Monday, June 17, 2013

KBOO Strategic Plan: Chapter 4

Part of our ongoing educational series for loyal Inner Party cadre.  It's the duty of ALL cadre to scan these documents for  evidence of corporate Fitchism! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!
-Meresa Titchell 

CHAPTER 4: Summary of Community Planning Process

KBOO is in an intense moment of transition that will determine the future of the organization.
With declining memberships and the resulting strain on organizational reserves, this strategic
planning process is a necessary next step in order to ensure KBOO’s success over the next fiveyear
implementation phase and beyond.

The reality is that KBOO has established itself as a community partner, a quintessential
independent and grassroots-driven organization that has built its success on its position as a
unique and singular voice of the community. However, when KBOO began there was less
competition in the marketplace as there is now. Various community supported radio stations
have come into the marketplace and have increased the competitive nature of attracting and
retaining listening audiences. In order to capture a larger market share of the listening audience,
revitalize memberships, and entice lapsed members to return to KBOO, the station recognized
the need to hire consultants to work with KBOO to establish a plan of action that will ensure
KBOO’s future while honoring its past.

The reality is that listeners and members are becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of the
quality that they expect – and deserve – from media sources. KBOO is no exception. For this
reason, the organization decided to undertake this planning process in order to ensure its success
at reinventing itself for the 21st century.

To this end, KBOO created a Working Group of staff, volunteers, board members, community
volunteers and a team of consultants from PARC Resources who worked together for nine
months. The outcome of this process is reflected in this plan, which lays out a pathway for
KBOO’s success. The group met once each month and conducted regular correspondence over
e-mail and phone.

PARC Resources conducted a series of interviews with paid staff members for greater insight
into the internal operations of the organization. Also, PARC Resources interviewed the Chief
Engineer to better understand the priorities, needs, challenges and opportunities of the technical
operations that impact KBOO. In addition, KBOO posted updates and meeting notes on its
website in order to inform the community and to encourage feedback and perspective on this
process from those outside of the Working Group.

For in-depth discussions about core issues that emerged through this process, the Working Group
created three subcommittees: Financial; Organizational; and, Marketing & Product
Development. The subcommittees made recommendations about priorities and opportunities for
KBOO in each of these three areas.

Once the process had revealed a logical course of action for the future of the organization, the
Working Group held a community meeting to present the findings to the KBOO membership and
the community at large, which included a community survey. The results of this community
survey helped to shape the outcomes of this planning process and the results are included in this
document as Appendix A: Community Survey Results.

The feedback and input that emerged from the meeting was incorporated into the draft plan
before the strategic plan received full approval from the Working Group and the Board. The
strategic plan spans a period of five years from 2011-2016. The Plan will serve as a primary
source document for KBOO to successfully implement the outcomes of this planning process,
which will shape the organization’s future.

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