Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Inner Party invades BlueOregon, Glorious Leader appears!

At last!  Those Dastardly Democrats are getting a taste of their own medicine!

Kari Chrishom, who Comrade Hagmeier outed as being behind the BlueOregon Takeover of KBOO(BOTOK?) in this blog, returns to flagrantly boast about his signature counts and wave maps proving something in our faces:

Kari Chisholm

After a ten-day campaign, we've delivered 5272 petition signatures to our friends at KBOO, asking them to add Thom Hartmann to their broadcast lineup. The list of signers includes a number of well known community leaders, including state legislators and local elected officials.
We had signers from 29 of Oregon's 36 counties, plus 513 signers from Southwest Washington. Here's a map (click to zoom):
[go to link to see map]
As we told KBOO:
We hope you'll accept this petition in the spirit that it is offered -- an enthusiastic "Yes, please!" to the news that KBOO is considering adding Thom to its lineup.
Since Clear Channel saw fit to unceremoniously kill the progressive talk format at KPOJ just three days after the election, hundreds of people have personally told me that they wished they could hear Thom Hartmann (and the rest of the old lineup) on terrestrial over-the-air radio in Portland. Digital-only just isn't the same.

We're hoping that adding Hartmann to KBOO will be both good for KBOO and good for the broader progressive community.
Of course, it's become clear in the comments here at BlueOregon that there are some KBOO supporters that oppose adding Thom to the lineup. At this point, we don't yet know what they are going to do. We'll keep you posted. As soon as we know, you will too.

"Of course, it's become clear in the comments here at BlueOregon that there are some KBOO supporters that oppose adding Thom to the lineup."

And they were opposed back when they, we mean we,  were blaming it on EVIL FITCH in June:

So don't feel sad Kari as the Inner Party comes out to party!

First up is Lisa 'Hacker' Loving, who is praying to Buddha we stop reminding readers of this pic:

Or her actions behind it, including using her position as a board member to bully and threaten a paying member with a lawsuit.  Anyway, Comrade Loving has this to say:

Lisa Loving · Top Commenter
Pals: Has anyone gone over to KBOO yet and actually filled out a new program request form? There is a process for this kind of action, and it is very simple. Go over to 20 SE 8th Street and fill out the form. It is right on the wall there in the lobby. Speaking as a member of the KBOO board of directors I can say it is my understanding that no actual proposal form had been filled out and filed as of Monday. Pals, get someone over there and fill out the form, then the Programming Committee can take this up and make a decision. They are cool and smart but I can't vouch for their ESP abilities. Right? Thank you. And thanks a ton for the feedback.
Why this process should work for Kari, when Fitch hit a brick wall is a mystery.  But we all know Comrade Loving's ESP is excellent: just ask the blog owners Ben, Hadrian, Richard and  Winston.

Next comment is the Cadre Blitzkrieg is Comrade Yaney, who's ESP powers are excellent:

Yaney Lee Ann MacIver · Office Administrator at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis
And there are very few KBOO members on this petition. And doesn't the person filling out the proposal have to be a member?
We had no idea there were few KBOO members  on the petition.  Since we doubt she personally scanned all 5272 signatories, she obviously used her "powers".  For more on Yaney's other powers, read here:

Then we're joined by the First Officer of the S.S. Titanic, er, S.S. KBOO, Comrade "I'm-the-prez-girlfriend-so-kiss-my-ass":
Lyn Moelich · Black Rock City High School
The Blue Or. folks don't seem to know what a community radio station is about. As another member of the board of directors, I say find out what the procedure for getting a program and proceed from there. We say that to everyone who wants a program at KBOO, from the kid coming in the front door to a big bohemoth DNC organization like Blue Or.

But Glorious Leader hits the ball out of the park(admittedly a small park.  Maybe 3 by 3 feet square) when she replies to Traitor Hoyne:

 Benjamin Hoyne · Top Commenter · American
Kari, Thanks for compiling all this data. Both the numbers and the geographical diversity of the signers are impressive. I'm told the Board is waiting on you to physically go to the station and fill out a program request form, since that is "the process." Apparently the Board and Staff aren't jumping at the bit to help make this happen and in the 4 months since Thom has made this offer, no one (generally the program director) has come forward with an actual plan to make it work. You'd think 5,000 potential new listeners would be enough for someone to at least work out a plan about how to serve the community.
For all the lip service KBOO gives about serving the community, it's action in this case and others do not support its words. Its a shame.
  • Press Watch · Obedience training
    "Lip service serving the community," Hoyne? You propose to wipe out three Spanish language programs produced by more than twenty volunteers. And then you have the nerve to say that KBOO "gives lip service" to diversity. And you speak of shame. You have no idea what shame is, apparently, Ben.
  • Benjamin Hoyne · Top Commenter · American
    Theresa, your comments with be more credible if they carried any validity. Where do I propose to wipe out 3 Spanish Language programs? I just mad a proposal to fit Thom on the schedule 2 hours a day without wiping out any programming. It's called sharing.

    As for diversity, where to begin. Simply having Spanish speaking hosts doesn't mean KBOO is filling the needs of the Spanish speaking community, the same way that an African-American host doesn't automatically fill the needs of the African-American community. To satisfy the needs of various communities, KBOO must actively engage the community, find hosts, and give them air time. In addition, they must help train them, promote their show, promote KBOO, and engage the community. It's a tall order for sure, but one KBOO is not achieving (yes, KBOO trains people, but hosts get no support in the other areas).

    In addition to ethnic diversity, there is diversity of opinion. Recently the KBOO Board of Directors filled 3 vacancies with not only 3 Anglo-Americans, but 3 like minded people, as you've noted in comments on other kboo related posts on BlueO as well as on your own blog.

    Here's an excerpt from KBOO's bylaws:
    "The board of directors shall be responsible for ensuring that an adequate number of candidates representative of the diversity of the corporation’s members are nominated."

    The Board had a chance to increase diversity of communities represented by its membership, but instead chose to bring on like-minded individuals, to what end, I guess we'll find out.

"And you speak of shame. You have no idea what shame is, apparently, Ben."

And Glorious Leader would know!   Why after:

-leaking confidential KBOO information from the Board through her wife Ani Haines the volunteer coordinator in a series of nasty indymedia articles including various  lies about Lynn Fitch
-in the same series of articles digging up a mugshot of Lynn Fitch and posting it as a harassment and intimidation tactic
-impersonation Ed Kraus at Indymedia, trying to frame him as a Zionist "agent"
-defending Lisa Loving's call to hack a blog as journalism 

 She feels no shame whatsoever!   She's an expert!

For new readers confused by who/what 'Glorious Leader' is:

A tittle bestowed on Theresa Mitchell, an amateur media hack who claims to represent radical left politics, but spends more time schmoozing with reactionary right racists and antisemites than is healthy.

In 2007 she teamed up with Ghost Troop founder and professional anti-Semite Captain May to stop the New World Order from nuking Portland with a Dirty Bomb
No, really.  No one can make this up.
Since then she's used her so called "news" program, Presswatch to cover the 9/11 "cover up", chemtrails and any other paranoid conspiracy that comes along.

But she should like the map at BlueOregon.  Maps appear to be the only reason she signed up with a corporate intelligence firm called STRATFOR according to comments at her blog  :

savekboo says:
Stratfor has an email service which will send a map of the positions of the US fleet, for free, as an introductory service. I used it. I also use information from all over the Web, which probably means data tainted by various national and corporate intelligence services. I have cited Stratfor on the air as the source of my information on troop movements.
So what?
Anonymous says:
Yeah, Stratfor changed it’s story and alleged services after the hack. Nice to see you parroting their new line.
You used your real contact email with an intelligence firm with a direct contention to the CIA, dumbass. If you just wanted their info services, and you’re really what you say you are(a “radical” lefty), you’d have used an anonymous disposable email.
Anonymous pretty much confirmed those emails are from people working WITH Stratfor.
Let’s see how long it takes to come up with the next excuse.
Anonymous says:
she’s not the only one. half her portland truth alliance friends(a group of libertarian/tea party fakes) work with stratfor
they’re not dumb enough to deny it when caught. they just delete comments about it
if it was really innocent she’d have said something when anonymous exposed them in 2011(?): “shit i’m on their lists and i didn’t know they worked with the cia!” it would be something ‘news you’re not supposed to know’ she should have been all over this like stink on shit. cnn covered this, no way did she miss it
skfsk blogged this a month ago actually
now there’s a rumor tm and co are planning to sue the blog? lol
get your popcorn bowl out
What this means no one knows, but it indicative that someone ignoring the STRATFOR story, and who bills their program as "news they don't want you to know", either has something to hide or is the most incompetent "radical" journalist on the planet.

Which would explain a lot.

Mitchell has several known alias/projects:  Presswatch, SaveKBOO, KeepKBOO KBOO, polemics17 and others.  She earned the title of "Glorious Leader" in May/June of this year because of her strident revolutionary tactics, jargon, and imagery, with no awareness that she'd become a parody of what she claimed to represent. 

 Apparently Presswatch itself was once being considered under the axe:


membership means more

your threat of quitting your membership gives me two options for analysis:
1) you gave money to Theresa via KBOO.
2) if Theresa died tomorrow, you'd give up your membership.
my interpretation

1) that's cool, man.  you support community-based radio based solely on your dedication to one weekly half-hour show. that demonstrates that Theresa's voice represents/intrigues you (and many, many others); however you don't feel represented by any one of the other 500 people who volunteer their time and energy in the 24/7 endevour, and you don't value the input (and miraculous existence!) of the other 5-10,000 members and ten times as many listeners; neither do you support the KBOO mission of including as many underrepresented voices as possible on the air, with natural turnover, schedule changes and opportunities as new people arrive.  Membership gives you the power to affect the decision-making, which is why you gave money to Theresa via KBOO; and, by golly, you will do everything in your power to keep her on the air, and you want the KBOO website visitors to know how you feel when they read the comments.  You'd even like them to join you in your fight.
2) wow.
my opinion
Personally, Theresa's show is one of my  favourites and there are plenty of shows that I not only don't like or don't listen to, but also complain about out loud.  It's my radio station, and, like my family, I will not be quiet when they need to shape up or ship out.
writing inflammatory statements on the webpage will remain simply that: inflammatory statements with a reaction or two from trolls (see the 20 pages of Anonymous written about me because of the audio I submitted that Jenka edited), which, in the end, result in: NOTHING.  If you want to chat with others online, that's fine, but you should know that nothing said here is considered in the Committee meetings. It's just an informal public forum, not policy binding.
my advice
Instead of threatening us (volunteers, members, listeners and our very existence), why not use your valuable internet time to phrase it as, for example, a question to which one of us could easily respond:  "Have there been any changes to Theresa's show?  I noticed lately that it has been preemented or even cut.  It is my favourite show. [I fear Air Cascadia will take its place--not necessary but very telling that you chose Chris' page to write it--ed.]. "  You can copy the question to Theresa's email (though I know from experience she doesn't respond) and/or print it out and put it in her cubby hole at the station. And/or show up to the meetings.  And/or call Theresa during her show--she takes calls, you know.  Ask her if she'll train or mentor you to do the same kind of work she does.
p.s.  Air Cascadia basically is the AM News is Chris Andreae: i was engineering {i'm flattered that you liked it}and was very sad when it was cut--but that is the way of the station; we adhere and adapt to the ever-fluctuating needs of the larger community--but i watched, with great pleasure, as it morphed into Air Cascadia.  Though i adore Dennis Bernstein, 15 less minutes of his voice is no skin off my back.

air cascadia

im a conservative right wing trucker and i think cris andrae is the greatest broadcaster on the radio. i try to listen when i dont need traffic reports.
her scathing commentary is the best. i would join kboo but i fear america will become too weak and barry will force me to find a green job soon . keep up the good work
michael j

The anchor news program

The anchor news program Democracy Now, conveiniently aired at 11 AM so that all could tune in was moved to 7 AM with a result that most if not all of the people who work nights won't be tuning in as they are still sleeping. Also missed the 40th anniversary bash as it was inconveinently held from 4 to 10 Pm, on a weekday, which would exclude anyone working swing from attending unless they took a day off. Why couldn't this have been held on a Saturday or Sunday?
Air Cascadia is a very rough and unpolished program that leaves me tuning to OPB or just turning it off.
The choppy, emergent voice of Cris Andreae is certainly a large part in that.
If it is true that Press Watch will be axed for this then it will be an easy decision to withhold future pledges from this listener.


What part of slaughter is "cleansing?"
Calling genocide "ethnic cleansing" is something that the 1%-owned mainstream media does to ennure us to their violence.
PLEASE, PLEASE do not use that term on radio that purports to tell the Truth!
Thank you.

What happened to Presswatch?

Is Air Cascadia taking over what Therisa has been doing? If so, I may give up my membership. First, the am news gets axed to accomodate Democracy Now, now is Presswatch going under the plow?

Whoa cadre!  Don't blink or you'll miss it!

"Membership gives you the power to affect the decision-making, which is why you gave money to Theresa via KBOO;"
Is this confirmation of the rumor the Inner Party is funneling/laundering funds through memberships?


  1. "Has anyone gone over to KBOO yet and actually filled out a new program request form?"

    Who knew the only reason why Thom Hartmann hasn't been considered by KBOO since March is simply that no one has filled out the appropriate form, Comrades!

    You only have to follow the appropriate procedures, and then everything will be fine!

    "I say find out what the procedure for getting a program and proceed from there. We say that to everyone who wants a program at KBOO, from the kid coming in the front door to a big bohemoth DNC organization like Blue Or."

    Fill out the correct form, and every program application will be considered objectively, without any bias or personal influence, Comrades! KBOO works constantly to prevent even the appearance of conflict of interest!

    1. Dom Portwood: Hi, Peter. What's happening? We need to talk about your TPS reports.

      Peter Gibbons: Yeah. The coversheet. I know, I know. Uh, Bill talked to me about it.

      Bill Lumbergh: Hello, Peter. What's happening? Uh…we have sort of a problem here. Yeah. You apparently didn't put one of the new coversheets on your TPS reports.

      Peter Gibbons: Oh, yeah. I'm sorry about that. I, I forgot.

      Bill Lumbergh: Mmmm...yeah. You see, we're putting the coversheets on all TPS reports now before they go out. Did you see the memo about this?

      Peter Gibbons: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I have the memo right here. I just uh...forgot. But, uh, it's not shipping out till tomorrow, so there's no problem.

      Bill Lumbergh: Yeah. If you could just go ahead and make sure you do that from now on, that will be great. And uh, I'll go ahead and make sure you get another copy of that memo. Mmmkay? Bye bye, Peter.

      Peter Gibbons: No, I...I have the memo. I've got it. It's right...

    2. "Who knew the only reason why Thom Hartmann hasn't been considered by KBOO since March is simply that no one has filled out the appropriate form, Comrades!"

      Obviously this is a dodge. It's interesting to observe the same people who kicked Hadrian off the board for talking to the press are veeery hesitant to reject the results of the Thom Hartmann petition outright.

      Why? Best guess: it would be blatant proof KBOO is NOT being run to serve the community and would put the 501c3 status at risk.

      They're hoping the Thom issue will just go away. But it's too late for that. The numbers already show the community supports it. And somewhere along the line the Inner Party convinced themselves "community" means only paying members. Kari's reply about the form is funny and informative though:

      Kari Chisholm · Follow · Top Commenter · President at Mandate Media · 176 subscribers
      Lisa, I'm not going to fill out a program request form for two reasons. #1, I'm not requesting a show. I'm not proposing creating a show, running a show, or hosting a show. #2, It's not my call -- it's KBOO's call. If KBOO's leadership wants to add Thom Hartmann to the air, I'm confident that filling out a form won't stand in the way. If they don't (and that's their absolute right), then I hope they'll say that -- and not hide behind "nobody filled out the form"

  2. Amazing no one has filled out a proposal, since Board Member Mark Sherman suggested they prepare for several possibilities.

    On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 4:59 PM, mark sherman wrote:

    Proposal: Let the programing committee make their recommendation.

    I am under the impression that the programming committee received public comment at the last meeting and will be discussing Thom Hartmann at the next PAC meeting.

    About a week before their last meeting, I had suggested to Lynn, Erin, and Rabia that they provide all the relevant information to the committee ahead of time if a quick decision was needed. Unfortunately, there was no response and the committee had no proposal to consider or any marketing or other data.

    Given that this is on the agenda for the next PAC meeting, I think we are in goods hands to have this issue dealt with. The BlueOregon survey doesn't provide any additional information than the survey KBOO did, which we know was insufficient to make a decision. Lynn had indicated that Thom could wait for us to consider his proposal.

    Perhaps we could receive an update from the PAC at the next board meeting. If the committee had been more involved in the process, I think we could have responded better.


    =========================== email from 07/02 ==============================

    Hi folks (Lynn, Rabia, and Erin),

    Its great to see the progcom being significantly involved in programming issues, surveys, and the Thom Hartmann opportunity. Your next meeting is guaranteed to be exciting. To this end, I would like to make a few suggestions. Please accept or reject these as you wish. I do not mean to manage from the board and you can disregard this entire email.


    you may need a bigger room - the latest psa invites the public to attend the upcoming meeting.
    prepare the committee - all of the options that exist for TH should be submitted to progcom members ahead of time so they can be prepared for the discussion and be able to make informed suggestions
    your agenda should be published on line now - as the psa is out there, listeners may go to the committee page for more information. The progcom should list the committee chair, contact info, the proposed agenda, and related materials. You may also want agenda feedback from members and possible folks who will be members at this next meeting.
    be prepared to manage a large meeting. you will need to provide meaningful ways to process a debate among many people
    distribute materials to progcom members and visitors for the last two meetings. you have their contacts.
    I assume decisions will be based on the vision, mission, bylaws, surveys, programming needs, ... You may want to frame the TH discussion as needed

    Again, you don't have to do anything. I am sure you all are prepared for this meeting. This will be a visible and public meeting, more important than our board meetings in many respects. You will be representing KBOO.

    I have attended several committee meetings in the last month. This is the most professional committee meeting I have attended. I am confident you will do well. Be prepared for some controversy.

    Good luck

  3. Guess Lyn Moelich's ESP powers aren't all they're cracked up to be either:

    Kari Chisholm · Follow · Top Commenter · President at Mandate Media · 176 subscribers
    Lyn Moelich: "A big bohemoth DNC organization like Blue Or."

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, right. If we're funded by the DNC, I guess they must have the wrong address, because the checks have never showed up. BlueOregon subsists on roughly 4-5% of the annual funding that KBOO has. We're all just volunteers here.

    How could a "journalist" make such a drastic mistake? Maybe she's embarrassed that another volunteer run org can be 10,000 times more professional and effective than KBOO with a fraction of KBOO's budget?

    1. This is the effect of a conspiracy world view. Moelich didn't think she needed to check if there was a connection with BO to the DNC, besides "democrats" are all working in lockstep in her mind.
      It's reasonable to assume BlueOregon shares a similar values and goals with the DNC. But to assume it was a "big behemoth organization" was just sloppy. Simple Google search would have pulled up their wiki page:

      "BlueOregon is a high profile progressive blog covering the politics of the U.S. state of Oregon. With between 3,000 and 4,000 readers a day, it is the most read Oregon political blog.[1] It is often mentioned in articles on Oregon politics by The Oregonian, the state's largest newspaper.[2][3][4] Over 30 regular contributors cover Oregon-centric political stories. Guest contributors have included most major Democratic politicians in Oregon."

    2. I think they confused BlueOregon's reach and influence with funding. The irony is at the wiki there's info that could be used a ammunition by the Inner Party. But it's based in reality, and therefore could be rebutted by facts.

      A perpetual conspiracy can't be rebutted by facts.

  4. Traitor Kraus tells it like it is:

    This is Ed Kraus, thanks to Ben for posting for me as I don’t do Facebook.

    Lisa, it’s so funny you insist that a form be filled out and pretend this isn’t already being discussed at KBOO. You ignore that Hartmann was the sole topic of the last Program Committee meeting, and that the concept has been discussed in detail both in open forums and in emails with directors and staff. One of the most entertaining parts of the last PC meeting was a KBOO staffer listening to Hartmann, and then using the in-house KBOO evaluation form (used to evaluate our volunteer hosts) to determine the show’s quality. Imagine, that KBOO needs to decide if Hartmann’s show is presented well enough to deserve to be considered for KBOO! It’s all smokescreens and delaying tactics. Has this process been applied to Hard Knock Radio which gets nearly no member support, and is one of the shows being proposed to be replaced by Hartmann? I doubt it. But if no one has filled out a form yet, I’ll fill one out when I’m at the station next. Maybe Ben will beat me to it. Maybe I’ll get one this weekend, scan it and send it to Blue Oregon to post so you all can fill it out and fax it in.

    Yaney, how do you know that very few KBOO members signed the petition? Your ESP must be better than Lisa’s hopes for the Program Committee.

    FYI, most of the other personalities from KBOO posting are all bending over backwards to manufacture reasons why Thom Hartmann isn’t appropriate for KBOO (too corporate, not radical enough... yes you’re laughing right now but that’s the actual conversation inside KBOO) or that having BlueOregon do a petition is inappropriate. And others continue to falsely frame this as Hartmann vs. local programming. No one is seriously proposing to do that, the most Hartmann is being considered for is two hours a day replacing other syndicated shows from out of town. Here’s why all the pushback.

    KBOO is unfortunately in another desperate fight over control of the station. Board members leave faster than contestants on American Idol. Managers are hired then hounded out the door a short time later. Stay tuned as the current Executive Director is deciding how to respond to what happened at the last Board of Directors meeting. No one who proposes any changes to KBOO’s programming survives this perpetual witch hunt. So Thom Hartmann has now become the greatest threat to the power bloc controlling KBOO in decades. Having Hartmann on KBOO’s air could significantly increase membership, and as the KBOO board is 100% elected by members, that could alter control of the board at elections time. KBOO sure could use the money but will no doubt turn Hartmann away by dragging it’s heels, ensuring that no new members change the character of the station and challenge the current paradigm.

    Let’s make sure everyone reading BlueOregon understand this. The people running KBOO don’t think you’re good enough to join and thereby influence the future of KBOO. The people running KBOO today believe that they are only accountable to people who have already become KBOO members, that the use of the public airwaves is only to serve themselves. KBOO insiders even reject the idea of having an effective Community Advisory Board. This very narrow definition of what “community” is in Community Radio, and some other technical details about rules compliance and hiring practices could put KBOO’s FCC license in jeopardy. So it’s a fight, and KBOO will either adapt or perish.

    It’s too bad, as KBOO could really use an injection of new people, new energy, and some badly needed member donations. BlueOregon could do us a favor by following what happens after KBOO inevitably drops the ball (intentionally) and Hartmann ends up somewhere else on the radio dial.
    Reply · Like · Follow Post · 24 minutes ago

  5. Relieved ComradeJuly 24, 2013 at 9:12 AM


    YAY! Comrade Yaney has ESP so no we don't need no stinkin Community Advisory Board, we'll just ask her what the community wants! That's sure to warm Comrade Per's heart, as he can stop blocking the CAB and get back to milking.

  6. Comrade Hagmeier is working on his irony award:

    Michael Hagmeier ·
    BlueOregon subsists on roughly 4-5% of the annual funding that KBOO has."

    BlueOregon is a blog. KBOO is a 24/7/52 radio station. Apple, meet orange.

    "I hope they'll...not hide behind 'nobody filled out the form.'"

    But it's valid to ask if established procedure has been followed. It appears that nobody at BlueOregon cares to follow KBOO's established procedure.

    I'm always wary of those who make a big public show, but are unwilling to do the work in private."

    First it sounds like he's familiar with RN's work.

    Second, his apples/oranges comment is a non sequitor. Kari wasn't comparing BlueOr to KBOO, he was refuting the accusation BlueOr is a "financial behemoth" of the DNC.

    Maybe KBOO needs a grant for remedial reading comprehension skills for it's staff and volunteers.

    1. Comrade Martha lowers the boom:

      Martha Odom ·
      My membership ends the day Hartmann is on KBOO.
      Reply · 1 · Like · 21 minutes ago

  7. Off-topic: strange comment yesterday:

    "vijhnanaJuly 23, 2013 at 9:35 AM

    Is Fitch a Fetch It hatchet girl for the Koch Brothers?"

    Could be satire?

    At blog post:

  8. Too funny...KBOO being roasted as supporting Union Busters!
    Chani Geigle-Tellerposted toKBOO Community Radio
    2 hours ago near Portland ·

    Hey KBOO!! OSPIRG is a union buster. They ruin lives. They have no respect for their workers. As unionized shop, why let these traitors speak on your programs? There are so many other worthy folks in Portland who could speak about medical care accessibility.

    And who did the program? LISA LOVING

    isa Loving
    4 hours ago near Portland ·

    Today on Wednesday Talk Radio: Pay for delay. My guest is Jesse O'Brien from OSPIRG, talking about Big Pharma's gambit to keep less-costly generic drugs off the market to protect their profits. Are you currently taking Lipitor for diabetes, Tamoxifen for breast cancer, Sinemet CR, Provigil? We want to hear from you. Call in 503-231-8187.