Sunday, July 14, 2013


It's dire comrades.  First we battled Fitch's Forces of Doom.  Then the Democrat invasion from Blue Oregon.  Now the enemy is INSIDE KBOO deleting Glorious Leader's pronouncements!!!!

Glorious Leader wrote this directive on Friday:

One-day membership drive? Really?
Submitted by Theresa Mitchell on Fri, 07/12/2013 - 4:29pm.

KBOO is suffering a cash crisis, in large part, because the 2012 Winter membership drive was canceled by the new, brilliant and innovative management. We lost somewhere between fifty and seventy thousand dollars. However, the new management has claimed that thousands of dollars at a time will come in to replace those funds--they were to come from a huge boost in corporate underwriting. We are still waiting for these funds. Fortunately, from decades of funding community radio in the correct manner--that is, receiving funds directly from the listeners--we still have some reserves left.

We do need a supplementary drive, and a small one, to wedge between the Spring and Fall drives. It should last three or four days, it should be promoted with a street party with some notable bands, and it should be preceded by substantial promotions on our own air, and on friendly and supportive media. That is what has worked in the past. If successfull, it will raise twenty thousand or so, but more importantly, it will also promote good will and wide awareness of our mission, so that the succeeding Fall and Winter contributors remember what a good time they had.

Sadly, this is not happenning. The emphasis on South America actually comes as a snarky punishment against those volunteers and Staff who criticized the absence of a Winter Drive--'it's winter in South America, get it? Here's your chance to raise money now with your old hippie public affairs model.' And we get only one day to try to make it happen. Guess what the new management will say, if proceeds are indeed puny.

To counter this state of affairs, I will in fact apply my dead level best, along with other KBOO loyalists, to raise funds in one day on this arbitrarily, angrily selected topic.

In fact, KBOO listeners, and Cascadians, would benefit from News You're Not Supposed To Know about things like the TPP ripoff, the Kissinger/Videla/Pinochet connection, and how those anti-civilian terror techniques are now ranged against us in the USA (and for the same reason). The added ferocity of the circumpolar winds around Antarctica mean fires and drought, in areas that compete with Cascadia for produce exports. The overfishing of the Southern Seas affects your food prices. There is much to learn.

Tune in and join KBOO. Your monthly pledge of $10 will go a long way to keeping real people's radio on the air. We need it more than ever, as the ten thousand luring voices of the Web threaten to turn all efforts into blind, passive "consumerism." Got any fight left in you?

I do.

 But it's gone! GONE!!!!


Storm the barricades at the Board Meeting July 15th! 

Public Notice
KBOO Board of Directors Meetings for July 2013
Monday, July 15th, 2013, 6pm
Monday, July 29th, 2013, 6pm
20 SE 8th Avenue, Portland, OR

Start pulling cables, flipping switches, unplugging plugs, ANYTHING to disconnect the Enemies of the People from accessing KBOO in real life or through the Intertubes!

Defend KBOO's Tubes!

Solidarity! Panic! Hysteria!

And don't forget to record the event!


-Meresa Titchell


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