Sunday, July 14, 2013

Glorious Leader misrepresents Financial problems AGAIN, Comrade Per Fagereng Demands User's Identity.

The fireworks continue to fly at Willamette Week!  Glorious Leaders continues to misrepresent Financial Woes! 

But first a reminder of Monday maybe Special Membership Meeting that doesn't appear to be advertized! 
This month there's not one, but TWO meetings:

Public Notice
KBOO Board of Directors Meetings for July 2013
Monday, July 15th, 2013, 6pm
Monday, July 29th, 2013, 6pm
20 SE 8th Avenue, Portland, OR
Why Glorious Leader predicted this!

We, as members, are not left without recourse. Some are now organizing aSpecial General Membership meeting (probably in July), which would have the power to rescind the terrifically expensive anti-union push, and restore transparency and participation to KBOO.  (Watch this space for details!)  We may have to move quickly on this; once the programming is gutted, the audience changes and members will leave en masse, in disgust.

If Monday is a Special Membership Meeting, we sure hope KBOO is informing members by email and on it's website!  Wouldn't want any accusations of dishonest shenanigans to get started!

This is slightly irregular and with talks about a "coup" in the air, we thought this should be spammed like all get out.  Tell your friends and fellow KBOO members!
To continue...

The Inner Party's position at Willamette Week takes a beating as it becomes clear Per Fagereng has no idea what he's talking about unless it involves cows:

How does a Community Advisory Board get chosen? Pacifica Radio has elected boards. Competing CABs get voted in and out, and Pacifica is in worse shape than KBOO.
If not elected, how does a CAB get selected? Does the KBOO Board pick the leaders of a community? Or does it leave the job to an outside group? Communities have their factions. How do we choose among them?
And what is a "community"? These days we think of ethnic, racial, religious or gender groups. What about class, as in working class? That cuts across all other groups. What about a community of like-minded people? I consider myself a guy who hates war, especially warmongers in suits, and wants to know what's behind the corporate poopaganda. That's my community.
As to other public radio stations, OPB added a day to its recent pledge drive and All Classical kept its drive going on and on. OPB gets about the same portion of its budget from members as does KBOO.
Per Fagereng

Ed in Portland
Hello Per, who is a long-time programmer at KBOO.
These are the same questions you asked at meetings a week ago. Putting doubt into the minds of people that there could be a fair process, or that a truly representative CAB could be formed, might just keep people from trying in the first place.
But since you keep asking questions, I'll give three answers.
1) Any CAB is advisory only, KBOO would not be obligated to act on any recommendations (so what's so frightening about that?) In fact if you were strategizing how to keep control, you'd stand back and let KBOO form a CAB. Having a CAB can give any org cover that it's listening to public input, even if it ignores the input. I've served on CABs before in local government and have seen first hand how little power they actually have in comparison to staff.
2) CAB members are usually appointed. Usually invited by management and/or staff. It's not rocket science, and if KBOO wants advice how to do this there must be hundreds of examples from other non-profits in Portland to look to. Easy. Would any CAB be perfectly representative? Of course not. But over time members would come and go and over time the net effect would be more balanced and better than not having a CAB at all. There must be hundreds of people reading this who have served on CABs before and are wondering how this even could be an issue at KBOO!
3) Staff at the recent Program Committee meeting also tried to argue that the volunteer programmers provide sufficient feedback from their communities, so KBOO doesn't need a CAB. That's really inadequate and self-serving. That's saying that the people who are already being served (get their stuff on air) fully represent the communities of their political or ethnic background. Circular logic, it's saying for example we have some African American programmers, so we don't need to ask the African American community if we're serving their needs. I reject that as inadequate, and it also doesn't inform KBOO which communities or viewpoints we are missing completely.
What's so frightening about more feedback loops? What's so frightening about occasional input from people who don't choose to volunteer their time doing the actual radio themselves? What's so threatening about shining some light into the black hole of KBOO's governance and programming decisions?
Ed Kraus
PS ... for those still reading these comments, if you want to read a blog post from a bit earlier in this conversation, you can find it at

Boo Boo  13 hours ago
My Goodness, Per. For someone as educated as you and having been in community radio for so long, you sure should know about CABs, or at least know how to get the info. From the CPB website,
Composition of Community Advisory Boards
The station may exercise a reasonable degree of discretion in selecting advisory board members. The board should be reasonably representative of the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by the station. No individual representative of any particular group has a legal right to membership on an advisory board. Nor does the law empower any person, court, or government agency to require a station take or refrain from taking any action with respect to a station's programming or policies. The composition of the community advisory board must reflect its independent role, and may not include members of the station staff or governing body in anything other than an ex officio or administrative capacity.

To which Per replied with typical Party reasoned discourse:

Who are you?

Notice the lack of response!  Comrade Per has got them stumped for sure this time!  THE INNER PARTY IS WINNING THIS WAR, COMRADES!

And over at Indymedia, where comrade bees have suddenly become lax in their duties,  Glorious Leader returns!  Though we are grateful for her leadership in this time of crisis, she seems confused about whether the crisis is real or not:

July 19th: one day allotted to repair damage from anti-KBOO efforts.
The long-term plan to downsize and corporatize KBOO includes the production of an artificial cash crisis, smears and vilification of the Board President, an attempt to fire the entire staff, and now: feeble, intended-to-fail fund raising. Yet the resistance is making gains.


KBOO is suffering a cash crisis, in large part, because the 2012 Winter membership drive was cancelled by the new, brilliant and innovative management. We lost somewhere between fifty and seventy thousand dollars. However, the new management has claimed that thousands of dollars at a time will come in to replace those funds-they were to come from a huge boost in corporate underwriting. We are still waiting for these funds.

Fortunately, from decades of funding community radio in the correct manner-that is, receiving funds directly from the listeners-we still have some reserves left. 

 Actually, comments point out this "artificial crisis" has been going on for a while:

No 13.Jul.2013 20:01

get facts straight

"KBOO is suffering a cash crisis, in large part, because the 2012 Winter membership drive was cancelled by the new, brilliant and innovative management."

This is not the source of the crisis. The crisis has been going on for YEARS as KBOO has lost revenue. Staff is being paid out of surplus funds from the FEDS that KBOO no longer qualifies for and will not last forever.


More accuratly 13.Jul.2013 20:12


"KBOO built up significant savings when it received CPB (Corp. for Pub. Broadcasting) grant money. That money is nearly gone. There is also $200k in Board Reserves that likely will be used to cover staffing in the near term."

Who needs pesky facts when we can have blind loyalty?  It's gotten the staff, er, "Inner Party" this far.  We can milk it for a little longer!   Like Per Fagereng says...uh, we're not sure what he said actually.  But it had something to do with COWS and that's good enough for us!


Meresa Titchell


  1. Now everyone's into cows:

    "Of course that would require Per send me over the moon on a cow to force me to do the work of the Program Committee to find out who these communities are, or, even harder, require the Program Committee to do their own work -- the work the members have instructed them to do."

    "Per: So, you are asking me to ride a cow that jumps over the moon then. What part of "ask the committee that is supposed to know the answers to your questions" don't you understand? Do I look like I'm the Program Committee? "

    Bet Per is regretting that cow analogy at the barricades in early June.

    1. Interesting new comment:

      "7pfagereng7 8 hours ago

      KPFA had bitter CAB elections, which meant that members voted on who would advise the station. Every year it seemed they got a different bunch. Now they have bitter board elections.
      I think that good surveys tell more than CABs. Say KBOO picks a dozen community advisors. They give us their opinions and presumably the feelings of their community. How many is that?
      To take an example, I'd bet that any African-American CAB member has been a guest on one of KBOO's shows.
      If Blue Oregon wants to do a Hartman survey, that's fine with me. A push survey? Take it for what it's worth.
      I responded to your program's survey. You found out what the listeners want, but could you survey the larger Jewish community? It might be worth trying.
      We have surveys of what KBOO listeners want. I'd like to see surveys of people who don't listen, or never heard of KBOO. What concerns them? War? Economic collapse? Climate chaos? Or celebrities behaving badly?
      If it's the latter, should KBOO report on their antics?

      WTF? Didn't Per just concern troll the shit out of Hadrian and Ed, implying he didn't know about CABs? Now he says "KPFA had bitter CAB elections"? How'd he know that without knowing about CABs in the first place?

    2. Yup. I'm gonna stop responding to Per on WWeek for now, as he's just being obstinate. The more he posts the more he makes my case. He just don't get it, CABs are appointed, not elected. And KPFA is in trouble, therefore that's good reason to put our heads in the sand and pretend KBOO's not in trouble. Let's have lots of surveys, I'm invited to survey the Jewish community, but heaven forbid KBOO itself is informed by anyone other than the existing listeners.

      You can't make this stuff up.

  2. I believe these are just standard board meetings. I'm told the Board is having 2 this month because they are behind on their work, what with the May meeting becoming a public comment forum and the June meeting lasting 4 hours and getting through less than half the business at hand.
    No need for the special notice requirements of the membership meetings.
    Section 10. Regular Meetings. Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held at a time and place to be determined by the Board of Directors.

    1. That sounds reasonable...except that the inner party is anything but reasonable.

      Guess we'll see....

    2. Scheduling the board meeting is reasonable, the board can call meetings as they wish.
      I don't expect the agenda to be reasonable necessarily.
      Rumblings of rescinding the new policies and reverting to the old ones (that some, including cindy cumfer, would say are illegal).
      Rumblings of removing Lynn Fitch from the station navigator role and putting her back solely as the development director.
      Never mind that at the last board meeting, the board agreed to mediation with Lynn, or that she has a contract to serve as Station Navigator until Feb. 1, 2014.
      Going back to the old policies might cause a few board members (I'm only speculating) from leaving the board as they wouldn't want to be on a board that is using illegal policies knowingly.
      Seeing as KBOO already lost its longstanding D & O insurance and had to switch to a high-risk insurer, losing more board members (3 already this cycle, possibly a few more this month?) That would be enough to give any insurer pause.
      Without D & O insurance, you won't find responsible folks to serve on the board. I won't.
      Should be fun to watch.
      We'll see what actually happens.
      I still have yet to hear anything about making the election transparent in any way, but why would the powers that be want to do that?

    3. "Without D & O insurance, you won't find responsible folks to serve on the board. I won't."

      Hmmm...could be because if they're TOLD they're doing something illegal, D/O will NOT protect anyone...

      "Criminal acts exclusion

      Intentional illegal acts or illegal profits are typically not covered under D&O insurance policies"

    4. to get rid of all the people the "inner party" finds troublesome, the board would have to knowingly adopt old illegal polices that were put aside because they were illegal, and risk getting the station shut down and/or [board members]going to prison.

      Meanwhile the members resigning in protest would blab to any agency and media outlet that will listen, including the WWeek, who did the latest very well received article.

      And this will save KBOO how?

    5. There's the rub.
      My sense is that some folks at kboo, including board members, don't believe that the old policies are illegal. How they are forming those opinions is beyond me.
      These would likely be folks that don't believe KBOO has any financial problems a winter pledge drive won't fix, or that it is even a business (i.e. non-profit corporation).

    6. "I believe these are just standard board meetings. I'm told the Board is having 2 this month because they are behind on their work, what with the May meeting becoming a public comment forum and the June meeting lasting 4 hours and getting through less than half the business at hand.
      No need for the special notice requirements of the membership meetings."

      Wouldn't be so sure about that. From you know who's blog:

      " Good news: we have successfully appointed three Board members who will not go along with the downsizing/corporate agenda! The General Meeting is coming, and if three hundred of us come, we can reverse the damage to KBOO policy and get the Board we want!"

      Is she talking about the meeting today?

  3. This is nothing but the hysterical smear campaign of a losing effort.
    12.Jul.2013 17:33
    Theresa Mitchell

    "And leave behind the politics of whisper campaigns, of manufactured crises, of factionalism and finger-pointing."

    Yeah, because those are the tools that only GLORIOUS LEADER and her Honey can use." Don't be cramping their style!

    Thank you for listening. Now go out there and be KBOO."

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