Friday, June 28, 2013

Lisa Loving friends KATU "hacker", Nassar Befuddled by Funding

Lisa "Hacker" Loving reaches out for support in the media community after recent embarrassing political missteps:

 near Portland ·
  • Looook, over on Twitter I'm friends with a "hacker journalist" from KATU--our exploration of the term "hacker" is very interesting isn't it? Is someone calling the police yet or what?
    Hatmaker, Kelly
    @_kFh_ follows you
    Highly functional ∴ Hacker journalist ∴ Data mining #4Fun & #Profit$ ∴ 武者修行 ∴ Day Job: Exec. Producer, @SpecialProKATU ∴ Paid to be curious.

Somehow we doubt she told the real  KATU media professional about this Facebook post:
Does anybody know how to hack into a Blogspot blog to find out who is doing it? I have come across a particularly cruel blog that is trashing people at KBOO and I would like to know who's doing it. Lemme know, thank you.
Or the outing of a Party Member[something real journalists don't do]:
Hi everybody!!! Now someone named Richard Smith has sent a screenie of my post about hacking into the anonymous bully blog to all the media in Portland, and a link to an Indymedia page and the Yellow Type blog. They are calling me out for trying to hire a child to hack a website. Awesome. Have a nice day. Thank you.
Try this for fun: Google Lisa Loving Hacker.

One of Comrade Loving's friends should explain to her what SEO is, so she can come up with a better spin strategy.[Hint: take responsibility, publicly apologize].

But who are we to slow down a pseudo-Streisand  Effect?

" Is someone calling the police yet or what?"

Hey, lady, you're the one threatening to file a LOLsuit.  Called your lawyer yet or what?

In other news, Comrade Nassar admits he's confused by funding:

  • I guess I'm not understanding KBOO's Fund Raising lately.

    1) Our Treasurer tells us we're under water, in deficit spending.
    2) We cancel the Winter Pledge Drive.
    3) Now it looks like the Summer Drive will only be ONE DAY LONG.

    What, are we trying to Starve the Beast until we can Drown it in a Bathtub???
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    • Cathleen Cook-Oas Sounds fishy to me. With programing changes as you have described from local to syndicated, I would wonder if there is something in the wind.
      via mobile · 1
    • Steve Nassar Yes, There is a Foul Stench in the Wind...

    • Kate Welch Fishy is a fine description, yes, Fishy!

    • Jade Pekkala yes indeed, the board and the navigator are doing their best to stifle KBOO and what it offers to the community..

What, are we trying to Starve the Beast until we can Drown it in a Bathtub???
Oh!  Sounds like a "right-wing" conspiracy!  It's okay Comrade Nassar!  We understand!  Math IS hard!

This blog post might help you, but, loyal cadre that you are, we doubt it:

You look like a picture guy.  Try this picture instead:

Clear now?




  1. "yes indeed, the board and the navigator are doing their best to stifle KBOO and what it offers to the community.."

    Don't know what else needs to be said. Except FITCH = EVIL

  2. More "hacking" comments:
    Robyn Braverman i love the description data miner. we should all be that
    22 hours ago · 1
    Robyn Braverman wonder if i should put that on my resume next time i update it?
    22 hours ago · 1
    Lisa Loving Pulling out a spreadsheet and snapping on the light in your helmet.
    22 hours ago · 3

    Wonder why she doesn't just say who the hell this KATU "hacker" is?

    1. She does; @_kFh_ Kelly Hatmaker
      Twitter profile
      Guy has a meetup group:

      "Are you a journalist, hacker, both or neither?

      Both - old school hacker journalist (circa 1993) - taught myself HTML to help build my last station's web site - now I'm the resident data miner at a local TV station in PDX"

      But it's obvious he's using "hacker" in the coding sense, NOT in the "find out who's running the mean yellow website by doing something illegal"(cracking) sense.