgiven comrade blogger and rehabilitated his status. We've also unlocked him from the cellar.  Party sources indicate he's very happy about that.



  1. "innerpartycontactx (AT) yahoo (DOT) com"

    Don't trust that e-mail, Comrades!

    In the 1920's, the Soviet Union set up a fake anti-Soviet underground organization called "The Trust", which hornswoggled all the Western spy agencies, who thought that they were dealing with a real oppositional underground, and not simply a disguised branch of the Soviet state.

    You don't think that the geniuses at the Inner Party aren't also capable of such a thing, Comrades?

    Remember, Suspicion Breeds Trust!

    Comply with your directives from the Inner Party, and don't be fooled by so-called oppositional organizations, Comrades!

  2. Propaganda MinistryJune 21, 2013 at 12:53 PM

    New major posting on Indymedia from Glorious Leader, Comrades, outing Traitor Member of the KBOO board, Traitor Hadrian!

    A portion of his Evil e-mail to Portland media, quoted by Glorious Leader:

    "From: Hadrian Micciche
    Subject: The disintegration of the KBOO Board.

    I'm a Board member of the KBOO Foundation. I invite you to attend the next KBOO Board meeting, where we will be discussing:

    1. A Board member soliciting people to engage in illegal behavior.

    2. A Board member who had no authorization to spend Foundations funds, yet did so, and wastefully.

    3. A Board member who seeks to toss out all of the work done by consultants to KBOO, paid for by a foundation grant, which, if this is done, will put every granting organization on notice that KBOO will likely make poor use of any additional funding. So much for grants to help pay for items called for in the KBOO Strategic Plan, such as the Media Center. That's $35,000 wasted on consultants and how much wasted on an unrealizable Strategic Plan?

    4. A report from the Finance Committee that the Board is neglecting its fiduciary responsibilities.

    5. A report that KBOO is on track to lossing its broadcasting license for failure to have a Community Advisory Board, as the FCC and our By-laws require, and that this failure of KBOO to follow its By-laws has been reported to the state's Attorney Generals office.

    Plus, you can witness the disruption of the Board's business by a small number of disaffected members, should that happen again, as it did at our last meeting. In addition, you may see people supposedly seeking to protect KBOO values again engage in name-calling, belittling, as well as a general failure by members to carry out their responsibility to let each other know when some are doing harm to another person or a group of people with such behavior, as well as the failure of the Board to ask such people to stop that behavior or leave, all in violation of the "KBOO philosophy.

    The meeting is Monday, June 24th at 6pm (arrive early as the meeting may be standing room only). KBOO is located at 20 SE 8th Avenue, Portland, OR 9721

    Please contact me if you would like to see the Board agenda and related supporting documents, as well as background information about current events at KBOO, and the long standing disfunction of the KBOO Board.

    Hadrian Micciche"

    Evil!!! Glorious Leader goes on to point out that there is nothing wrong with trying to unmask the Enemies of the People operating this blog, and also makes the explosive accusation:

    "Not only that, he [Traitor Hadrian] has attempted to bring in State law enforcement".

    Now why would Traitor Hadrian think that KBOO's activities (financial and otherwise) would be of interest to "State law enforcement"?

    How the Inner Party operates the station is the Inner Party's business - there is no call to bring in disruptive outsiders like the Portland media, the Federal Communications Commission, and "State law enforcement"!

    KBOO is a revolutionary activist organization - it has no need to comply with the so-called "laws" of Federal and State governments, Comrades!

    All Power To The Inner Party!

  3. Please, don't ever stop writing. You don't even have to make stuff up. So funny!

    1. "You don't even have to make stuff up"

      The sad part: this is 100% correct. The blogs virtually write themselves.

      As fun as this is, fans should expect updates to slow down or even stop if/when the "Keep/SaveKboo" clique is disbanded and loses it's hold on KBOO. It'd make no sense to keep beating a dead horse.

      But history has shown they don't intend to go down without a fight. Meaning we'll probably be here through Oct KBOO elections.